Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hip Hop International -- Watch on Ustream

Hip Hop International is going to live-stream the Hip Hop International World Championships tomorrow on Ustream: 
And, it looks like they are streaming the 1-on-1 Locking Battle now, and will probably stream more of the battles tonight. So, if you are around -- tune in. UPDATE: the stream is off,  but this same embedded screen should work for the World Championships on Sunday which is scheduled to start 7:30 Mountain Time (9:30 ET/6:30 PT). Live Video streaming by Ustream

It's National Dance Day -- get up and dance! (videos)

Today -- July 31 -- is National Dance Day! If you are near a city, there's an event going on today -- click here for the full schedule! The Dizzy Feet Foundation Facebook page has dozens of videos of people competing in the National Dance Day competition. We are hoping there will be some events from Hip Hop International that will be taped and shared, since we can't wait to see what some of those dancers can do!

To get you in the spirit, here's MOMZ-N-Da Hood (our HHI correspondents) performing the routine choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon D'umo for the day (watch the original routine here). If you search Youtube, you'll find a lot more. SO GET UP AND DANCE!

Watch Hip Hop International while pumping gas?

According to MediaBuyerPlanner: PumpTop TV "has announced that it will be giving an inside look at what happens behind the scenes at the 9th Annual World Hip Hop Dance Championship, as the world’s best street dancers square off in the hopes of taking home the title of World’s Best Street Dance Crew. The content comes to PumpTop TV from Hip Hop International"

PumpTopTV is a company that shows video on 19-inch screens set on top of gas pumps in the U.S. They currently have 12,500 screens in 15 markets, and reportedly reach millions of people each month. I've personally never seen one, so I hope this footage gets shown in other places too!

Mailbox: JabbaWockeeZ album, Beat Freak Rino with Boa

  • Beat Freak/Geminiz/Pussycat Doll dancer Rino Nakasone has yet another gig! PopSeoul reports that she has been helping Boa prepare for her first on-stage performance in 5 years. The story has pictures and some details.
  • JabbaWockeeZ will be releasing a single called "Robot Remains" on August 19, available on Itunes. The rest of their album will be released later this year. Click here for details. 

Friday, July 30, 2010

RESULTS for HHI Worlds Adult Semi-Finals

Here are your LIVE results from the HHI Worlds Adult Semi-Finals!
The crews advancing to the World Championships on Sunday August 1st are:
8.T-DA CREW (Japan)
7.FLY GIRLZ (Canada)
5.DZIAH 2.0 (New Zealand)
4.SWEET&SOUR (New Zealand)
1.REQUEST (New Zealand)
'Gratz to all the adult crews!! Stay tuned for pix and more news from HHI World Championships!!
You can watch older video of some of the international crews here

RESULTS HHIWorlds Varsity Semi-Finals

Your results LIVE from HHI World Championships for the Varisty division. The crews advancing to the finals are:
8.Breakthrough (USA)
7.Unleashed (U.K.)
6.Typhoon! (Japan)
5.Sorority (New Zealand)
4.Phunk AllStars (USA)
3.Illest-Vibe (Canada)
2.Zero (Japan)
1.Kana-Boon! (Japan)
'Gratz to all the Varsity Crews! More news and pix right here later on!

An Unsung Hero at HHIWorld Championships in Vegas

Greetings from HHI World Championships in Las Vegas! There has been nonstop action and high energy antics here in Vegas as they are narrowing down the crews in three divisions (Juniors, Varsity, Adults) to advance to the World Championships on Sunday, August 1st. we'd like to introduce you to a special "unsung" hero here at HHI. Her name is Catrina Phillips and people here know her as the "Gatorade Lady". Catrina and her four lovely daughters are backstage at every event serving and replenishing the endless amounts of Gatorade (a sponsor of this event) to the athletes competing. The crews are working hard and she is making sure they stay hydrated! A big shout out to Catrina and her crew for keeping everyone at HHI healthy!

Glenda Morales Workshop at Stylz Dance Studio (video)

Glenda Morales of Fanny Pak (ABDC Season 2) shows even more of her talent as she teaches a master class at StylZ Dance Studio in Los Angeles on July 24. Video from Pacific Rim.

RESULTS! HHIworlds Junior Semi-Finals!

You results LIVE from HHI World Championships in Las Vegas. Junior Semi-Final results. The crews that will be and
advancing to the Finals are:
6.Super Dynamites (Japan)
5.Star Team (Japan)
4.Bubblegum (New Zealand)
3.Fresh 2.0 (Canada)
2 Eye Screeeeem (Japan)
1.Lil Hustlers (Ireland)
Plus defending World Champs Lil'PhunkBoyz!
'Gratz to all the Juniors! Stay tuned here for more news and pix of these talented crews!

Video: Boogie Bot/Static Noise Collaboration!

Here's an excerpt from a workshop with Bryan East aka BoogieMIND  from Boogie Bots (America's Best Dance Crew Season 2) and Gustavo Polanco from Static Noyze (ABDC Season 5). Video from Bryan's dvsmind33 Youtube Channel. Thanks for the tip, AG!

Video: Poreotics performance at Hip Hop USA Preliminaries

This is Poreotics' dance at the US preliminaries at 2010 Hip Hop International. The received first place in the US Adult division for it. I don't know how much of it was also used in the International preliminaries.

Upcoming Events: July 30 and beyond!

7/30-8/1: Hip Hop International in Las Vegas featuring the best dance groups from 35+ countries!
7/31-8/1: Members of Fr3sh, Culture Shock DC, E.P.I.C. and other top East Coast crews teach at EPIC Motion Summer Intensive in New York City
7/31: Hype 5-0 at U4ria Dance Studio in Coral Springs, FL 
7/31: Swagger Crew dancing for National Dance Day in Atlanta
8/1: Battle Swagger featuring members of Super Cr3w, Knucklehead Zoo and Supreme Soul starts its tour in Las Vegas
8/6-7: Ultimate BBoy Championship, with JabbaWockeeZ and Knucklehead Zoo at MGM Grand in Las Vegas
8/6-8: United Styles 6 World Bboy Cup competition with $50,000 in prizes in Jamaica Plains, MA
8/8: Battle Swagger Breaking Competition in Seattle
8/8: Fanny Pak performing at iHollywood Dance Convention in Burbank, CA
8/10: BreakEFX perform at Vail International Dance Festival 
8/13: Poreotix performing in New Orleans 

Note: I will be travelling for the next week and it will be VERY difficult for me to find updated events, So, if you want something listed, please email me the details and an info/tickets link to

RESULTS HHIWorlds Adult Preliminaries

Your LIVE results from the HHIWorlds in Las Vegas Adult preliminaries.
The crews advancing to the semi-finals are:
23.United Bit Ukhta (russia). 22.Break Da Beat (italy)23.Wo-Mens Work Crew (germany)
20 Legit Status (phillipines) 19. No escape (netherland) 18.Freekzy Nuts(singapore)
17.Fly Six B (japan) 16.Funkdation Crew (mexico) 15. Physical Funk (germany) 14.Supergirls (russia)
13.Quality (spain) 12. Dcode (canada) 11.CADC (usa) 10.Neutral Zone (mexico)
9.Eclektik (trinidad and tobago) 8. Fly Girlz (canada) 7.T-DA crew (japan)
6. Dziah 2.0 (new zealand) 5.Poreotics(usa) phenomenon (france)
3.Funk Phenomenon (USA) 2.Sweet and Sour (new zealand) 1.Request (new zealand)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

RESULTS HHI Worlds 2010 Junior Prelims!

Your results LIVE from Las Vegas! HHIWorlds Junior Preliminaries!
12.Anonymous (New Zealand) 11. UMKA (Russia) 10. LilPhunkGirlz (USA)
9.Super Dynamites (Japan) 8. Beat Flava (Ireland) 7. Lil Hustlers (Ireland)
6. Bubblegum (New Zealand) 5. Cookies N Cream (Canada) 4. Shockarellas N The Fellas (UK) 3. Fresh 2.0 2.EyeScreeeeem (Japan) 1. Star Team (Japan)
'GRATZ to all the JUNIORS!!!

Vote for Jungle Boogie or Royal Flush in Atlanta's Hottest Club Awards

Both Jungle Boogie and Royal Flush have been nominated for 'Hottest Dance Crew' in Atlanta's Hottest Club Awards. Vote for your favorite and help them win!

Warning: Blogging might be sporadic over the next week!

I am leaving soon for a one-week trip to Europe. I will have my computer with me and hope to keep everything running as usual. There will be some additional help while I'm away: Barb at MOMZ-N-Da Hood will keep you up-to-date on all the official and unofficial action at Hip Hop International, and TBone will post The LXD episodes on Wednesday. But, be patient if  responses are slower or some things are not posted as quickly as usual!

Congratulations Beat Freak Keeley -- having another baby girl!

Beat Freak Keeley announced that she is 4 months pregnant. The little girl is due on December 23. Keeley has another daughter, Kalia Marie, who is absolutely adorable!  In the meantime, she will continue performing with Beat Freaks and teaching workshops. In this video, she shows her burgeoning belly and talks about her plans.  Congratulations Keeley!

The Dance Revolution WILL be televised: Hip Hop International will live-stream Sunday's World Championship!

Hip Hop International announced that they will live-stream the World Hip Hop Dance Championships on Sunday August 1. No details are available yet on the location, but I think it will be on their Ustream Channel:  You can get more information about it (and live event tweets at HHI's new Twitter account: 

Scenes from Hip Hop International: award ceremonies (including Poreotics), medals, fans, & more

Barbara and Sue from MOMZ-N-Da Hood have been taking lots of photos to try and give you a feel for the scene at Hip Hop International. Here are some of their favorites so far:

The awards ceremony for the Adult Division

Parents and fans watching and taping the U.S. Finals  
Click here to see more, including more award ceremonies, some HHI luminaries, and lots of medals!

Quest Crew reminds you (with video): Saturday is National Dance Day so get moving!

Quest Crew (ABDC Season 3 winners) are urging everybody to celebrate National Dance Day by uploading a video of their dancing on the Dizzy Feet Facebook page. Thanks for the tip, Ninjaboi!

Video: JabbaWockeeZ dance on Americas Got Talent results show

JabbaWockeeZ performed as special guest stars on the July 28 America's Got Talent results show. They competed on an earlier season of AGT, but did not win.

Results! HHIWorlds Varsity prelims!

Live from Las Vegas! Your results for the HHI Worlds Varsity Preliminaries!
Advancing to the semifinals are:
19. Up-Side(Italy)
18. Las 8 Supernenas (Spain)
17.Magnetic Jam Messengers (Germany)
16.New Beats (Italy)
15.Own Risk (Germany)
14.Spirit Dance (Mexico)
13.Project One (Canada)
12.Emerge (New Zealand)
11.Tru Definition (USA)
10.Unleashed (UK)
9. Typhoon! (Japan)
8. Breakthrough (USA)
7. Ghetto Fabulous (Ireland)
6. Legit Status (Phillipines)
5. Zero (Japan)
4. Sorority (New Zealand)
3. Phunk AllStars (USA)
2. Kana-Boon! (Japan)
1. Illest Vibe (Canada)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Congratulations Kid Bowser -- Step Up 3D finalist!!

This message was posted on Kid Bowser's Youtube page tonight:
At 10:30pm today, I was notified that I was chosen as one of the two finalists to attend the Step Up 3D premiere, and battle on BET's: 106 &Park!!!!!!

I can barely contain myself, but I first have to pour my heart out to you all! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, my friends, who have been there to support me, and pushed me forward. You've given me wings to follow my dreams, and have all been by my side. I'm indebted to all of you, and I feel so blessed to know each and every one of you!! 

You have created a once in a life-time opportunity for me, and I will never be able to forget this day, and the rush I feel this very moment! I'm honored to be able to call you all, my friends. 

Thanks to you all, next week, I'll be traveling to LA for a couple days for the premiere of the movie, and then I will be flown back to NYC, to battle the other finalist of the competition, 1-on-1, on 106 & Park, on August 5th. I haven't been given the specifics of battle yet, but I will give you any information as soon as I find out ANYTHING. Thank you guys! Wish me luck!!!

Congratulations and good luck, Kid Bowser! Please let us know all about your experiences!

Video interview with ArchiTEKS: "Don't kill dreams, kill egos"

Chris Trondsen (interviewing for PacificRimVideoPress) with ArchiTEKS, which is a crew composed of many of the male members of SoReal Cru. They talk about SoReal Cru's experience on America's Best Dance Crew, why ArchiTeks was created, their goals for Hip Hop International and beyond, and what it feels to start over again, the Ego Killer message, and their love for their fans.

Some action photos from Hip Hop International US Finals: Phunk Phenomenon, Tru Definition

Here are some action shots from the US finals at Hip Hop International 2010, taken by Barb and Sue from MOMZ-N-Da Hood. To answer several questions, so far they have not been shooting video at Hip Hop International 2010, for a few reasons. If we do find some more complete videos, we'll post those for you.
Here's Phunk Phenomenon, which came in second in the adult division

This is Tru Definition from California, which won second place in the Varsity division.
 Thanks for the ongoing coverage, MOMZ-N-DA Hood!

Interviews at Kababayan Fest with Poreotics and We are Heroes

NickiSun of Now You Now visited We are Heroes (ABDC Season 4 winners) and Poreotics (ABDC 5 winners) before the Kababayan Fest shows. In the Poreotics video, they talk about how they got involved with Justin Bieber's 'Somebody to Love' video, how they came up with their signature arm gesture on the first episode of ABDC5, and how their fans can continue to follow them. The video also shows their performance from a backstage angle. Thanks for the tip, Jessica!

Click here to watch the interview with We Are Heroes, where they talk about their costume design, why they're so proud to be the only women to win ABDC, and teach Nikki some moves.

Crew photos at Hip Hop International: Poreotics, Instant Noodles, Elektrolytes

Barb and Sue of MOMZ-N-Da Hood have been photographing scenes from  Hip Hop International 2010 this week. Here are some of the crews warming up before the US Finals. They were taken unposed so forgive the blurriness of some:


Instant Noodles, who came in 4th and may still get to compete in the World Championshihps since Poreotics is back as defending champion. Instant Noodles' statement to the crowd: "We will serve you in under three minutes!"

Elektrolytes in a pre-show huddle:

Watch the LXD Episodes 6 & 7 here now: "Duet" & "The Dark Doctor Deal"

It's Wednesday -- The LXD Day! Two more short episodes for your viewing pleasure: "Duet" and "The Dark Doctor Deal".

"Duet" is a lyrical hip hop piece representing love and loss. The choreography and quality of dancing feels less like a comic book and more like a high-caliber, lovely So You Think You Can Dance number. "The Dark Doctor Deal" is an intense and almost scary performance,  going much further to advance the narrative. I think it is a textbook example on how to use dance for storytelling, with choreography that evokes horror and film technique that stays true to the comic book genre.

Hip Hop US Finals Results (with video): Congratulations to Poreotics and the Phunk phamily of dancers!

Hip Hop International held the USA finals last night. Here are the dance groups that will be moving on to the World Finals on August 1:
ADULTS - First Place: Poreotics , Second Place: Phunk Phenomenon, Third Place: CADC
VARSITY - First Place: Phunk Allstars, Second Place: Tru Definition, Third Place: Breakthrough
JUNIORS - First Place: Lil Phunk Boyz, Second Place: Basement Was Sap Be, Third Place: Lil Phunk Girlz, Fourth Place: Primary Source

Congratulations to everyone!

Reminder: Only one more month to enter DancePlug's Spark Your Career Contest & Win Prizes

There's only a month left before the Spark Your Career Contest ends.  The first 2 winners will be announced at the Monsters Show on August 7th, 2010. After that, 2 winners will be chosen each week throughout August.

The contest is a collaboration between The Beat Freaks and  to help aspiring dancers. Prizes will include Beat Freaks T-shirts and autographed pillowcases; a B-Girl DVD; merchandise from Monsters, UFO and Starbound, free access and credits on, and a free pass to Monsters Convention. 

To enter, create a Career Profile on and take advantage of the site's features to spark your career by talking about yourself and your dream, sending your career profile for auditions, and taking advantage of the Danceplug network. Good luck!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We love ya Luther!

No one wanted to miss the smooth stylin' of Luther Brown at his Urban Moves workshop at HHI 2010. Luther packed the house with fans and fellow dancers/choreographers of all shapes and sizes and it was HOT. He was barraged with fans at his signing, including Ireland's Ghetto Fabulous varsity crew of girls who were front and center at his workshop!

Rhapsody enraptures at HHI 2010

Rhapsody James, world renowned dancer, choreographer, artistic director and all around great girl-filled the room at her HHI Urban Moves Workshop. At her meet 'n greet, Rhapsody told MOMZ-N-DA HOOD's, Barbara, that it's always great to see everyone come together to celebrate dance! Check out her site sirens assasins: dance to die for!

Chonique & Lisette's HHI Urban Moves Workshop

Chonique and Lisette rocked the Red Rock Resort at HHI 2010 at their Urban Moves Workshop. Chonique (in crutches! hope you're back in step soon!) and Lisette brought soul and style to the class and dozens of participants of all ages jammed it out. Chonique told MOMZ-N-DA HOOD's Susan E. that even a dance injury couldn't keep her away from HHI!

Enter Week 3 of the ABDC Master Mix Contest now!

Time for Week 3 of our competition called "The Master Mix Contest", completely created by Dirtface X. In thie variant of Name that Tune, you need to listen to a sample of an ABDC Master Mix, followed by a judge's comment about the routine, and identify the crew who performed it. The mixes are all available at, but the clips will vary from 20 seconds in the first 3 weeks, down to 3 seconds in the last weeks. Full episodes of the programs can be found on Whoever can correctly identify the most routines (crew and song title) will be the winner.  In Rounds 1-4, you only need  to provide the crew name, for 2 points total. In Rounds 5-12, you will need to give BOTH the crew and the tune (1 point each). Click here for the rules.  

Please send all entries to MAKE SURE YOU USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS EVERY TIME SO I CAN TRACK AND SCORE YOUR ENTRIES PROPERLY!All entries for Week 3 must be received by midnight on August 1.

Hip Hop International US Preliminary Results - Congratulations Poreotics!

Hip Hop International 2010 held the US preliminaries on July 26. The US finals will occur later this week, with the top 4 in each division (Adult, Varsity, Junior) moving on to the World Hip Hop Championship on August 1. Barb from MOMZ-N-Da Hood will be sharing the reporting action on HHI with me this week. And, thanks in advance to Ninjaboi and other fans/readers who share news for us to post!

Here are the United States preliminary results:
US ADULTS : 1. Poreotics 2. Instant Noodles 3. Jungle Boogie 4. Kaba Modern 5. Phunk Phenomenon 6. Common Ground 7. CADC 8. Inside the Box 9. Encore 10. TMB 11. Step Boys 12. Design

US VARSITY: 1. Phunk All Stars 2. TM Juniors 3. Breakthrough 4. Tru-Definition 5. Full Force Dance Company. 6. Basement Cali Swagg 7. Nu Era 8. The Prodigy 9. Redeem 10. 4 BY 2

TiVO alert: JabbaWockeeZ on America's Got Talent July 28; more MUS.I.C in August

JabbaWockeeZ tweeted that they will appear on NBC's America's Got Talent on Wednesday August 28 at 9PM ET/PT. Thanks for the tip, Jacob!
 And, if you haven't seen JabbaWockeeZ' Las Vegas show MUS.I.C. yet, you've still got a chance. The show will be at the MGM Grand from August 19-25. Click here to learn more and buy tickets.

Videos from Homeland Jam 2010: Poppers, Robots, Lockers and Waackers

Homeland Jam 2010 i Los Angeles on July 17 was the site to watch fierce competitions for 1on1 lockin', 2on2 poppin', 1on1 robot, and 1on1 waacking. As thanks to the competitors, they prepared videos showing competition highlights. All videos from the CalvinHLeung Youtube Channel.
Here are the waackers.  
Click here to watch the poppers, robots and lockers.

'GRATZ to the Junior's advancing to the HHI FINALS!

Congratulations to the HHI Junior Division crews advancing to the FINALS!

Will defending 2009 Junior Champs LIL PHUNK BOYZ recreate the magic this year?

Monday, July 26, 2010

ABDC Master Mix Week 2 answer: JabbaWockeeZ dancing to 'All that Jazz' -- watch now!

We received 192 entries for Week 2 of our ABDC Master Mix Contest, with 162 people having perfect scores for the contest so far. Most people correctly identified the crew as JabbaWockeeZ  performing to 'All That Jazz' in America's Best Dance Crew Season 1's Broadway Remixed Challenge. Here's the clue again, followed by the full routine. This contest and its videos were conceived and created by Dirtface X -- Thanks!! And, come back tomorrow for the next installment.

MOMZ-N-DA HOOD in VEGAS: what happens in Vegas.......gets BLOGGED!

MOMZ-N-DA HOOD is heading to Las Vegas for the "Olympics" of Hip Hop/Break dance: HIP-HOP INTERNATIONAL 2010! If you're out there...come find us-we'll get you covered! Stay tuned to this blog for exciting updates and BEHIND THE SCENES secrets of what happens when THOUSANDS of the Worlds greatest dancers come together to speak the international language of love: DANCE!

World of Dance Seattle: Field report & videos of Jalen, Super Cr3w, Victor Kim, Kontagious Movement!

Reader David Sean Jason attended World of Dance Seattle on July 25 and sent in a field report: 

The performances were AMAZING! 100 times better than just watching on Youtube. As a HUGE dancing fan, I would recommend an event like this to anybody. The crews were AMAZING! And LOTS of free items. I was able to get my hands on a free shirt that was thrown into the crowd. The only cons about this event was the fact that there was a BBoy event happening across the auditorium so you couldn't watch both things at the same time. Also, the music went off during TWO crews' performances, which is always disappointing. Overall, GREAT event and will definitely go again next year. Congratulations to Kontagious Movement for taking home 1st place!

Below -- a video of Kontagious Movement from Pinay8890 Youtube Channel
Click here to read the rest of the report including a description of Quest's Victor Kim singing and meeting fans at the meet and Greet, plus videos of Jalen, Victor Kim, and Super Cr3w's battle with Ring of Fire. Thanks David Sean Jason!

Last minute calendar addition: Choreo Cookies Workshop in New Jersey

Dea Sevilla from Choreo Cookie, will be teaching at Project D’s Master Class on Tuesday, July 27 at 7:00 PM at Step By Step Dance Studios in Bergenfield, NJ. Watch this video of her choreography to see why this is a rare opportunity for the East Coast!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Listen now to preview clips from Fanny Pak's album "A Touch of Fanny"

Fanny Pak's album called "A Touch of Fanny" (produced by will be released on August 17, 2010. To get you in the mood, click here for s preview clips from 3 songs: "Show Out", "Close to You", and "Something Sick." Thanks for the tip, Kevin!

Video: Blueprint Cru's TL and Lorena talk about their ABDC experience shows clips from Blueprint Cru performances and talks to Lorena and TL about what makes a good dancer, how their America's Best Dance Crew experience changed their lives, how they were contacted to audition for ABDC, why they think they got to second place on ABDC, and how much work goes into the show's choreography. 

Video: Phillip Chbeeb "Lightbulb"

From Pacman Youtube Channel (run by Phillip Chbeeb) -- a nifty solo piece called "Lightbulb". Thanks for the link, Niko!