Friday, May 15, 2009

Season 4 Audition advice from an ABDC audition judge: Who should try out?

Michelle McNulty and Napoleon D'umo have been audition judges for America's Best Dance Crew since its first season. They'll be back in that role for season 4, visiting 4 cities to pick the crews for the next round of ABDC. We spoke to Michelle about the Season 4 auditions. This post talks about the types of crews she would encourage to audition. In the next few days, we'll share her audition advice.

As you'd expect, your group should audition if you've got dance skills, a short performance that showcases your ability, a strong desire for broad exposure, and a distinctive style (more on that tomorrow). In addition, Michelle wants to encourage groups to come out that might not think they have a good shot at getting on ABDC. This includes:
  • Crews that can bring something different. Season 3 showed us clogging, stepping, and contortion moves that fit well with traditional hip hop. For Season 4, the judges would love to see groups that can show prowess with other dance styles.
  • Crews that have auditioned before. Ringmasters auditioned for Season 2. After they were rejected, they worked on their weaknesses and got on Season 3. Many promising groups did not make it to the final cut last season for a variety of reasons, but have a great shot for Season 4. So, the judges want you back!
  • Crews that think of themselves as large-group competitors (more than 7 members). Find your best 7 (or less) dancers and come try out. Michelle and Napoleon attend the competitions and want to see some of those crew members on the show. Kaba Modern and SoReal Cru were originally scouted because they appeared at World of Dance.