Friday, January 16, 2009

Backstage with the Crews - an exclusive report

Our Blogging Best Dance Crew field reporter got backstage to interview several ABDC Season 3 crews before the taping of Episode 1. Here's her report. Thanks for the awesome reporting!

Now in its third season within 12 months. America's Best Dance crew is back with even fresher moves, tougher competition, and most notably, newer styles. "Different" was the word most frequently used to describe the Crews on Season 3, and these people weren't lying.

Escorted into the makeshift dressing rooms, we met up with crews right after their dinner as they geared up for the big season premiere. It reminded me of being backstage at one of my own dance competitions: gold stage makeup, wardrobe malfunction checks,and most importantly, the practicing. Seeing dancers with iPods in ears, counting in their heads, and constantly repeating sections of the routines brings back my memories of nerves, excitement, and anticipation.

I was first drawn to one of the brighter dressed crews -- Fly Khicks -- whose six female members were absolute sweethearts. When asked about their style of dancing, they told me: "We definitely bring something different this year because we bring sass for women, we also bring the strength the guys can bring. We bring diversity, we bring hip hop, we bring jazz, we bring technique. We bring flavor. We're representing different parts of the world, We bring different styles of dance and we're just excited." In terms of their wardrobe, they shared this secret: "It starts from the kicks up; that's how the outfits start. We gotta pick out our sneakers first and then depending on the sneakers, we figure out what to put on. We always have to have some fly kicks."

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