Sunday, January 11, 2009

Season 3 Crew: Quest

Quest is probably the best known and most anticipated of the Season 3 crews on America's Best Dance Crew. Many ABDC viewers remember Quest members Ryan, Dominic and Hok from So You Think You Can Dance and saw Quest perform on SYTYCD back in June 2008. Quest also danced on American Idol Gives Back. The crew wanted to try out for ABDC Season 1, but were not allowed to do so since Dominic and Hok had signed SYTYCD contracts stating that they were not allowed to do another reality dance show for 12 months.

According to their Facebook page, they are called Quest because they work in the Quest Learning Facility in Artesia, California. In interviews, they also say that they're 'on a quest' in that their style continues to evolve. In interviews and on their fan pages, they emphasize that they are a 'team of soloists', using their individual strong skills and personalities to collaborate.

You can reach them through their MySpace and Facebook pages.
Here's the Pacific Rim Video interview with the crew at the LA Auditions:

Click here to watch the Quest audition and another Quest interview clip.

There are numerous performance videos for Quest, each showing the crews' mad skills and polished choreography. Click here to watch their performance at the International Secret Agent Show (make sure to watch it in high quality).

Quest member Steve Terada has his own Youtube Channel, so you can spend a few hours getting to know the crew better. One of my favorites is the Kollaboration 2008 performance:

And click here to see other Quest performances, including LA Best, American Idol Gives Back, and a Lunar New Years festival. Unfortunately, the SYTYCD performance is no longer legally online.