Saturday, September 6, 2008

Join Us for the VMA Showdown!

On Sunday Sept. 7, we'll be here at 8pm to write play-by-play for the America's Best Dance Crew dance-off. And, we'll stick around to announce which crew won and gets the honor of presenting at the VMAs. So, feel free to join us, in case you aren't near your TV, are in the wrong time zone, or love mulitasking.

Watch Matt Cady of Fanny Pak's Choreography Reel

Matt Cady, choreographer extraordinaire for Fanny Pak, is joining the faculty for Monsters of Contemporary, Monster's of HipHop's newest adventure coming early 2009.Tour dates and information will be released very soon at Here's his choreography reel, featuring different dance groups:

Kaba Modern performing 9/7 in San Pedro, CA

Kaba Modern will perform as part of the Dance Showcase at the 17th Annual Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture. The event is scheduled for Sunday, September 7 at 1pm on the Generations Stage. Click here for more information about the festival.
And, if any of you attend, send us pictures!

Friday, September 5, 2008

JabbaWockeeZ at the BMI Urban Awards

On Thurday September 4, the BMI Awards gave a Jacksons a Lifetime Achievement Icon award and a musical tribute. The tribute kicked off with Jabbawockeez performing a funky "Dancing Machine" routine. Watch it here:

Unusual Mail - Mario Lopez, Super Cr3w jewelry, Layla Kayleigh lapdance

Now for something completely different:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Today's Mailbox: Phresh Select, Super Cr3w, Shane Sparks

A grab bag today for you:
  • Yuri and Taeki with Phresh Select at the ABDC finale.

  • Buddy TV talks to Super Cr3w, who hope ABDC launches a new era of respect for breakdancing
  • Starpulse report: Shane Sparks participated in the Nike + Human Race in Los Angeles last Saturday. He revealed that he might be doing some "stuff" with Nike and talked about his role on America's Best Dance Crew and SYTYCD

Backstage after the VMA: More Crews Interviews

Talk of Fame went backstage at the VMAs and interviewed each of the crews. My favorite part: Kaba Modern's admission that they would NOT have wanted to compete in Season 2

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Status Quo to Perform in Connecticut Sept.12

Status Quo is expected to perform in a competition of dance crews, drill teams and crunk dancers on September 12 in Vernon, CT (near Hartford). The event is organized by Anthony Thomas ("Popkorn"), a juvenile detention officer who uses dance to reach and teach kids in local detention centers. You've got to read this Hartford Courant article about Thomas -- he is righteous. Then -- if you possibly can -- go to this competition, support this worthy effort and report back to us!

JabbaWockeeZ Wednesday #2: Video at Magic Fashion Show

JabbaWockeeZ appeared at the Magic Fashion Show in Las Vegas last week, to promote their new clothing line. Nataydance filmed the performance:
We love the new logo, which will be available soon on their website , possibly at Macy's stores and at, Against All Odds,, and

JabbaWockeeZ Wednesday - Video #1 - The Palladium

Last week, the JabbaWockeeZ were all over the place -- LA, Los Vegas, and Dallas. Here's footage of their appearance at the Palladium in Dallas on August 30:

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We want YOU!

Are you going to the ABDC Live show? Interested in helping cover the ABDC auditions in LA, Atlanta, or St. Louis? Willing and able to be an LA Field reporter for Season 3? If so, email us at We would love to talk to you about how you can work with us and gain fame (not fortune) writing about one of your favorite shows.

Also, our poll is still open for the VMA Challenge. To vote, click here,

Take a Dance Lesson with a Boogie Bot in Baltimore!

UMBC (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) Underground reports that "Magic” Mike Arellano of the Boogie Bots will be teaching a free hip hop dance class on Wednesday 9/3 at 7pm. The class is free and open to the public, so anybody can come out and take a hip hop dance class. Click here for details.

What you DIDN'T see on the VMA Challenge: Guest Performance by Philippine All Stars!

When America's Best Dance Crew taped the VMA Challenge, they had a special guest appearance by the Philippine All Stars, winner of the 2008 World Hiphop Championships. It didn't air on MTV due to time limitations. A member of the audience taped the performance. Here goes:

Monday, September 1, 2008

This Week: Take Dance Lessons with Kaba Modern!

Californians have all the luck. Jia Huang, Tony Tran, and Mike Song will be teaching at the Boogie Zone Community classes this week. The sessions will be in Torrance, Alhambra, and Irvine. Click here for more information and to sign up.

More Recapper Reactions to the VMA Challenge

AndYadontstop loves 4 out of 5 of the competing crews. And that's him in the picture, wearing the mask he won in our contest to name the top 4 crews. Fierce!

Tubular is bitter that SoReal Cru didn't win and isn't going on the America's Best Dance Crew Live tour. He also agrees with the judges' choice of SoReal Cru, Kaba Modern, and Fanny Pak as the top three.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Getting to Know Super Cr3w - Hometown Interview

The Press-Enterprise spends an hour with their hometown heroes. The interview takes the personal, rags-to-riches approach to its members. So, if you want to get more personal with America's Best Dance Crew (including some new video), click here.
Photocredit: The Press-Enterprise

Early Recaps for ABDC VMA Special

Photo Credit: MTV
Most of the regular recappers seem to be on vacation. Here's what's posted so far:
  • G Unit Ver1 agreed with the judges that SoReal Cru, Fanny Pak, and Kaba Modern were the best contenders for the ABDC VMA prize
  • Buddy TV reports that "somehow, Fanny Pak just made me fall in love with a Pussycat Dolls song"