Saturday, January 11, 2014

Video: Camren Bicondova (8Flavahz) - ReFuel: The Dance Intensive

Since the show, season 7 finalist Camren Bicondova has been traveling all around the world working and teaching dance.  Here's Lil' Miss Cam Cam teaching for ReFuel: The Dance Intensive camp in Tulsa, OK to Lorde's "Royals".  From LilMisCamCam YouTube.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Video: Goose (Static Noyze) choreographs "Yonce"

Goose Polanco (member of ABDC's Static Noyze) choreographs Casey Kalahiki, Kawehi "Kawehikinns" del Mar, Kristin "Guppy" Medina, Shalyssa "Shasha" Medrano, Sienna "Mufasa" Lalau, Gab Pascua, Cierra "Storm" Slade, Rachel Gloria, Kim Roberts, Ashely "Riddles" Ebia to Beyonce's "Yonce". GooseDT2010 Youtube.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Must-see Video: Mike Song in Venice with Bees - tutting spectacular

Mike Song (member of ABDC's Kaba Modern, as well as involvement in Kinjaz and BLAZE: World Tour) is back with some spectacular tutting, inspired perhaps by the bees' waggle dance or Venice's aerials. Cause of inspirations doesn't matter -- watch it! From YAKFilms

Monday, January 6, 2014

Video: SOREAL - Somewhere in Houston, TX

I genuinely get excited to see anything come from the SoReal family.  Celebrating 15 years of dance, Andrew Baterina, has posted this video of SoReal Studios working their grind in this montage to Beyonce's "No Angel".  Here's to the future.  From Andrew Baterina YouTube.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Charlize Glass (8Flavahz) featured on ELLE & Instagram Fan Q&A

Season 7 finalist, Charlize Glass (8Flavahz), was recently featured on ELLE Magazine's website.  Click here or below to view the article which also features a video of her and Cameron Bicondova dancing to Beyonce's "Yonce" - choreographed by Jose Ramos.  Then if you head over to her YouTube channel, she recently posted an Instagram Fan Q&A where she answers 20 questions - including how many hours a week she dances, how long it takes her to do her hair, her inspirations and much more.  From Charlizey1 YouTube.