Saturday, July 23, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Steven Retchless: A Hat Trick!"

This episode of KoopaTV takes us back to America's Got Talent's Top 48. Steven Retchless (now featured on KoopaTV for the THIRD time) delivers his most impressive performance, yet!

This time, with the aid of several backup dancers, Steven creates an amazing visual display, unlike any other! P.S. Yes, Piers is still a hater:

Thanks Youtube user, Gamike (Teldon), for giving me the heads up on this performance!

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Video: Jun Quemado in Italy

For the first time in over a full year, Jun Quemado (Kub Skoutz /Movement Lifestyle /Mos Wanted) has finally uploaded a new video up onto his official Youtube channel, MrJunQuemado.

Check out this sick piece, and subscribe!:

Video: The Graph Dance aka America's Most Mathematical Dance Crew

From AngryAsianMan: a video of students at Troy High School in Fullerton, California performing to LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem"-- a Graph Dance to demonstrate mathematical graphing concepts. 

Video: 787 Crew dance at Premios Juventad awards

787 Crew performed at Univision's 8th Annual Premios Juventud Awards in Miami, Florida, July 21, joining Daddy Yankee and Prince Royce in the opening night performance with the debut of "Ven Conmigo". Thanks for the ti, Shanti!

Friday, July 22, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Popping Evolution"

We're off to Sweden! This episode of KoopaTV takes us to Stockholm, where Popping Evolution: "Last One Standing", took place last week. This feature captures the Judges of the event, Slim Boogie, Rashaad, & Tempo, as they demonstrate some of the sickest popping, I've ever seen!

But, I gotta give it up to my man Slim Boogie @ 1:31, killing the dubstep! His musicality was beyond dope!
A huge thanks to Youtube user, Incom1337pro, for finding & sharing this sick footage!

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What Questions should we ask at Hip Hop International:Randy Jackson, ReQuest, ICONic Boyz, Instant Noodles, etc?

Chris Trondsen will be conducting interviews at Hip Hop International next week, including many of the crews that competed or auditioned for America's Best Dance Crew, and some of the top international crews. Click here for a listing of some of the crews that will be in attendance. In addition, Randy Jackson will be receiving a special Living Legend of Hip Hop Award, and we've been invited to submit questions for him.

What questions would you like answered from the crews? We'll be more likely to use those that pertain to their Hip Hop International involvement, dance activities, and ABDC.

Video: Feng & Aris (Quest Crew) "Make Me Ill"

Here is the most recent upload by Feng (Quest Crew), on his Youtube channel, QUESTxFENG. This clip showcases Feng, performing the choreography to Nsync's "Make Me Ill" solo, and then a select group:

Videos: Blueprint Cru members dance and choreograph on SYTYCD US & Canada

Every season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada has had one or two members of Blueprint Cru on the top 20. Again this new season, Blueprint Cru is on board. Steve Bolton choreographed on the first week of SYTYCD Canada Season 4. He created an amazing duo that had the crowd and judges screaming!

Also, Blueprint Cru member Kim Gingras performed on SYTYCD US on the result show with artist Nicole Scherzinger:

Video :FootworKINGz battle Tribe/Taliban

WALACAM Youtube captured a recent battle between FootworKINGz (ABDC Season 6) and Tribe/Taliban. Who do you think won it?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Beyonce Flash Mob"

Today's KoopaTV feature, takes us on our very first trip to!....Target???

Yes... Target. Today's video is of a very well executed Flash Mob to Beyonce's - "End of Time" in a local Target store. The mob was led by Todrick Hall, who was known for his appearance in the top 24 finalists of American Idol Season 9. Who knew the boy was such an amazing dancer?! He's actually a singer, dancer, writer, AND actor!

If you want to continue following Todrick Hall's journey (and watch his other 'Starbucks Flash Mob'), please subscribe to his official Youtube channel, TodrickHall:

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In Case U Missed It: "Honor Amongst Thieves"

This short film, choreographed by David Moore & Bryan Tanaka, features several members of the LXD, as they play the roles of silent criminals. However, everything soon changes, as soon as the music kicks in! Check out more of David Moore's great work at his official Youtube channel, DavidMooreTv.

In case u missed it the first time around, check out this dope video with amazing production value!:

Video: Thailand's FIRST appearance at HHI!

With Hip Hop International, just days away, we learn of another touching story of a group of young dancers from Thailand, D-Maniac Crew, who will be representing their country for the first time EVER, in HHI history!

Not only do they seem like very, fun and likable people, but they also seem to be quite the impressive assembly of dancers. Good luck, D-Maniac Crew! We hope your experience will be a great one:

ABDC Alumni: Brian Puspos & Glenda Morales

This post helps us catch up with two very talented ABDC alumni!

In Singapore, Brian Puspos (ArchiTEKS /Mos Wanted Crew) taught his very popular choreography to "Welcome To My Hood" - DJ Khaled. This time around, the piece is finally complete!:

In Seattle, Glenda Morales (Fanny Pak) was stuck in an airport, while waiting for her flight to Honolulu. Naturally, she spontaneously bursts into choreography to "How Does It Feel" - Keri Hilson:

Video: Chi-Town Finest Breakers in L.A. Gear Commercial

Here is a recent video of Chi-Town Finest Breakers, including headspin-record-holding, 11 year old, Bgirl Spinderella.

In this video, called "Step Into The Light", the boys and girls of the Chi-Town Breakers are endorsing L.A. Gear, as they dance in their new line of kicks:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Phamish's Angel"

It's always a pleasure to discover new talent. This episode of KoopaTV takes us to Houston, Texas. It's in this setting, we're introduced to Stephen "Phamish" Duy Pham.

To be completely honest, I didn't know what to expect, when I clicked on this video, but as soon as he moved into this very emotional piece to "Angel" - Amanda Perez, I couldn't look away. His footwork is so clean and fluid, and his muscle control captures the 'tremor' of Amanda's voice, perfectly. If you liked this piece, check out his other work at his Youtube channel, s0PHAMISH.

Enjoy the story-telling!:
Thanks Youtube user, Soccerdude4life13, for this great link!

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Legendary Moments: Cico Breaks World Record

Here's another classic, to help people understand so more great moments, in Hip-Hop history. Red Bull BC One competitor, Bboy Cico, is world-famous for his amazing powermoves: most notably, his 1990's.

1990's (or called 90's for short) are a bboy powermove, where you spin upside-down, on the palm of one hand. A few years ago, Cico uploaded this video, where he SHATTERS the current world-record, with his 27 spins!!
Disclaimer: No, this video is NOT fake!

Philippine All Stars In Vegas?!

That's right! You heard correctly! For one night only, August 2nd, 2011, the world-famous Philippine All Stars will be hosting a show in Vegas! You can find the specifics for the event, at this link, here.

Looks like PAS is planning on making, quite the strong comeback, this year.

Video: Lil Demon Powercombo

This latest video, posted by Lil Demon on his official Youtube channel, Anjelolildemon, is this little 9-year-old, boy wonder, busting some of the craziest powermove combos.... ON CARPET!!

I wish I was this constructive, when I was only 9:

Video: Jet Li (Poreotics) "Bhangra Bot"

This video, from PoreoticsHD Youtube channel, is more coverage of the boys in India. This time, the central focus is Justin "Jet Li' Valles. Check it out:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Madd Chadd X"

Wassup everyone! We're back to LA, for a new, and amazingly produced, video of Madd Chadd (LXD). The quality, lighting, and wardrobe all work to emphasize the strength of Chadd's muscle control. And I must say, it definitely worked!

Check out the rest of Madd Chadd's videos at his official Youtube channel, MaddChadd. Don't forget to visit, after you watch this!:
A huge thanks to Youtube user, The4got10one, for showing me this link! (sick username btw, lol)

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Upcoming Events: Hype 5-0 "Realm of Fate" Commercial

If you're in the Hawaii area this weekend, be sure to check out Hype 5-0's very own "Realm of Fate" Concert, Saturday, July 23rd. The event, held in the Mckinley Highschool Auditorium, will have two showings: Matinee 1pm, Evening 6pm:

$15 General Seating | $20 VIP Seating (includes celebrity meet & greet) | $12 Matinee Special! (Only if ordered on June 5)

Pharside of AOV & Supreme Soul (ABDC 2)
Glenda of Fanny Pak (ABDC 2)
Goose of Static Noyze (ABDC 5)
Smart Mark of Phresh Select (ABDC 2)
Hype 5-0 (ABDC 5)
Kristal Meraz of AOV (former L0stKidz)
Nika Clark of AOV
Angry Locals

Legendary Moments: Slim Boogie vs. Kite

Here's a classic, for everyone! This popping battle, between "Salah & Friends" and "Machine Gone Funk" (featuring Bionic and Pharside of Supreme Soul) marked the 10 year anniversary of Bionic & Salah's legendary battle, just before the turn of the millennium. That battle, (now 12 years ago) sparked a new generation of poppers to break into the scene.

*This particular clip, however, is widely regarded as the 'highlight' of this 10 year anniversary battle: Slim Boogie's crazy precision (Machine Gone Funk) vs. Kite's mind-blowing footwork (Salah's Friends)!

Disclaimer: Yes, Kite does indeed regularly perform to the song in his set, but that does not take away from his footwork. Don't let this devolve into a fan-war of 'who was better,' and let it remain as a piece of Hip-Hop history, that will continue to inspire us all.

Video: Movement Lifestyle "Adventures with YG Entertainment"

These two videos, are the 6th installment of Movement Lifestyle's "Adventures with YG Entertainment" series, where they document their times and travels with the talented artists of Korea's very own, YG Entertainment.

Featured in these videos are choreographers Shaun Evaristo (Movement Lifestyle) and Mariel Martin (Choreo Cookies), as they work with Korean girl-group, 2NE1:
Part 2:

I'm back: what I did on my summer vacation (with Hip-Hop Aura dance video!)

I just returned from a 3 week vacation with almost no internet access, and I am in awe of all the posts and commentary that have appeared here over the last few weeks from Koopa and DirtfaceX! I hope they will continue as much as they can and want -- they've done a masterful job sharing videos and perspective on the hip hop dance community. I'll start more posts in the next day or so as well as I get caught up with everything.

 To answer the inevitable question on where it's possible to be without internet in today's world: I spent most of my time in a small village in Southern France helping build a retaining wall in an area near a 1000-year old castle. I did get one opportunity to watch dance. We were near Avignon, the host city for a major arts festival each summer. I attended a show called "Hip Hop Aura" from the Melting Spot Company, choreographed by French hip-hop pioneer Farid Berki. The show is staged as a faux-conference on the history of international hip-hop dance, though the emphasis is on humor and movement. Here's a video of the the creators and performers talking and dancing at an earlier staging of the show:

Video: Six D -- a singing group that can also dance

Six D is a group from the UK that is working hard to break through to stardom. They dance better than the typical singing group, have appeared on E!'s Dance Scene and worked with LaurieAnn Gibson. They are set to release a single called "Best Damn Night" next month and already debuted on Ryan Seacrest's radio show; click here for details. Follow them on at  What do you think?

Video: Jet Li & Can (Poreotics) vs. LA Boppers

Poreotics recently uploaded this battle to their PoreoticsHD Youtube channel. They added, "We lost but that's ok. It was an honor to battle OGs."

It's great to still see the respect for legacy, in the dance community:

Monday, July 18, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "World Bboy Classic 2011"

It's finally that time of year, again! In KoopaTV's first visit to the Netherlands, we come to one of, if not the best, 2v2 bboy battle in the world: the World Bboy Classic 2011. This event featured famous bboys such as Morris (USA [Fallen Kingz]), Lil G (Venezuela), Neguin (Brazil), Al-One (Korea), Flying Buddha (Russia), Nasty Ray (USA), and many more! Check out Youtube channel, BBOYCHAMPIONSHIPS, for all of the battle footage.

However, the highlight of this ENTIRE event, had to be Bboy Morris's (Fallen Kingz) amazing set against, reigning Red Bull BC One Champion, Bboy Neguin, in the semi-finals.

Skip to 1:44 to watch this crazy set!:

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Hip-Hop International: Full Updated Line-Up

Hip Hop International is just around the corner. The events kick off on July 25th, with the preliminary competition for USA crews. Here are the newly updated rosters for both USA, and International crews, as of (7/14/11). Click here to view the USA Line-Up, and here for the International Line-Up, in a separate window.

USA Crews (7/14/11):

International Crews (7/14/11):

Video: Ian Eastwood, Mariel Martin, & Yoshie at SDK 2011

Many readers may not know, but Street Dance Kemp (SDK) Russia 2011, just took place last week. Over 300 master classes, and many MANY amazing dancers, including Hok (Quest Crew), Pacman (I.aM.mE), Yoshie, Tatsuio, Ian Eastwood (Young Lions), Mariel Martin (Choreo Cookies), Lando Wilkins (Mos Wanted), and more! Check out a lot of the footage at: SDKRussia's Official Website

Here are 3 videos, I've selected to highlight the experience.

Ian Eastwood (Hip-Hop):
Mariel Martin (ICouldn'tGiveYouANameForHerStyleEvenIfITried):
Yoshie (House & Locking):

Video: Bam Martin "Twenties, Fifties, Hundreds"


Bam Martin (Boxcuttuhz /GRV /Mos Wanted) just uploaded this new video, to his official Youtube channel, brianBAMmartin. This man is too dope, and deserves A LOT more recognition:

Video: 787's Daniel "Phantom" Torres & Pery Xoi

Here we have two very intense solo videos of Daniel "Phantom" Torres, and the recovering, Pery Xoi (787 Crew). Both members are gearing up for their upcoming appearance at Hip Hop International, next week. These videos are both courtesy of their official Youtube channel, GOPdance.

Daniel's video displays a strong variety of styles including popping, bboying, tricking, and his own unique choreography. Don't underestimate this dancer:
Pery, who was injured during his time on America's Best Dance Crew, recently released video, declaring his return to the stage with his 787 family, at Hip Hop International:

Sunday, July 17, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Keone & Mari - MV Coming Soon!"

This 'special' episode of KoopaTV takes us back to Socal, where Keone Madrid & Mariel Martin (Choreo Cookies) filmed two music video submissions: one for "Hello" - Jasmine Villegas (feat. Ryan Leslie), and the other for "Kiss Kiss" - Kim Hyun Joong.

But to everyone's surprise, as SOON as the videos were posted, Jasmine Villegas immediately began tweeting Keone, praising him and his fiance's amazing choreography, as well as trying to lay out plans for the newly engaged couple to begin working on an official music video, and tutorial!

Congratulations, Keone and Mari! You deserve all the recognition!! Subscribe to K3on3 & SuperMariel, and watch this couple continue to grow into something more beautiful, each day:

: : : Submissions for tomorrow's "Dance Clip of the Day" are always open, by Youtube message at : : :

KoopaTV, signing off. :)

Video: Super Cr3w & Kid Rainen Win "Battle For a G"

A couple of weeks ago, at Revolution Lounge in Las Vegas, Super Cr3w decided to team up with Kid Rainen (Jabbawockeez) and compete in the "Battle For a G" jam. In the end, they emerged victorious, but not without some amazing battles!

Here is the footage of the finals between Super Crew + Rainen Vs. Battle Born:

Video: Jawn Ha & Darren Baldric Soulplex Workshop

Darren Baldric's very own, Soulplex Workshop 2011, held regularly in Germany, featured the one and only, Jawn Ha (Mos Wanted Crew), this year.

Here is a video of Darren's choreography, as well as Jawn Ha's choreography to "Wet The Bed" - Chris Brown. Shout out to iDANCETVChannel for the great link!:

Video: Poreotics Can DJ?!

Damn, I love puns...

This newest upload from the PoreoticsHD youtube channel, is an original song, created by Can Nguyen, himself. He titled the track "Above The Ground," using the shorthand form of Poppin Can, "PC".

So what do you think?

In Case U Missed It: Early Groovaloos Performance from 1999

I'm a huge geek for vintage footage like this. Check out one of the first performances of the phenomenal dance company known as The Groovaloos from Choreographer's Carnival 1999. Ten years later, the group went on to win NBC's Superstars of Dance and have toured the country with their show. Among other talents, featured in this video are Beat Freaks- Alison Faulk, Teresa Espinosa, and Keeley Kaukimoce.