Saturday, August 11, 2012

Video: Anthony Lee and Funkdation: "Give me One Reason"

Anthony Lee incorporates Funkdation (America's Best Dance Crew Season 7) for a cool interpretation of "Give me One reason." From anflowny Youtube.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Video: 8 Flavahz performance at Hip Hop International

8 Flavahz did an awesome job at Hip Hop International last weekend. DanceMogul just posted the footage:

More exclusive interviews from HHI: The Crew (2012 winners), Stepboys (who talk about losing!)

Here are more of our interviews from Hip Hop International:

Chris Trondsen interviewed The Crew (from the Philippines), winners at 2012 Hip Hop International. They talk about how they felt about their performance and chances for winning, the other Philippine teams that competed, give some thanks, and how they're going to celebrate (or at least relax!)

And in contrast, Chris interviewed Step Boys (ABDC Season 7), where the crew members talk about their losing performances at HHI, why they don't do better in competitions, their admiration of Dtrix and Fallen Kingz, their expanded team at HHI, their activities after America's Best Dance Crew, and describe their fun nude car trip to Las Vegas .

Video: Tight Eyez & Street Kingdom workshop at Hip Hop International

Tight Eyez and other members of Street Kingdom (America's Best Dance Crew Season 6) taught a workshop at the 2012 Hip Hop International, as well as a workshop at a Las Vegas church. This video documents the trip and some of the dance action. From OfficialTightEyez Youtube.

Must-see video of the day: "With a Piece of Chalk"

I daresay you've never heard of the people involved with this video, but "With a Piece of Chalk" is beautiful in its message and it's dancing. Thanks for the tip, Sarah!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

More ABDC alum auditions for Bieber's Believe Tour: D-trix (Quest), Brandon (IaMeE)

As we reported earlier this week, dancers are submitting videos in hopes of being part of Justin Bieber's "Believe" Tour. Two of the latest are from America's Best Dance Crew alumni:
- Dominic 'D-trix' Sandoval has done double duty on ABDC -- both as a member of Season 3's Quest Crew and as a judge in recent seasons. His audition tape does double duty in comedy and dance:

-Brandon '747' Harrell (ABDC6's IaMmE) included Jaira from 8 Flavahz (ABDC7) in his audition video:

Leave a comment if you have other Believe tour audition videos that you think our readers should watch!

Greg S. field report: what it's like to take a dance workshop with Poreotics

Greg attended Urban Dance Camp last month and was invited by Poreotics to take their dance workshop. Her reports about the experience and shares photos from the week:

When I last left you with a report from Urban Dance Showcase, there was mention of being inspired/arm-twisted into changing plans in order to stay an extra day for the Poreotics workshop. This is the sometimes harrowing but ultimately rewarding story of that experience.

When talking to a few of the fellas after the UDS afterparty, I admitted that it would be great to stay for the workshop. However, having never taken a formal class before, I was worried that the fast pace of learning long choreo in a short time would keep me from keeping up. This definitely proved a reasonable concern - but we'll get to that later.

Back to the afterparty parking lot, Lawrence Devera was very supportive. Against all odds, I was hoping maybe they'd teach their "Cinema/Poreotics mix" routine from last year's showcase, which I've done a thousand times. No such luck, as Lawrence told me earlier that the two classes would cover a couple bits from their 2012 sets.

But with Millie and Brandon from I.aM.mE also urging me to take the plunge, I was well-convinced. Said 747 after I repeated the doubt that I could hang in a first ever workshop: "Pfft. I saw you tearing sh*t up out there tonight."

 Click here to read the rest of the report and to see some of his photos from the week. Thanks Greg!

Video: Les Twins at FairPlay Dance Camp

FairPlay Dance Camp is happening now in Poland, with demonstrations and classes from Chachi (IaMmE), Lando Wilkens (Mos Wanted Crew, Boxcuttuhz), Les Twins, and many others. You can learn more about the event with their daily Facebook updates.  Here's footage from a Les Twins performance at a showcase contest:

Video: Lorena Liebman (Blueprint Cru) workshop - "Rack City"

Lorena Liebman (member of ABDC5's Blueprint Cru) is one of the teachers at the workshops held by 8 Count Studio in Montreal. In this video, she dances with member of an advance class. Click here to learn more about the workshops and classes. From 8CountDance Youtube.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Must-watch video: Pharside & Morris (Academy of Villains) - "Parlez-vous Francais"

Some major fun from Pharside and BboyMorris,both members of Academy of Villains, who won the US division of Hip Hop International 2012. BBoy Morris is also a member of Fallen Kings, which won the 3 on 3 BBoy event at HHI. They meld evil mimes with dancing for "Parlez-Vous Francais". From .Pharside Youtube

Video: Lando Wilkens (with cameos from Mos Wanted Crew members Ian Eastwood, Bam Martin, Brian Puspos) - "What U Doing"

Lando Wilkens (member of Mos Wanted Crew, Head Bangerz and Boxcuttuhz)  choreographs and dances in the studio to  "What U Doin", with some help from fellow Mos Wanted Crew members Ian Eastwood, Brian Puspos, and Bam Martin. From landowilkens Youtube. Thanks for the link, YourName___.

Exclusive interview: Fallen Kings (with Dtrix) talk and show why they won 3 on 3 bboy at HHI

Chris Trondsen talked to Fallen Kings, including Dominic 'D-trix' Sandoval, at Hip Hop International 2012. Fallen Kings won the 3 on 3 bboy competition, and they talk about why they think they won. The video includes brief clips of their performance. Dtrix talks about how he started with Fallen Kings, and the group talk about how hard it was to win for a second time and how they are going to celebrate their victory.

Exclusive 8 Flavahz interviews at HHI, including lightning round questions!

Chris Trondsen talked to three members of 8 Flavahz (with a jump-in from Josh at Hype 5-0). In the first of two part interview, the girls talk about meeting fans at Hip Hop International, the inspirations at HHI, and what's next for them. Josh talks about competitive attitudes. And the girls talk about their upcoming dance tours and how to keep up with them. In the second part, they talk about what's new with them (especially changes in height and shoe size!), the HHI afterparty, their favorite performers, favorite clothes, crying, and some ABDC backstage antics

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Video: Jabbawockeez performance at Hip Hop International

After receiving the Living Legends Award at Hip Hop International 2012, Jabbawockeez (with members of Super Cr3w) took the stage. Thanks for the link, JabbaJake!

New tutting tutorial from Mike Song:

In Part 5 of Mike Song's series of tutting tutorials, he describes and demonstrates basic footwork combos. Go to mikesongdance Youtube for the rest of the tutorials.

Exclusive interview: Jabbawockeez at Hip Hop International: a whole new show in 2013! and how they party

Chris Trondsen interviews Jabbawockeez at Hip Hop International about their Living Legend Award, their Australian tour, which Jabbawockeez gives the best gifts, who would be the villain in an action movie, some of their next projects including a month performing in Atlantic City, and how they party. And, they announce that they'll have a whole new show starting at the Luxor in Las Vegas.

Videos for Believe Tour auditions including Ian Eastwood's "Fall"

Justin Bieber and John Chu are holding online auditions for dancers for the Believe Tour. Click here for details. Some interesting entries have been posted already. Check them out and  help support some dancers. First, Ian Eastwood(Mos Wanted Crew) keeps it simple but focused on his superb technique in his dance to Justin Bieber's "Fall". From Youtube. 
And, since the auditions are open to less-well known talent: Matt dancing to "Feel So Close to You".

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hip Hop International Videos - ABDC crews in International Finals: Elektrolytes, ReQuest (as part of Royal Family megacrew)

Two crews that competed on America's Best Dance Crew made it to the International Finals at Hip Hop International 11:
Elektrolytes (America's Best Dance Crew Season 7 winners):

ReQuest Crew (ABDC Season 6) was part of Royal Family, which took gold in the Megacrew Division:

Hip Hop International Finals results with videos: Congratulations to The Crew!

Hip Hop International 11 held the finals on August 5, 2012. And, this year, OfficialHHI Youtube posted all the performances, so click here for the set, and on the listed crew names to watch the crews.  Thanks for the results, Maxxann. Here are the results:

Adult Division:
3rd - Academy Of Villains - USA - 7.26
2nd - Neutral Zone - Mexico -7.30
1st - The Crew - Phillippines - 7.39

Varsity Division: 
3rd - JB Star - Japan - 7.35
2nd - Sorority - New Zealand - 7.79
1st - Sol T Shine - Japan - 8.09 

Junior Division: 
3rd - Onizawa ikka- Japan - 7.24
2nd - Flip - Canada -7.39
1st - Bubblegum - NZ - 7.44

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Video: Poreotics - new footage from 2 older events

All this coverage of Hip Hop International and Urban Dance Showcase is making me want to watch more dance. Here's footage of two older Poreotics routines created by Can and Dumbo, from PoreoticsHD Youtube.