Saturday, June 6, 2009

ABDC Season 4 on Sundays?: Layla Kayleigh twitters

Layla Kayleigh twittered in response to a question from Donna Crawford. The message: @DawnACrawford ABDC Season 4 Airs in August and I think we're moving to Sunday nights instead of Thursdays. it's gonna be a good one.

MTV has not confirmed or denied this change yet, but we'll keep checking. Thanks for the tip, Alice!

Video - Quest members showing off b-boy skills to Girls on the Dance Floor

On Hawaii's KGMB News, Quest is interviewed about their weekend show. Afterwards, they danced to Girls on the Dance Floor (by Far East Movement) -- unlike most videos of recent performances, they perform individually, pulling out their best breakdance moves. Click here for a higher-quality version of the video.

Lil Mama -- looking good and doing good!

Lil Mama spent time off from America's Best Dance Crew in New York this week, helping out two worthy nonprofit groups. On June 4, she was a presenter (along with Usher, Akon, and Russell Simmons) at the Do Something Awards. Do Something is a great charity to get teens involved with worthy causes; click here to read more about it and do something yourself!

That same day, Lil Mama kicked off the summer reading program at the Brooklyn Public Library.

Friday, June 5, 2009

ABDC, So You Think You Can Dance - audition intersections (and math problem!)

This week, Marvelous Motion is planning to audition for America's Best Dance Crew Season 4. Their audition crew includes Arielle Coker, who also reportedly auditioned this week for So You Think You Can Dance Season 6. Her audition partner (for SYTYCD Season 5) and boyfriend Phillip Chbeeb cannot audition with Marvelous Motion for ABDC, since he made it to the top 20 on SYTYCD Season 5. (Are you still following me?) So, my question is: if Marvelous Motion is picked for ABDC Season 4 and Arielle is picked to go to the Las Vegas auditions for SYTYCD Season 6 (as she was for Season 5), what happens? Please show your work; partial credit will be given.

Here's a recent Marvelous Motion performance, at The Streetz Dance Convention in Beaumont, TX, from TyRiley44's Youtube channel.

Upcoming events - week of June 5

  • June 6: Team Millennia 7 (the subgroup of Team Millennia that competed on America's Best Dance Crew Seasons 2 and 3) are holding a workshop in San Francisco
  • June 6: Kaba Modern is performing at DRIVEN in Edmonton, Alberta. The event also includes a dance competition among local hip hop dance teams to benefit Hip Hop for Hope.
  • June 5-6: Beat Freaks perform in Guam
  • Super Cr3w's Ronnieboy and Jesse are continuing their workshop tour in Guam
  • June 5-6: Quest at the Hawaii State Fair in Honolulu

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Congratulations Karla Garcia (Boogie Bots) and Phillip Chbeeb (Marvelous Motion) -- So You Think You can Dance Top 20!

We're thrilled that Karla Garcia (part of the larger Boogie Bots group that did not appear on America's Best Dance Crew) and Phillip Chbeeb (Marvelous Motion Crew) have made it to the Top 20 on this season of So You Think You Can Dance. We can't wait to watch you over the next few months! Here's a section of Karla's audition.

Video: Quest Fans Gone Wild! (rated G)

After the Quest and Beat Freaks show in New Jersey last May, fans waited to meet the crew members and get some autographs. GetJINGYwithIT shot some hilarious videos of the adventures. My favorite is this one, which includes Dtrix throwing his boxers out the third story window and the fans flocking the dancers. But also check out this video of what happens when Carlo meets Victor Kim and gets his shirt signed over the heart. Thanks for the tip, Chris!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Diversity and Flawless to star in 3D Dance Movie

British hip-hop dance crews Diversity and Flawless will star in a 3-D dance movie to be called "Street Dance". According to Hollywood Reporter, plans for the movie began long before the two crews competed on Britain's Got Talent. "Producer and Vertigo co-founder James Richardson signed both dance troupes to star in his picture after seeing them perform last year at the U.K. Street Dance Championships in July [2008], long before the duo wowed mainstream television audiences alongside Susan Boyle et al."

"Due to shoot in August, "Street Dance" follows the exploits of a dance crew in training for the Street Dance Championships, who are forced to work with ballet dancers from the Royal Dance School in return for rehearsal space. Despite having no common ground they join forces to find a way to win... " 'Street Dance' is a global phenomenon and we want this film to showcase to the world the extraordinary talents of British street dancers," Richardson said.
photocredit: Getty Images

Video: 2 hits of ASIID for you!

ASIID is busy, even though they are not on tour. First, here's a workshop performance by Tristan Fisher with Brandy, from Tgetsbizzy channel

Click here to watch their glam photoshoot, which is found on the ASIIDCrewTV Youtube channel.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

World of Dance NY 6/13: Beat Freaks, Ringmasters, Iconic, Boogie Bots ++!

World of Dance NY is shaping up to be as big a dance extravaganza as the Big Apple has ever seen. It will be held on Saturday June 13 at the Roseland Ballroom in Manhattan. Click here to see the full poster, which has ALL the information and a coupon for $5 off tickets at the door. All ages are welcome. Click here to buy tickets online now -- tickets are $32.50 now, $40.oo at the door!

Over 30 dance crews and b-boys will compete for $10,000 in cash and prizes, including R2D2, Rhythm City, Fr3sh, Point Blank, and other crews that stood out (for me) at the New York Season 3 auditions for America's Best Dance Crew. The producers and audition judges for ABDC 4 will be attending WOD NY, scouting the talent-- join them at the event and you'll probably witness at least one of the Season 4 competitors!

But wait, there's more: the four industry showcase crews for the event are America's Best Dance Crew alums -- Beat Freaks, Ringmasters, Iconic, and Boogie Bots. Judges include Geo Hubela (Iconic), Beau Fournier (Fanny Pak), and Karla Fournier (Kaba Modern). These crews will also be around for a meet-and-greet session from 6-7pm. There will be scads of merchandise sold, crews to watch, and even an afterparty. The World of Dance (presented by dancetagtv)combines choreography, freestyle dance, fashion, and youth cuture to make it a premiere dance competition.

So, if you're on the East Coast and enjoy America's Best Dance Crew, definitely attend this event! I'll be there!

Mailbox: More on Diversity and their potential impact on TV + Diversity Merchandise!

- The Independent posts an interview with Ashley Banjo, leader and choreographer for Diversity, winner of Britain's Got Talent. Two favorite quotes from the article:
  • "Key to the 11-strong group's win was Danielle Banjo .. who trained at the Royal Academy of Dance. Her influence and that of his ex-boxer father Funso, who introduced him to opera and Wayne Sleep's television shows, meant Banjo and his younger brother Jordan were steeped in dance from an early age. "I was watching routines in my pram", he says.
  • British street dance choreographer Jr Timey said: "I'd say it's only a matter of time before there is something like America's Best Dance Crew in the UK"
- The Daily Mail's interview with Banjo mentions how he is also studying for his master's degree in physics and biology. According to Banjo, ''It seems to me the entertainment industry is cut-throat and if you don't have a plan B up your sleeve then you're likely to come a cropper...As far back as I can remember, my parents drummed into me the importance of doing well at school. I'm not going to be spinning on my head when I'm 50, but as a qualified scientist I can always earn a living."

- LA Times summarizes Diversity's win, wonders when America's Best Dance Crew will perform for Barack Obama, and posits that "America's Best Dance Crew" could easily become "World's Best Dance Crew" if MTV put their minds (and money) to it. It's probably an expensive venture to bring them out and put them up, but looking at events like the World Hip-Hop Dance Championship in Las Vegas, we know that the crews are out there."

- Just in time for Father's Day -- get your Diversity shirt! Thanks for the tip, Kashrich!

Supreme Soul's Pharside's Dance Studio -- House of Mayhem-- opening June 27

Pharside from Supreme Soul will be opening up his very own dance studio in the California Bay area. It will be home to Supreme Soul, Lost kids, Machine Gone Funk, Academy of Villains and other notable crews. The studio, called House of Mayhem, is located at 2335 S. El Camino Real in San Mateo, CA. At the opening on June 27, they will be celebrating with close friends from America's Best Dance Crew Season 2 crews, including Fanny Pak, Fresh Select, Boogie Bots, and ASIID.

Pharside plans to bring in teachers from all around the United States, training students on various styles of urban dancing including house, popping, hip hop, new style, krump, and bboying. According to Pharside, "Not only will they learn theses styles but history that goes behind it, and the legends that pave the way, for us dancers today." With this very first ALL URBAN STYLE dance studio, hewill try to mix studio dancers in with street, hopefully bridging the gap between them.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Video - JabbaWockeeZ performance at JET

JabbaWockeeZ performed at JET Nightclub at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas on May 30, 2009. Coh4777's Youtube Channel has an outstanding view of the America's Best Dance Crew Season 1 champions. Thanks for the tip, Adobostreak! Here's part I:

Click here to watch part II of the performance.

MTV Movie awards fashion statements from Quest, Lil Mama, Mario Lopez

America's Best Dance Crew celebrities walked the red carpet for the MTV Movie Awards on May 31, 2009. Christian Siriano (winner of Project Runway Season 4) interviewed Quest, Lil Mama, and Mario Lopez about their looks. Click here for the Lil Mama interview and for Mario Lopez. JC Chasez was also in attendance, but didn't succumb to Siriano's scrutiny.
Photocredit: AP

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Survey: How well would Diversity (Britain's Got Talent Winners) do on America's Best Dance Crew?

More Information about Diversity -- Britain's Got Talent Winners

Some intriguing information about Diversity, the dance crew that won 2009 Britain's Got Talent against incredibly tough talent, including nightingale/Youtube phenomenon Susan Boyle. These come from SlashGossip:
  • Diversity formed in 2007 and won the UK National Street Competition that same year
  • The leader, Ashley Banjo (great name!) is a physics student
  • Of the 10 members (who range in age from 12-25), the ones who are not dancers work in IT solutions, telecom, and bathroom installation.

Yuri Tag Workshop Video from In the Spotlight

Another America's Best Dance Crew choreography workshop, this time from Kaba Modern's Yuri Tag. Credit: TishieHippo's Youtube Channel.