Saturday, October 3, 2009

JabbaWockeeZ on Dancing with the Stars October 6 with a Chimpanzee and more!

JabbaWockeeZ will perform on Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday October 6 at 9pm ET/PT. From an ABC press release: "In this week’s Macy’s “Stars of Dance” performance, the hip-hop dance sensation JabbaWockeeZ takes the “Dancing with the Stars” stage by storm with a special performance from the all-male dance crew, including two special surprise guest dancers."

Queen Latifah will also appear on the show. And, "Season 8 alum Steve Wozniak returns to the show with special guests, Fantasy Football expert Matthew Berry and a chimpanzee, to give their predictions for the season.
" How come America's Best Dance Crew only gets a giant snake, no giant apes?!! Thanks for the tip Jacob!

Reminder: Sunday is LAST day to vote in Top ABDC 4 performances survey

There are only two more days to vote for your favorite performances for America's Best Dance Crew Season 4 performances. Right now, We Are Heroes and Rhythm City are dominating the votes. So, if you feel otherwise, get your vote in!

Early next week, I'll show the results along with videos of the top choices.
Click here to vote.

Video: Afroborike after Finale - "We Already Won"

Afroborike spoke to our interviewers Chris Trondsen (and videographer Glenda Morales from Fanny Pak) after the finale of America's Best Dance Crew. They talk about how they feel they are winners for getting on the show and reaching the final two, how Latin crews should continue to audition for ABDC, their favorite challenges (the 3 Bs - Beyonce, Bollywood and Britney!), and whether they will allow Chris to become Afroborike's seventh member!

JC Chasez on Afroborike: "I think it opened a lot of eyes and a lot of imaginations"

Las Vegas Sun covers hometown almost-heroes Afroborike after the America's Best Dance Crew season finale. Article highlights were the quotes:
  • JC Chasez: “For three seasons before they showed up we had a very kind of concrete idea of what the dance crews were. When they showed up on the stage they brought something totally different to the table and I think it broadened everyone’s horizons on the show. I really think it opened a lot of eyes and a lot of imaginations.”
  • Super Cr3w's Ronnie Abaldonado:“[AfroBorik√©’s style] is the epitome of what Vegas is, provocative, and those girls are exactly that.”
  • Afroborike member Veronica Collazzo: “We heard that there’s a lot of people interested in us.. so there’s going to be a lot of AfroBorik√© out there.”
By the way, the item in the picture is a basket of Charmed Cupcakes given to Afroborike and to We Are Heroes by Pacific Rim Video Press. Not a gold-plated trophy, but a great prize nontheless! Photocredit: Sarah Feldberg

Survey Results: "Girls on the Dance Floor" on top!

Our surveys on the America's Best Dance Crew's best and worst Finale performances are now closed. Click to see the detailed results for the best performance and worst performance. Summary:
  • Based on about 600 votes, the Best Performance was that of We Are Heroes, Vogue Evolution and Artistry in Motion, dancing to "Girls on the Dance Floor" (43%)
  • Based on almost 500 votes, performance voted worst of the night was "I Do" danced by Beat Ya Feet Kings, Massive Monkees, and Southern Movement.

Friday, October 2, 2009

America's Next Top Model previews with Jabbawockeez and Lil Mama

CW Network posted 2 previews for their next episode. The first has one second of JabbaWockeez. The second one has some classic reaction shots from Lil Mama. Thanks for the tip Jai!

Kickin it with Vogue Evolution: Lady Gaga, Gays, Plans, Protection & Fan shoutouts!

Chris Trondsen and Fanny Pak's Glenda Morales (behind the camera) party with Vogue Evolution after the America's Best Dance Crew taping. It's about 9 minutes, but encapsulates what it's like being around this fabulous crew. Leiomy makes her entrance at 4:42; it's worth the wait!

They talk about Lady Gaga, respect for the gay community, their love of We Are Heroes and Fanny Pak, grade Chris' outfit and grooming, future plans including an October 17 ball, the need for safe sex, AND shoutouts for Zatzz, Erica Nicole and other fans of We try harder for you!

ABDC Season 5 - Get those audition videos to MTV!

At the finale for America's Best Dance Crew, there was one point emphasized to us by both ABDC producers and choreographers: Urge dance teams to send audition videos for Season 5. The auditions are just held in a few cities (usually 4), they are concerned that they miss talented crews that don't have the time or money to travel to the audition cities.

So, if you send in an audition video, it WILL be seriously considered by MTV. Season 5 will be casting soon, so don't wait too long. You can upload the video here or mail a DVD to: America’s Best Dance Crew Season 5 6767 W. Sunset Blvd #8-403 Los Angeles, CA, 90028.

Layla Kayleigh & Randy Jackson: "Get ready for Season 5!"

Chris Trondsen talked with Layla Kayleigh and Randy Jackson onstage after the ABDC finale taping. They argue about who's the daddy (and Layla pwns both men!), Randy Jackson drops some hints about Season 5, for Layla explains why she's teary-eyed about this finale, and Layla emphasizes that she'll be back! Thanks to, our ABDC 4 interview partners!

Quest are Cover Boys for Dancer Magazine

America's Best Dance Crew Season 3 winners have the cover for the October 2009 issue of Dancer Magazine. I don't know where you can buy a hard copy of the article, but you can read it at

The article covers the group's formation, early years, and strategy to win Season 3. Most interesting to me is the description of their physical and mental preparation for ABDC:
"Quest has two different practices each week: one at a gym with a bouncy floor for trying new acrobatic stunts, and one in a studio in front of the mirror to test choreography...The guys also watched the entire first season of ABDC to prepare themselves for the journey ahead. “We kind of just analyzed what was effective, what looked good on stage, what the judges praised."

Artistry in Motion: What we would (and wouldn't) have done in Season 4!

Artistry in Motion spoke to our crew of Chris Trondsen and videographer Glenda Morales (of Fanny Pak) after the America's Best Dance Crew Season 4. They talk about which challenges they would have liked to have done, send congratulations to We Are Heroes and Afroborike, their feelings on the sexiness shown during some of the challenges, and their upcoming plans. And thanks to, our ABDC4 interview partners!

Events: Week of Oct. 2 - Quest, Supreme Soul, Boxcuttuhz, Boogie Bots, Beat Freaks, Fysh N Chicks

  • October 3 - World of Dance hits San Mateo, CA with Quest and Supreme Soul
  • October 3 - Fysh N Chick's Laura Edwards teaches master classes at Monsters Dance in Ellicott City, MD. Call 888-566-6787 for details
  • October 3 - Lindsey B. (Beat Freaks) workshop in Madison, WI
  • October 3 - Boxcuttuhz dance workshops at Quest Learning Center, Artesia, CA
  • October 6 - Miguel Almario (Boogie Bots) workshop at University of Maryland to benefit Filipino Cultural Association

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New ABDC Banner -- Thanks Zatzz!

Above, behold the new banner for this website, showing the winners of each season of America's Best Dance Crew. Zatzz is the designer, and I couldn't wish for a better image to carry us into Season 5. Thanks!!

Shane Sparks Interview: "I want a male poppin' crew!"

Chris Trondsen interviewed Shane Sparks after the taping of the America's Best Dance Crew finale (and Fanny Pak's Glenda Morales was there as videographer!). He talks about what he wants to see next season -- a male popping crew. He also describes how he thinks We are Heroes deserved the win, advice for Beat Ya Feet Kings Porche (who stops by during the interview) and other ABDC alums to leverage their time on the show, and whether there will be a Best of ABDC Season soon. Thanks to for partnering with us all season!

JabbaWockeeZ on America's Next Top Model October 7

JabbaWockeeZ are back on TV in October:
  • They will appear with Lil Mama in an America's Next Top Model on Wednesday October 7 at 8PM ET/PT on the CWNetwork
  • It's also reported that they will appear on Dancing with the Stars, though there's no announced airdate
Thanks for the tip, JonnyJ and Serina!

More Finale Recaps

  • TVGasm snarks it out, using still photos to prove their points.
  • We'll Fix it In is in tears, but that doesn't stop them from getting in last licks on their least favorite crews! And, they loved the girl group and its collabo-tut as the dance of the night.
  • Too Interesting for Twitter critiques all the group performances and thinks Rhythm City should have won the season

Audio We Are Heroes Interview - Crew history

HITFM Radio in El Paso spoke to We Are Heroes by phone the day after the America's Best Dance Crew 4 finale. Highlight: the description of Hiro's history of auditioning for ABDC and how the group formed for ABDC 4.

JC Chasez: No 'NSYNC reunion!! breaks hearts everywhere with their latest JC Chasez interview, where he states that there will not be an 'NSYNC reunion. "Nope," he said emphatically about any reunion tours or albums in the band's future. "I keep in touch with all of them. [We don't want to do it] because we already did that and it was fun, but we're done with it."

Video: New Artistry in Motion performance!

Thanks for the tip, Po Po!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Exclusive Photos from the Post-Finale Interviews

Scenes from our experiences at America's Best Dance Crew Season 4 finale post-show interview sessions:
Rhythm City's Phramez

Fr3sh on the post-Finale stage.

Vogue Evolution's Leiomy strikes a pose.

Click here for many more candid photos of We Are Heroes, Artistry in Motion, Afroborike, Fr3sh, Southern Movement, Beat Ya Feet Kings, more Vogue Evolution, choreographers, judges, personalities and even the press crew!

You're invited to World of Dance San Mateo and Pre-party!

World of Dance hits San Mateo October 3, with dozens of competitors. Quest and Supreme Soul are the featured exhibition crews. Click here for information and tickets.

And -- there's more. On Thursday, September 30, the official World of Dance Pre-party will be organized by Supreme Soul's Frost, with a special appearance by Tripl3 Threat, and held in San Francisco. It is also the launch of Vivo -- an event that will be held monthly in the Bay Area. Vivo is designed for dance crews, companies, and dance lovers to be amongst friends, have fun, enjoy performances and lets loose on the dance floor, while giving Bay Area choreographers a chance to showcase their creativity with no pressure to "Wow" the audience.
Click here for details on the pre-party and on Vivo.

Philippines - Dancing Flash Mob and a plea to help Typhoon victims

Meriden tipped me off about another version of the dancing flash mob in the Philippines, and a behind-the-scenes look at the formation of the mob. And, while you're enjoying this, both he and I ask you to consider helping Filipino victims of Typhoon Ondoy. The tragedy claimed more than 140 lives and displaced over 430,000 people. You can help by sending donations to the Ayala Foundation or TXTPower.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Survey: Best Performances for ABDC 4

Based on your comments, here are nominees for the best performances in America's Best Dance Crew Season 4. Please vote FOR UP TO 10 choices. In about a week, I'll show the results and post videos of the most popular performances.

BloggingBestDanceCrew contest winners!

Now that America's Best Dance Crew Season 4 is over, we've got some contest winners and finalists:
  • Elimination challenge contest - Fired Up had the best record for predicting the bottom 2 and losers each week, with 14 points (out of 24 possible). Runner-up: JumppforMe.
  • Top 4 contest -- There were NO correct answers before Week 7, when only 3 crews remained. That week, 4 people got it right: King Iconik, Czar, Mentrue, and Eric. I've sent emails to each of you asking for a number between 1 and 100. My computer's random number generator will make the pick.

Finale recaps Round One

  • Spoil the Ending notes the live near-injuries and thought until the last second that Afroborike would win
  • Reality Wanted picks the group performances as show highlights
  • Angry Asian Man loved We Are Heroes for their perseverance
  • LA Times summarizes the show and includes video interviews with ABDC Producer Howard Schwartz, Shane Sparks, Afroborike, We are Heroes, Artistry in Motion, and Randy Jackson:

Video: We are Heroes on Ellen Show

Here's the video of We Are Heroes appearing on The Ellen Degeneres show, taped after they won America's Best Dance Crew 4. Note: the video doesn't play on all browsers; if you're having trouble viewing it, click here. Thanks for the tip, ABDC!

Pacific Rim Finale Video Compendium - Season 4 crews party on stage!

Pacific Rim Video shot amazing coverage of America's Best Dance Crew all season, and the Finale was no exception. Between their baskets of cupcakes for the top 2 crews and their inimitable style, they caught the manic mood on tape. Check out:

Monday, September 28, 2009

Don't leave us -- Stay with BloggingBestDanceCrew!

America's Best Dance Crew Season 4 is over, but will be here for you over the next few months. Why should you keep reading us?
  • Over the next week, we'll run videos of our interviews at the finale, results from our contests, and new polls on your favorite Season 4 performances
  • We'll post the latest news on America's Best Dance Crew plans, including news of any tours and Season 5
  • We'll keep up with your favorite crews, judges, and ABDC personalities. We'll supply information on performances, workshops, meet-and-greets, films/videos, merchandise, and anything else they're up to.
  • We try to get YOU in the action, letting our readers tell us what questions they want to ask their ABDC favorites, and getting ABDC readers into local hip hop dance events as field reporters
  • ABDC may be done, but hip hop dancing is thriving. We'll provide news and videos about other dance events including Red Bull BC One, World of Dance, and international Dance Crew competitions.
  • We'll run forums, contests, and polls so that you can stay connected to others who love ABDC.
So stay with us! You'll be glad you did.

We are Heroes on Ellen Show September 29

We are Heroes were euphoric after being crowned the Season 4 America's Best Dance Crew. But- there was one more surprise last evening that made them scream with glee -- the girls SHRIEKED when they heard they were going to be special guests on The Ellen Degeneres Show. The show will be air on Tuesday September 29 -- check your listings and set that Tivo.

Congratulations to We Are Heroes!

We are Heroes will always be heroes to us. They combined the best features of the earlier America's Best Dance Crew girl groups -- the hard hitting hip hop moves of Beat Freaks and Fysh N Chicks, the sexy athleticism of Fly Khicks, and the feminine style of Femme 5 and Sass x7. They worked through personal issues, injuries, and tough challenges to become the first female winners of America's Best Dance Crew. I can't wait to watch them again (and again!) in live shows, videos, and whatever else they choose to do!

This post is only for positive comments about We Are Heroes. If you have something negative to say about the crew or other aspects of ABDC, please post them at the Party Room/Critics Corner.

Send some Love to Afroborike!

Afroborike defied traditional definitions of dance crews and defied expectations to land second place on ABDC Season 4. They broke new ground in partnering and in bringing a sexy flavor to America's Best Dance Crew, and incorporated styles that had not been seen on the show by any other crew in any season. We are sure they will be a hot ticket on the live dance scene!

This post is only for positive comments about Afroborike. If you have negative comments about the crew or anything else, please take it to the Party Room/Critics Corner!

What was the Best Performance at the ABDC Finale?

What was the worst performance at the ABDC4 Finale?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Finale Party Room/Critics Corner is open!

The Party Room/Critics Corner for America's Best Dance Crew Season 4's Finale is now open! Share your impressions, frustrations, hates and loves. Did America vote right? Were the group performances awesome or awkward? What strange things did the judges say this time? Give us your reactions to the Finale and to the season in general. We'll leave this post open and prominent, so you can comment all the way to Season 5!

Live Play-by-Play Blogging for ABDC's Finale

ABDC Finale time at last! Nancy will be in the press tent with no internet access, so Tbone is covering the Play-by-Play.Follow along or keep up with the show if you can't watch it immediately. As always, we will also have the Party Room/Critics Corner open at the same time (and long afterward!) for all your comments.

Tonight -- Join our Live-blogging and Play-by-play Room!

The end is here! Watch America's Best Dance Crew Finale with us tonight! The Party Room/Critics Corner opens at 8:30 ET and stays open as long as you want, so that everyone can comment on anything remotely related to ABDC. What did you think of the group performances? Are you happy or mad at the season result? What would you like to see changed in Season 5? I'm sure you'll think of something.

At 9pm ET, TBone be doing live play-by-play while watching the show, so feel free to tune in to get his take or to get a sneak preview of the action (for those of you from the West Coast/Canada/India or other ABDC-deprived zones). I'll be watching from a press tent in Los Angeles, preparing to interview crews and ABDC people on-stage after the show ends. I promise to visit the Critics Corner when I finally return to my motel room (it'll be late!)to see what you think. Perhaps I'll even have some scoop (or dirt) to share.

Video: Supreme Soul at MAV Fashion Show

Thanks for the tip, Eddie!

Shane Sparks -- Why aren't ABDC Winners more successful?

Popmatters has a long article and interview with Shane Sparks on the direction of hip hop dancing and the role of America's Best Dance Crew in pushing it forward. Highlights:
  • The Role of You Got Served in bringing crews to the public's attention: “When You Got Served came out,it made people realize like, ‘Oh my God! How beautiful is it to watch these five or ten guys, do this choreography... Everybody wanted their own crew. And that started a whole ‘nother world.”
  • ABDC's Impact: "Everywhere I go. I go home to Cincinnati, Ohio, they have Midwest dance crews. I go to Kansas City they have KC dance crews. Every city is trying to get their own ABDC. And it was not like that just 5 years ago.”
  • The article talks about the phenomenon common on many competitive reality shows where winning the show doesn't translate into major financial success. Shane talks about the problem and suggests that 1. crews get more involved in the entertainment industry and 2. they immediately get involved in marketing and endorsement deals

Video: ABDC Finale Costume reveal

For the joint dance fans/fashionistas: MTV Remote Control runs video of America's Best Dance Crew costume chief Kara Saun explaining the sparkly custom Nike outfits and then fitting them to the crew members.