Monday, January 12, 2009

Season 3 Crew: Ringmasters (aka Main Eventt)

Ringmasters may be the most controversial pick made for America's Best Dance Crew Season 3. To illustrate, let me contrast them with Quest (at least what I know about the 2 crews at this point). Members of both crews have years of dancing experience, strong and characteristic moves, and their own charm. BUT -- where Quest is polished, Ringmasters is raw. Where Quest has an established following, Ringmasters are outsiders. Where Quest takes many of its inspiration from more classical dance, Ringmaster is street.

Ringmasters has been performing since 1999 as Main Eventt. I didn't catch all the crew member names, but they include Marty McFly and Nugget the Bone Breaking King. They've won many local competitions and appeared on BET's "106th and Park". Click here for a snippet of them battling The Strikers (who will also appear on Season 3). Click here for the Ringmasters MySpace page.

To meet the crew members, watch this video from
Flexentnyc which was taken outside the NY ABDC Season 3 Auditions. The members talk about their history and influences, then battle the new Status Quo.
I watched the Ringmaster audition and loved the crew's intensity, humor, and trademark moves.
I posted about them as one of my favorites from the NY auditions long before the final crews were announced. Here's the video of the first time they performed their routine. As with many of the best crews that auditioned, the judges asked them to perform their routine a second time, and the second performance was much smoother and error-free. I'm sorry I don't have a tape of that, since a lot of readers are not giving Ringmasters the chance they deserve.

Click here to watch more Ringmasters (Main Eventt) videos, including a trailer for their DVD "TheTakeover" which gives a sense of this crew's moves and personality, as well as a longer video with more of the "106th and Park" footage.