Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another ABDC6 auditioner: Audiovoz Crew

Audiovoz Crew from Puerto Rico posted this video, announcing that they are auditioning for America's Best Dance Crew Season 6.

Congratulations to the World of Dance Award Winners

World of Dance held their first awards last night in Los Angeles. We haven't seen a complete list   but here are the awards we've seen Twitter reports about. Thanks for the help, DirtfaceX and theSoulGirl! And congralations to all these winners and the ones I haven't listed yet!
  • Best Team of the Year - Poreotics
  • Best Female Crew - Beat Freaks
  • Best International Team - Blueprint Cru
  • Best Competition street team - Choreo Cookies
  • Best Collegiate team - Pac Modern
  • Best Youth Group - Emanon 
  • Best Live Performance - GRV
  • Best International Choreographer - Shaun Evaristo
  • Best male Choreographer - Keone Madrid
  • Best Female choreographer - Mari Martin
  • Best Media Coverage - Pacific Rim
  • Best College Competition - VIBE 
  • Best Dance Workshop - Coastal Dance Rage 
  • TV Dance Performance of the Year - The LXD on the Oscars 
  • Best Dance website -

Friday, January 14, 2011

Randy Jackson: ABDC6 starts Thursday April 7

Randy Jackson just appeared on MTV's The Seven. He stated that America's Best Dance Crew Season 6 will premiere on Thursday April 7, and there will be some surprises that he wouldn't name. He also talked about American Idol, body odor, kissing, and dogs.

Video: U4ria -- getting ready for ABDC6?

Here's a new teaser video from U4ria, a Florida group that also appeared on America's Got Talent. It looks like they will be auditioning for the new season of America's Best Dance Crew also. Are they ready for MTV?

Reminder: World of Dance Awards show tonight in Los Angeles -- be there!

I can't attend (wrong coast!) but I encourage anyone in the Los Angeles area to spring for a ticket to the World of Dance Awards and after-party tonight. It appears that many acts will perform, with special awards for Arnel Calvario, John Chu, and the LXD. Click here to purchase. If you attend, please leave a comment about the event.

Mailbox: Bieber and Poreotics, Award for Massive Monkees, JabbaWockeeZ net worth

  • Radar On-line shows footage of Poreotics fooling around with Justin Bieber
  • Massive Monkees (ABDC Season 4) won a 2011 Martin Luther King County Executive Award for Excellence in Hip Hop. Click here for information and tickets for the awards ceremony in Seattle on January 17.
  • According to, JabbaWockeeZ have a net worth of $5 million. No information on how they derived that number, but I'm glad to see the guys are being remunerated for their success

Thursday, January 13, 2011

TiVO Alert: Randy Jackson might be on MTV's The Seven on Friday Jan. 14

There are two good reasons to believe that Randy Jackson will appear on MTV's The Seven on Friday January 14:
- MTV told me he would be a guest on the show this week, but he hasn't been on yet
- American Idol returns next week to Fox, so it's time for a little promotion
I'm going to TiVO the show on Friday (set to air at 5pm ET) to see if Jackson makes an appearance and, if so, if there is news about America's Best Dance Crew. If any of you attends the taping, let us know!

In Case U Missed It: Blueprint Cru wins @ Monsters of Hip-Hop 2007

Welcome to the newest column on bABDC! As we await for the new ABDC season to begin (and on slow news days), In Case U Missed It will feature videos and news tidbits relevant to ABDC, but aren't exactly 'up to date' (and wasn't previously posted on this site). If you would like to contribute to this column, leave a comment on the board and I'll take care of it.

Nearly three years before dancing their way to the finals of Season 5, Canada's Blueprint Cru (made up of ALL females at the time) took first place at Orlando's Monsters of Hip-Hop 2007 with this dance piece entitled 'Angel'. The performance below took place at 8Count's 2008 Year End show. The actual
Monsters of Hip-Hop performance can be found here.

Video: Elektrolytes prepare for ABDC 6

It looks like Elektrolytes will also be auditioning for America's Best Dance Crew Season 6. They've won Arizona's Best Dance Crew and have auditioned for multiple seasons of ABDC-- maybe their time has finally come. From Salsgroovefactory Youtube Channel. Thanks for the tip, JJVirus!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Live to Dance Party Room is now open -- come on in!

Tonight, Live to Dance announces whether  hip hop group Inside the Box or Theatrix makes the top 18 (why 18??) and shows some more dancing. The show has a lot of filler, so fill it with us. Let us know what you're up to, whether you've gone to some good dance events lately, what you think of Britney's new video...and talk about Live to Dance too! Are you going to keep watching? Any suggestions for the show?  Very few holds barred here. 

UPDATE: Live to Dance will not start until 9PM ET.  Sorry for the incorrect info (from TV Guide). 

Yet another TV Dance Show: The Dance Scene

According to Entertainment Weekly, E! has a show called the Dance Scene that will premiere April 10, 2011. The eight-episode half-hour show will document Laurieann Gibson (Lady Gaga's choreographer) as she trains assistant choreographers and dancers.
"The competitive world of the professional dancer is grueling creative work,” says Lisa Berger, executive vice president of programming at E! “Watching Laurieann mentor these young artists, who will do anything to make it in the business, gives us a glimpse into a world where the pursuit of success and excellence outweighs all else."

To get a feeling for the show, here's Gibson's reel from the AbramsArtistLA Youtube Channel (her talent agency).

Join us tonight for the Live To Dance Results Show Party Room!

We'll have a party room open tonight at 7:45pm ET for those of you watching Live to Dance on CBS. Will Inside the Box or Theatrix make it to the Top 18? Is this show more like America's Got Talent or So You Think You Can Dance? You decide and let us know all about it -- later today. Or just join us to talk about the upcoming auditions or other semi-related topics. Update: Live to Dance will start at 9PM ET/PT, not 8PM as previously announced.

Video of STAK'D -- auditioning for ABDC6

STAK'D crew has posted on Youtube that they will audition for America's Best Dance Crew Season 6. From their STAKDTV Youtube description: "STAK'D is focused on bringing dance to the world and showcasing talent from THE best city in Texas -- Austin. STAK'D plans to represent the South and Texas in a new way by combining our love of dance with our cultural backgrounds and the flavor of Austin. Austin is known as an eclectic center for arts and entertainment and as the heart of Texas. We have an intense desire to bring this spirit to life in our performances." The name is taken from first letter of the members' first names, since their goal is to showcase the individual talents of each member. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Enter ABDC Trivia Contest Week 6 now!

Time for more trivia about America's Best Dance Crew, for a chance to win some ABDC-related merchandise or an ITunes gift certificate.  Full rules here. The prize goes to the highest cumulative score (plus winner of the tie-breaker) over this 10-week contest. The deadline for this puzzle is Midnight on January 16, 2011.

Email with the answer to this question: How many times did Poreotics audition for America's Best Dance Crew BEFORE getting onto the show? Good luck!

Video: Saltare dance on Disney's Shake it Up

Saltare (America's Best Dance Crew Season 5) appeared in the first few minutes of Disney's Shake it Up. Here's their performance:

Jungle Boogie website launched, including some outstanding dance videos has just launched, with news, a media section with videos, a performance calendar, and a twitter feed for all the fans who want to follow the ABDC5 alumni. The site has two videos that haven't yet been posted here but are definitely watch worthy: "Dance or Die" and their excellent Supra Sneaker promotion. Thanks for the tips, Ninjaboi and DirtfaceX!

Monday, January 10, 2011

"3 MInutes" release today starring Harry Shum Jr. and tWitch (but with no dancing!)

Posted today: "3 Minutes” starring Harry Shum Jr (The LXD, Glee) and Stephen “tWitch” Boss (So You Think You Can Dance) along with Thaine Allison and Katrina Law. It’s a thriller with no dancing. Watch it here, from iharryshum Youtube Channel.   
The comments promise a prequel and a sequel, probably for a total of 9 minutes. Thanks for the reminder, PerezOverride!

Answers to ABDC Trivia Contest Week 5: Isaac (Heavy Impact) OR Jia Huang (Kaba Modern) and...

Thanks to all of you who entered Week 5 of our ABDC Trivia contest. Despite our efforts to get a question with only one answer, there are two that are totally correct, and one other that I will give credit for. The question was: What ABDC contestant performed in a popular video that was used for another crew's "Music Video Challenge"? 

I used quotations to try and make it clear that the name of the challenge was the "Music Video Challenge" and not just a challenge that incorporated videos. The only time the week's contest was called "Music Video Challenge" occurred during Week 2 of Season 5.  For that challenge:

  •  Static Noyze performed "New in Town" by Little Boot The original video included Isaac Tualaulelei from Heavy Impact as one of the dancers
  • Hype 5-0 performed "1 2 3" by Britney Spears. The original video featured Jia Huang of Kaba Modern. 
In addition, because my instructions were not sufficiently clear, I am also giving credit to the 4 people who answered JabbaWockeeZ, since ABDC 1 Champions performed in the Daddy Yankee "Pose" video that Strikers All Stars danced to in season 3. Twenty answers were given full credit this week, with 5 weeks left to go. I'll have a new question up tomorrow.

Two videos on the history of digits and finger-tutting!

Here's some detailed lecture and demonstration on how finger-tutting has evolved, from the MrDigitalRelic Youtube Channel. Thanks for the tip, Steve!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Video: Swagger Crew promote Osiris Shoes

Osiris Shoes is the proud Sponsor of Swagger Crew (ABDC Season 5). This is the trailer for their upcoming promotional video which will debut on Saturday, January 15th, 2011 from the SwaggercrewTV Youtube Channel. I'm glad to see they are able to stay together and find sponsors for their dance -- America's Best Dance Crew alums seem to do better at this than former contestants on other competitive reality shows. 

Saltare appear on Disney Channel's Shake It Up Tonight

The next America's Best Dance Crew group to appear on Shake it Up is Saltare -- their episode airs tonight (January 9, 2011) at 8:30 ET/PT. Here's the promo video for the episode. Thanks for the info, Brandon!