Saturday, September 1, 2012

Exclusive all-star interviews after SYTYCD Top 8 show: Twitch, Melanie, Alex, Lauren

Chris Trondsen interviewed SYTYCD all-stars Twitch, Alex Won, Melanie Moore, and Lauren Gottlieb after the So You Think You Can Dance Top 8 show. The dancers talk about their performances, how they feel about the contestants at this point, what it might take to win, and their current projects. In addition, Chris gets personal with Twitch, who talks about his favorite food (grilled chicken breast and California rolls), favorite Youtube artists (Phillip 'Pacman' Chbeeb and IaMmE and Kubscoutz), the last time he cried, emoticons,  signature scent (kimchi!), and what pumps him in movies (training montages). Click to watch the videos for Alex, Melanie, Lauren, and Ryan Dilello.

Comic video of the day: Charles Nguyen (Poreotics) and Anthony Lee - "Gangnam Style tutting"

Just what I needed to start off my long weekend -- some Gangnam-style comic tutting from Charles Nguyen (Poreotics) and Anthony Lee (Kinjaz). From anflowny Youtube. Thanks for all the links today, PerezOverride!

Video: Jet Li (Poreotics) freestyle at Beatdown Toronto

Jet Li (member of ABDC Season 5 winners Poreotics) danced freestyle at Beatdown Toronto, and dedicated the dance to his deceased father. FromPoreoticsHD Youtube. Also from Beatdown -- Boss, the winners of the competition Thanks for the links PerezOverride!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Exclusive interviews after SYTYCD Top 8 show: Chehon, Cole, Cyrus, Will, Eliana, Tiffany, Witney, Lindsay

After the taping of So You Think You Can Dance's Top 8 show, Chris Trondsen interviewed all the Top 8 contestants, as well as many of the all-stars, choreographers and judges. Here are the interviews with the contestants:

- Eliana and Tiffany talk about how they make each other laugh, favorite Family Feud questions, Eliana shows her 'funny' dance, the styles they still want to dance on the show, and thank their fans.

- Cole and Chehon talk various topics about the differences between the dance styles of the Top 8, how being bullied enabled Cole to become a stronger person, Chehon's mother watching the show from the audience, Cole's sister (Cara from Fanny Pak) in the audience, and send a message to their fans. And they answer fan questions on which all-stars they'd like to partner with, and what 3 words they'd use to describe themselves.

- Will and Lindsay talk about what jobs they want to do next (Dancing with the Stars, Glee), who they want to room with on the SYTYCD Tour, reveal some secrets about each other, and offer some encouragement to the Top 6.

- Witney talks about Lindsay's elimination on the show, Cyrus decribes appreciation at fan support, how it felt getting to dance their solos before the live audience, Witney describes her personal dance style, and they both talk about they have to do to make it to the finals

Time to enter our So You Think You Can Dance Winners Contest for prizes!

Time to reenter our So You Think You Can Dance  Winners contest. If you think you know the boy and girl who are going to win, then prove it!  Submit the names of the 2 dancers - one male and one female -- who you think will win this season's competition.  The prize goes to the first person to get it right, based on the week they submit the answer. If more than one person submits the right answer in that same week, we'll employ a tiebreaker rule to be determined. The prize for each will be a Tshirt of your size and choice, value up to $35 or an iTunes gift certificate worth $30..

To enter: Each week, we'll publish a new post for this contest. When the weekly post is up, add a comment with the names of the 2 winners. Subsequent weeks' entries will be accepted from Thursdays/Fridays (once I put up the new contest post) until the show begins airing on the East Coast (Wednesdays at 8pm ET).   You can enter this week's contest now -- deadline for the entry: September 5, 2012.   Good luck!

  • Create a user name you will use every week for the entire contest, and make it memorable (not just a common first name or word).
  • MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE THE WORDS SYTYCD Winners' in the comment (so I can search for them easily)
  • You can also submit by email at 

Video: Chachi's entry for Bieber's Believe Tour

If the people picking dancers for Justin Bieber's Believe Tour are using popularity as a key criterion, then Chachi Gonzales (IaMmE) should be a sure thing. Thanks for the link, Di Zhang!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Video: 8 Flavahz members on Chinese TV

Four of the 8 Flavahz members danced on Sohu TV in China. Thanks for the tip, Geese!

Video: Teaser for Documentary on the history of Kaba Modern

There will soon be a documentary on the 20 year history of Kaba Modern (ABDC Season 1). Here's the teaser for that documentary.

KM 20 - Kaba Modern: The First 20 Years | Sneak Preview from Loyd Calomay Films on Vimeo.

MercerMZ's Review (with all the videos) of So You Think You Can Dance's Top 8 Show.

The Top 8 dancers took to the stage tonight to dance with the All-Stars again. And with the departure of 2 of the strongest technical dancers of the season, there's really no more room to hide. So, how did the performances go this week? How was this week compared to the rest? And of course, did America make the right vote? Let's find out. Click here to read the full review.

Here are two highlights from the show -- Chehon's tango and Cole's solo.

What were your favorite performances during the SYTYCD Top 8 Show?

Our survey: What were your least favorite peformances during the SYTYCD Top 8 show?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vote for your favorite SYTYCD dancers - here's all the online, text, and phone info

The online voting is now open, for at least 2 hours after the show ends in the Pacific Time Zone. If you want to protect your favorite dancers, act now! Remember -- your votes determine who is safe from elimination. Click here to vote online at . Performance videos are up now on the website to aid in your choices. If you want to text, send the dancer's name to 83676.

If you want to phone instead, the numbers are: 
Chehon     1-855-GOHIM 02
Cole          1-855-GOHIM 03
Cyrus        1-855-GOHIM 04

Tiffany    1-855-GOHER 01
Witney    1-855-GOHER 03
Eliana     1-855-GOHER 04

Join us now for live SYTYCD Play-by-Play

The Play-Play/Party Room/Critics Corner for tonight's So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 episode is now open! Tonight, it's the Top 8. Two more dancers will go home tonight. Join me for play-by-play, if you can't watch live or just want some other opinions. The Play-by-Play will be in the comments section of this post.

And, let us know what you think about the show. Were the right people sent home tonight? How would you compare this to other seasons? This is your party -- humor, conspiracy theory, nostalgia and almost everything else (except obscenity and abject disrespect) are expected and welcome!

America's Got Talent Semi-finals dance videos: Academy of Villains, Scott Brothers, Turf

On the August 28 America's Got Talent semi-finals episode, three dance acts competed. The results will be announced tonight, but for those of you who missed the show, here are the dances. Click to watch Turf, and to watch Scott Brothers. Below is the latest from Academy of Villains:

Videos: Collizion Crew - "Pop That"

Collizion Crew (America's Best Dance Crew Season 7) has been busy this summer, performing in the Essence Music Festival and making videos. You can see a lot of this on their CollizionTV Youtube. My current favorite is their newest video: "Pop That".

Join us tonight and tomorrow for SYTYCD play-by-play, surveys, contests & more

Join us tonight to watch and react to the So You Think You Can Dance Top 8 show.

- Starting just before 8M ET, we'll have Play-by-play, in case you want to find out what happens as it happens.  Feel freee to comment along with me!
- Tomorrow we'll have surveys on the favorite and least favorite performances of the night.
- We'll have the next round of our contest with prizes -- Predict the two winners.
- We're planning to interview the eliminated dancers and the choreographers at tonight's taping and will have interviews posted in the next few days 

So, please join us!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

AGT Voting Information - Academy of Villains, Scott Brothers, Turf

Tonight we had three dance acts perform on America's Got Talent - Academy of Villains, The Scott Brothers, and Turf. Only three acts will make it through, so vote vote vote so that a dancer has a chance to win this show for once! 

Academy of Villains - 1-866-602-4812
Scott Brothers - 1-866-602-4805
Turf - 1-866-602-4807

Also vote online at AGT's Website. You can vote up to 10 times for each method (calling in or website). Voting is open for 2 hours. 

Video: 8 Flavahz Master Class at Millennium Dance Complex

Six of the 8 Flavahz (ABDC Season 7) recently taught a class at Millennium Dance Complex. From Youtube.

TiVO Alert (with video): Academy of Villains on America's Got Talent tonight!

Academy of Villains makes a return visit to America's Got Talent tonight. Watch it (8pm ET/PT on NBC) and be sure to vote for them (info at the America's Got Talent site), to help them move on to the next round. Here's a new video of their preparations for the show:

Video: Tight Eyez (Street Kingdom) - "Hype the Hype"

Street Kingdom (ABDC Season 6) is creating a series of videos to spotlight their core members. The first is this video of Tight Eyez called "Hype the Hype". From OfficialTightEyez Youtube.

Video: Brian Puspos with members of Mos Wanted, Elektrolytes, 8 Flavahz - "No Lie"

The latest choreography from Brian Puspos (Mos Wanted Crew) features dancing by him, with appearances by fellow Mos Wanted Crew members Jun Quemado, Bam Martin and Ian Eastwood, as well as Tamara Rapp (8 Flavahz), Marcus Jone (Elektrolytes), Aja George, Mike Fallorina, Jed Florano, and Ade Willis. From BrianPuspos Youtube. Thanks for the link, KonKreet!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Exclusive SYTYCD interviews at Top 10 show: choreographers Stacey Tookey, Travis Wall, Dmitri Chaplin, Spencer Liff

After the taping of So You Think You Can Dance's Top 10 show, Chris Trondsen interviewed many of the choreographers for that night's routines. The choreographers talk about working with this season's dancers and the all-stars, their assessment of this season's competitors, their current projects, and some backstage perspectives not shown on TV. Click to watch the videos for Dmitri Chaplin, Stacey Tookey, and Spencer Liff. Here's the interview with Travis Wall:

Video: Mos Wanted Crew at World of Dance Bay Area

World of Dance posted an extended video showing the full performance of Mos Wanted Crew (ABDC Season 7) at their Bay area event in August 2012.

Video: Poreotics competing on Chinese TV show

Recently, Poreotics (winners of America's Best Dance Crew Season 5) competed on a Chinese TV show. As with shows like America's Got Talent, you've got some odd camera angles and judges' reactions mixed in with the performance. I can't tell how they did compared to the other group which had a children (always hard to compete against on shows like these!). If you have more info about this show, please leave a comment. Thanks for the link, PerezOverride!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

What questions would YOU like to ask the So You Think You Can Dance dancers and choreographers?

We plan to continue interviewing dancers and choreographers backstage at the tapings of So You Think You Can Dance.  Now that you've watched the performers and choreographers for several weeks, what else would you like to learn about them?  We want some new and fresh questions that will interest/amuse/intrigue the dancers, choreographers and the audience alike!

Leave a comment on some questions you'd like to have answered, either in general or for specific people.  If we use your question, we'll give you credit of course! And, this will be part of a master list; even if we don't use your question this week, it might get asked at the next taping. Thanks!

3 Mos Wanted Crew member videos: Ian Eastwood, JP Goldstein, Jun Quemado

In the last week, Mos Wanted Crew members have released several videos of solo work:
- Ian Eastwood was a member of the 2012 Summer Drop faculty and performed in their showcase.  TheHipDrop Youtube  also has videos of S**t Kingz, Keone Madrid, and other faculty. Thanks for the tip, Your Name____.

- JP Goldstein dances in studio for BoogieMonstarz on TheJPGoldstein Youtube:

- Jun Quemado goes lyrical hiphop to "The Best Part" on MrJunQuemado Youtube:

Video: Lando Wilkins & friends from Mos Wanted Crew & Boxcuttuhz - "Cheerleader"

Lando Wilkin's newest piece features fellow Mos Wanted Crew members --Brian Puspos, Bam Martin (also with Boxcuttuhz), Jawn Ha, Ricky Cole -- as well as fellow Boxcuttuhz members -- Jed Florano, Megan Batoon, Aye Hasegawa -- and other dancers including Darina Littleton, Mike Fallorina. It's an unusual video for Lando, mixing dance with abrupt cuts and non-dance movement. From LandoWilkins Youtube.