Saturday, April 17, 2010

Videos: Main Event 2 winners: Capital Funk, Static Noyze, Rhythmology

The Main Event 2 in New Jersey on April 10 showed a strong field of competitors. The winners were: 
  • First Place- Capital Funk
  • Second Place - Static Noyze (with many of the members who appeared on America's Best Dance Crew Season 5)
  • Third Place - Rhythmology
Here's the performance by Capital Funk. Click here to watch the performances by Static Noyze and Rhythmology.

Intriguing video of the Day: 'Bad Romance' with American Sign Language (ASL)

This isn't really a dance video, but I find the incorporation of American Sign Language with some basic dance moves pretty compelling. This is from the 50Hearts Youtube Channel. A few questions for readers: Do you think this is disrespectful to ASL users (an opinion expressed by some Youtube commenters)? If not, what other songs do you think would benefit from similar treatment? Would it be totally gauche for America's Best Dance Crew to have a show devoted to dealing with disability (deafness, wheelchair bound people. etc)?

More Champion Interviews: Super Cr3w, JabbaWockeeZ (with Beat Freak Maryss)

More backstage interviews from America's Best Dance Crew's Champions for Charity show from Pacific Rim. (Note: We should have our own interviews with the crews -- featuring our readers' questions -- available very soon.). They talked to Super Cr3w about how it felt to return to the ABDC stage and their post-ABDC activities. And they have a great interview with JabbaWockeeZ that is stolen by Beat Freak Maryss from Paris telling everyone (in three languages) to get tickets for JabbaWockeeZ' upcoming Las Vegas show.

Recaps for the Champions for Charity Show

Friday, April 16, 2010

Video: Quest answers our readers' questions

We have a joint interview with Pacific Rim at the America's Best Dance Crew Champions for Charity taping. Here's Chris Trondsen working with PacRim interviewing Quest about their tours, being recognized on the street, competition plans, and Aris talking about dancing on the ABDC stage.

Exclusive Video: Fanny Pak performance at The Main Event 2

Fanny Pak performed in exhibition at the Main Event in New Jersey on April 10, 2010. This event was hosted by Fr3sh Dance Company.

Master mixes available for ABDC's Champions for Charity Show

District 78 posted their master mixes for the Champions for Charity show. It includes the group dance and the master mixes for Poreotix, We Are Heroes, Quest Crew, and Super Cr3w. They were not responsible for JabbaWockeeZ' music this week. The site also has mixes for most of ABDC5 performances.

Videos: Backstage with JabbaWockeeZ, We are Heroes, Poreotix, and Jalen has three videos posted within hours of America's Best Dance Crew's Champions for Charity taping. Click to watch JabbaWockeeZ and We are Heroes -- both show the crazy celebratory mood backstage and give a good feel for the crews' moods and their post-ABDC success. And here's the interview with Poreotix and Jalen:

Send some love to the people responsible for the Champions for Charity show!

Now THAT's the way to end a season on a high note! You reminded us why we LOVE America's Best Dance Crew and its insanely talented dancers! At the same time, you found a way to bring attention to five important causes and the brave, creative people behind them (click here  for more about them). You showed us why ABDC is still fresh after 5 seasons and why you NEED to bring the show back for another season. Many readers noticed that there was no announcement about a live ABDC tour and about Season 6. Well, we want to show our appreciation for what you gave us last night and ask that you give us more! 

This post is only for positive comments about the people at ABDC and MTV who brought us the Champions for Charity show (and ABDC Season 5), and for the Champions for Charity causes. If you have anything else to say, please leave your comment in the Party Room.
Photocredit:Yo RandyJackson UberTwitter

Upcoming events - Week of April 17

This weekend in Chicago: Prelude Midwest AND The One Showcase!

This is a major weekend for hip hop dance in Chicago. There are two events this weekend featuring the best of the Midwest. ABDC and other TV dance shows have neglected this region but so here's a chance to see what they are missing:
  • Prelude Midwest is on Saturday April 17 at the Olympic Theater in Cicero. It features 12 competing crews and 4 exhibition crews. Judges include Brian Puspos (SoReal Cru)
  • The One Showcase is on Sunday April 18 featuring Kaba Modern, Blueprint Cru, and 16 different crews (with little overlap with Prelude). Some familiar names: FootworKINGZ, M.A.D.D. Rhythms. This has sold out in past years, so get your ticket today!

Survey: Best performance in ABDC's Champions for Charity Show

Please vote for the best performance, not just for your favorite crew! Note: I took down the 'worst' poll -- all the performances were great, and for this show we should focus on the best.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Party Room/Critics Corner now open - Join in!

The Party Room/Critics Corner for ABDC's Champions for Charity Show is now open! Join other America's Best Dance Crew fans who want to debate about ABDC Season 5 and the ABDC winners from every season. IMPORTANT: If you want to write a long comment, write in in NotePad or Word and then paste it into the comments field. Otherwise, all your work may disappear if someone posts something new while you're in the middle of writing.

After the show is over: The party won't stop, so stick around for more action, reaction, and interaction. Which crews still have what it takes? Which crews should have been on this show instead and are REALLY the all-stars? What would you want to see on a Season 6? This is your party -- snark, humor, bitterness, nostalgia, creativity, and almost everything else (except obscenity and abject disrespect) are expected and welcome!

Live Play-by-Play Blogging for ABDC's Champions for Charity Show open now!

Del and Nancy will be co-hosts of this live play-by-play of America's Best Dance Crew Champions for Charity show. Feel free to follow along (particularly if you cannot watch it until later). Please be aware that your comments might not be posted immediately (or at all) as we have to moderate them, watch the show, and type at the same time.

Videos: Backstage interviews with JabbaWockeeZ, Super Cr3w, Quest, We are Heroes, Poreotix before the Give Back show

LA Times met with all the America's Best Dance Crew winners before the taping of the Champions for Charity show, and posted videos with each of the crews. Here's a sample -- the JabbaWockeeZ interview where they talk about their training and how they've changed. My favorite part of the article: "Power 106.. was backstage with us, and they asked all of the crews who would win in a five-crew battle. Everyone was diplomatic, with some saying that it depended on who was on that day, but Poreotix did say that Super Cr3w may have the edge."  Read and watch the full article here.

Survey: Best performances in ABDC Season 5

Time to vote for your favorite performances of America's Best Dance Crew Season 5. Since almost every crew performance was nominated, I've included ALL of them, plus the three most popular group performances. Please vote for UP TO 10 choices. I will leave this survey open for about a week. Then, I'll have a countdown, with links or embeds of the most popular performances. 

Click here to vote (the survey is so long, it needs to go on a second page!)

Video: Toni Braxton's 'Make My Heart' featuring Beat Freak Shorty, Fanny Pak, and Strikers

Toni Braxton's latest music video 'Make my Heart' features many America's Best Dance Crew alums including Fanny Pak, Strikers All-Stars, Shorty (from Beat Freaks), and (we think) some Vogue Evolution. Thanks Any1 and Ravoo!

Join us tonight for Live Blogging, the Critics Corner/party room, and more!

Thank God it's Thursday! This is the last new show for Americas Best Dance Crew for a while.    Watch America's Best Dance Crew's Champions for Charity Show with us tonight! The Party Room/Critics Corner opens at 9:30 ET and stays open as long as you want, so that everyone can comment on anything related to ABDC, MTV, dancing and other things.  Which ABDC winner really IS the best? What do you want next season?

Also at 9:30 pm ET,  Del and will be doing live play-by-play while watching the show, so feel free to tune in and join the wordplay or get a sneak preview of the action (for those of you from the West Coast/Canada/India or other ABDC-deprived zones). 

Tomorrow morning, please vote in our polls on the best and worst performances. Plus, I hope to have som backstage interviews, a new survey, a new game/contest and other surprises.

Survey Results for group performances: West is the Best, East needs work

Results from our survey on the America's Best Dance Crew 5 finale's group performances:
  • 66% of the 1,165 respondents thought that the West Coast crews (Poreotix, Heavy Impact, Hype 5-0) had the best group dance. Details here.
  • 57% of the 1,062 survey respondents voted the East Coast as their least favorite group performance. Details here.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Video: Kaba Modern Legacy's performance at The Main Event

Kaba Modern Legacy was one of the exhibition teams at the Main Event 2 in New Jersey on April 10.

Another Crew addition for ABDC's Champions for Charity: Jalen joins Super Cr3w

Some readers are not happy that Aris is filling in for Feng in the Quest Crew performance on ABDC's Champions for Charity show tomorrow, since Feng is still recuperating from an injury. So, I wonder how they feel about the latest news: Jalen will join Super Cr3w onstage!. For those who haven't seen Jalen in action -- he's 8 years old and a bboy veteran. Here's a recent performance; see more on his Ricknlo Youtube Channel.

Exclusive Video: Saltare interview at the ABDC Finale (with a Jungle Boogie introduction)

Saltare talked to Chris Trondsen and Fanny Pak's Glenda Morales after the finale of America's Best Dance Crew Season 5. After an introduction from BJ from Jungle Boogie, the crew talks their closeness to Jungle Boogie, getting sexy on ABDC, how they accomplished their goals on ABDC, how they felt about their elimination against Blueprint, and what it was like working with the other East Coast crews in the finale. 

Video: Poreotix rehearse for the Ellen Show

Poreotix will appear on the Ellen Show April 14.

Exclusive Finale interview: Quest's Hok and We Are Heroes joke, dance & promise "1 big orgy onstage"

ABDC4 Winners We are Heroes and Hok (from ABDC3 winning crew Quest) were definitely in party mode when they talked to Chris Trondsen and Fanny Pak's Glenda Morales on the red carpet after the America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 finale. There's clowning, dancing as they discuss passing their crown on to Poreotix, working with Poreotix and Quest ("one big orgy onstage!), how Hok inspires fans to take off their clothes, and the Champions for Charity show featuring SuperJabbaQuestotix.  

Video: Promo for ABDC's Champions for Charity Show

MTV Remote Control has a promo for the Champions for Charity Show, featuring highlights (but no new footage) of winning moments from  JabbaWockeeZ, Super Cr3w, Quest Crew, We Are Heroes, and Poreotix.

Competition results (with videos) for World of Dance Pomona

While the exhibition crews from America's Best Dance Crew attracted major attention at World of Dance Pomona, there was also a fierce competition. The results:
  • 1st place GRV aka Academy of Swagg
  • 2nd place Sexy Boy Special aka Choreo Cookies 
  • 3rd place Academy of Villains
You really should watch ALL 3 (videos from StrifeTV Youtube). Here's GRV.

Click here to see the  performances by Sexy Boy Special (Choreo Cookies) and Academy of Villains.

Mailbox: Quest substitution, Massive Monkees Day, JabbaWockeeZ Milkshake Launch (with video)!

  • It's been confirmed that Aris of Quest will be replacing Feng for this week's America's Best Dance Crew Give Back show. Thanks for the tip, ABDC Insider and Ninjaboi!
  • May 29 has been declared Massive Monkees Day in Seattle, to honor their 11th Anniversary. The 'holiday' will be celebrated with a major dance event.Thanks again, Ninjaboi!
  • JabbaWockeeZ will be creating a signature milkshake at Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood at 3pm April 17, to hype their upcoming 20-day show at MGM Las Vegas.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Got questions for the ABDC winners? Let us know!

Sorry for the late notice on this, but if you have some questions for JabbaWockeeZ, Super Cr3w, Quest, We are Heroes, or Poreotix, leave them in the comments. I will try to get them to Chris Trondsen in time for his interviews after the give-back show. Please send them by midnight Wednesday April 14.

Video Shoutouts to BABDC community at WOD: Feng, Royal Flush, Jungle Boogie, Hype, Blueprint, Heavy Impact, Static Noyze

Isaac attended World of Dance Pomona on April 10, went over to dancers from all the America's Best Dance Crew teams, and filmed shoutouts for BloggingBestDanceCrew and for specific members of our community. There are personal messages from Feng (Quest), Blueprint Cru (including a question about JC Chasez' flirtation/critique), Royal Flush, Heavy Impact, Hype 5-0, and Legacy (So You Think You Can Dance).  You can find this and all his tribute videos at FIREburner Youtube Channel. Thanks Isaac!

Poreotix on The Ellen Show Wednesday April 14

It's Poreotix's turn on The Ellen Show. The America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 champions will demonstrate their winning moves on the show to air Wednesday April 14. Check your local listings for time and channel. Thanks for the tip, Chocobo Pie and others!

Exclusive video: Swagger Crew describe plans for "Seasoned Fries" - a team with members from multiple ABDC5 crews

Swagger Crew talked to Chris Trondsen and Glenda Morales on the Red Carpet at the Season Finale for America's Best Dance Crew 5.  The crew talks about Twitter fans, how they felt about their ABDC performances, all the shows they are lined up for (including plans for a World of Dance performance by a team made up of Swagger Crew, Hype and members of other crews to be called Seasoned Fries),  why they're glad they were on ABDC, and many other plans (including possible TV and movie deals!)

Exclusive video: Rhythm City performance at The Main Event 2

The Main Event 2 was held in New Jersey on April 10, with 22 groups dancing in exhibition or competition.  Over the next few days, we will share videos of some highlights, including all 3 of the winning crews. One of my favorite aspects of shows like Main Event and World of Dance is that they show larger groups and longer, more realized routines than are possible to air on TV competitions. 

Up first -- Rhythm City returned this year with a 13-minute exhibition routine. They were the winner of Main Event 1 in 2009 before they appeared on Americas Best Dance Crew Season 4. Here is Part I.
Click here to watch Part II.

The winner of our ABDC Madness competition is: JC Chasez!

ABDC Madness is over!. Readers voted for their favorite America's Best Dance Crew judge quotes, choosing between 32 choice phrases by Lil Mama, JC Chasez, Omarion, and Shane Sparks. Click here to see the detail for all the rounds.  The results are in and the top phrase is JC Chasez' "Tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tik."  JC -- you rule!

Exclusive Video: Hype 5-0 on their last chance challenge, Poreotix/Blueprint callouts, and romance!

Chris Trondsen and Fanny Pak's Glenda Morales talked to Hype 5-0 on the red carpet after the taping of America's Best Dance Crew Season 5's finale. They talk about their last chance challenge rehearsal performance (shown on but not to the ABDC studio audience), why they think the judges didn't fully support them, their Poreotix/Blueprint callout on ABDC, romances with other crews, and their plans!

Video: Andrew Baterina performing Chris Brown's 'Sex'

A very slick video from SoReal Cru's Andrew Baterina on the AndrewBaterina Youtube Channel. Thanks for the tip Xavier!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Exclusive video: Heavy Impact on the Red Carpet rocking their labels, reflecting on ABDC5

Heavy Impact talked to Chris Trondsen and Fanny Pak's Glenda Morales on the red carpet after America's Best Dance Crew 5's finale.Among the topics: an argument about their most memorable ABDC performance, a shout out for every label they own, and why they wish they could have stayed for Usher week. Major thanks to World of Dance, who worked with us to bring you the ABDC taping interviews and are working now to bring the best hip hop crews to cities near you.

Playlist for ABDC Give-Back Show, featuring all 5 ABDC winners

MTV Remote Control revealed the playlist for America's Best Dance Crew Give Back show to air on April 15:
  • OPENING NUMBER (group dance with all the crews) -  DJ Khaled "All I Do is Win"
  • JABBAWOCKEEZ - Europe "The Final Countdown" 
  • SUPER CR3W - K'Naan "ABCs" 
  • QUEST CREW - Swing Kids "Sing Sing Sing" 
  • WE ARE HEROES - Black Eyed Peas "Rock That Body"
  • POREOTIX - The Chipmunks "Witchdoctor"

Exclusive Video: Jungle Boogie interview -- "We got Fanny Pak'd!"

Chris Trondsen and Fanny Pak's Glenda Morales talked to Jungle Boogie on the red carpet after America's Best Dance Crew's Finale. They talk about  their reaction to their elimination (coining the phrase 'getting Fanny Pak'd!', their desire to work together with Hype and other Season 5 crews, and their participation in World of Dance. And, of course -- one last Jungle Boogie roar!

ABDC Madness FINALS: It's JC Chasez vs. Shane Sparks!

We are into the final round of our ABDC March/April Madness contest, pitting 32 primo quotes by Lil Mama, JC Chasez, Shane Sparks, and Lil Mama against each other to determine the 'Best ABDC Judge Comment EVER'.   Each day we'll give you 2 quotes; vote every day for your favorite. Click here for rules and explanation.  In an shocking upset move, Shane Sparks beat out Lil Mama in the semi-finals. So, we're down to JC Chasez vs. Shane -- who has the best judge quote? YOU DECIDE!

Congratulations David Jason - winner of our Elimination Challenge Contest!

David Jason is the winner of our Elimination Challenge Contest for America's Best Dance Crew Season 5. He  scored 15 points over the course of the contest. Though Ace and Jai tied his score, he won the tie-breaker by with the closest guess on how many votes were cast during the Final week.  Here's the original info about the contest.  David Jason -- email us at so we can get you your T-shirt prize!

Report & Videos: Main Event Dance Workshops taught by Fanny Pak, Kaba Modern, & Funkanometry leaders!

The Main Event was held in New Jersey on April 10, followed by a day of workshops. I will have a great set of videos from the event in the next few days, including all the exhibition crews and the winning competitive crews. Melissa from went to the workshops and files this report, with videos. Thanks Melissa!

First off, major thanks to Fr3sh for organizing such an amazing line up.  Originally I was only there for 2 classes but I ended up seeing all 4 of them.  In order, the classes were taught by Arnel Calvario (founder of Kaba Modern), Gloryzen Mendoza (Funkanometry SF), Cara (Fanny Pak), and lastly, Mike Song (Kaba Modern).
Classes were supposed to start at 11am, but because the DJ canceled at the last minute and finding a replacement was tough, Fr3sh was running nearly an hour behind schedule.  That’s fine with me because I had a chance to talk with Arnel, who I found out was a really awesome person.  And he’s an even better instructor!  Seeing that majority of the class were locking-newbs, Arnel led us through basic techniques as well as filled our heads with some knowledge.  Apparently, locking started in 1960 by a man named Don Campbell who discovered it by pure accident.  Actually, Campbell was trying to do the robot and instead ended up locking!  The routine Arnel taught us in retrospect is pretty basic but it was incredibly fun and even involved partners.  I really enjoy also watching Arnel dance; he has the BIGGEST smile I’ve ever seen while dancing. 
Click here to read the rest of her report and see other videos from the workshops. Thanks Melissa!

Trailer: "Go For It" featuring Beat Freaks

Beat Freaks (America's Best Dance Crew Season 3 runners up) appear prominently in a new independent film called "Go For It". Members Rino and Maryss helped choreograph the film. "Go for It" will be screened in Boston on April 18. Thanks for the tip, Tyreek!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Exclusive Video: Static Noyze interview after the ABDC Finale

Static Noyze talked to Chris Trondsen and Fanny Pak's Glenda Morales after the after the Finale of America's Best Dance Crew Season 5. Topics include: how they feel about their 'early' elimination, which challenge they wish they had done, future plans (including what they couldn't do on ABDC), and some things that people don't know about the crew's dance preferences.

ABDC Madness Semifinals Round 2: Lil Mama vs Shane Sparks

We are into the Semi-finals round of our ABDC March/April Madness contest, pitting 32 primo quotes by Lil Mama, JC Chasez, Shane Sparks, and Lil Mama against each other to determine the 'Best ABDC Judge Comment EVER'.   Each day we'll give you 2 quotes; vote every day for your favorite. Click here for rules and explanation.  Today, you pick your favorite between 2 judges: Did Lil Mama win your hearts or do you miss Shane Sparks quotes like this one?  You decide:

Videos: WOD Performances by JabbaWockeeZ, Hype, Heavy Impact, Jungle Boogie, Royal Flush

Pacific Rim taped many of the performances at World of Dance Pomona held on April 10, 2010. In their collection: Hype 5-0, Heavy Impact, Jungle Boogie, Royal Flush, Instant Noodles, and the show closer by JabbaWockeeZ:

More ABDC Finale recaps - including news of an ABDC tour!

  • People Magazine recaps the results, with quotes from judges and crew members. Best quote: Randy Jackson - "We are planning a tour for later on this summer."
  • Howard and LeKeith at We'll Fix it In skewer the finale and talk about whether all trophies should be bobbleheads (or bobbletorsos). Thanks again to LeKeith for keeping our readers entertained in our live play-by-play on Thursday! 
  • AC Slater is very disappointed that Poreotix won.
  • Too Interesting for Twitter especially liked Poreotix showing off their bboy skills
  • Spoil the Ending: "I think Lil Mama is the only thing keeping this show from taking itself too seriously. Somebody give her a raise" 
  • Video reviews: TaizukeACONNECTIONTV

"The 4th ABDC Judge" renders judgement on ABDC's Finale

Well, that’s it ladies and Gentlemen. After weeks of dancing their hearts out, the popping robotics have become ABDC!. I’m so sorry for Blueprint Cru. But hey, they did a great job this season and don’t let anyone tell them otherwise. But, time to get to my final review of the season. 

West coast: There was so many parts I loved about it. Like the formations for example. The “W” in the beginning and the zipper section and when you broke into 3 groups. They were clean and on point. Also, when it was all of you dancing as a group. Every time that happened, it was so in sync and good. Now, let me address the crews individually. Poreotix, once again, showing America your humor and robotic and it was funny and good. You even got Heavy and Hype to tutt with you. The tutting section was good and I was surprised to see Heavy and Hype do that. Hype 5-0, The head spin through out your entire part was dope. While he did that, every other person had that high energy going and it was really good. Heavy Impact, showing us your athletic abilities right in the beginning of your section. Then you got into what everyone loves about you, your grooving. Overall, the West coast had such high energy and had so many different aspects of it. It turned into a great performance. As they would say, “West is Best”!
Click here to read the rest of "The 4th ABDC Judge's" review. Thank you so much for all this season's reviews, "The 4th ABDC Judge"!