Friday, July 29, 2011

Hip Hop International - Results for Adult, Megacrew & Junior divisions for International Prelims

Hip Hop International held the preliminary rounds for the International Competition's Adult, Megacrew, and Junior divisions on Thursday July 28, 2011. Here are the standings and the crews that will compete in the next rounds. Today (Friday July 29),  HHI holds the World Finals for megacrews, and the World Semi-finals for the Adult, Varsity, and Junior divisions.

Adults division - ReQuest (New Zealand) automatically moves to the finals since they won last year. Thirty other crews move to the semifinals: 1. Plague, UK, 2. Philippine All-stars (PAS), Phillipines, 3. Instant Noodles [ABDC Season 6], USA, 4. Rockets, Mexico, 5.Dziah 2.0, New Zealand, 6. Rockwell Family, Canada, 7. Fly Six B, Japan, 8. Smoothie, Japan, 9. Vogue, New Zealand, 10. Quality, Spain, 11. P and T, Canada, 12. 787 Crew [ABDC Season 6], Puerto Rico, 13. Mix'd Elements 2.0, USA, 14. Break Da Beat, Italy, 15. Untamed, South Africa, 16. Electrolytes, USA, 17. 9-1 Pact, France 18. The Crew, Phillipines, 19. Supremacy, Mexico, 20. Illest Vibe, Canada, 21.Juice Unit, Bahamas, 22. Runway, Australia, 23. Crazy Alliance, Belgium, 24. Touch Down, Netherlands, 25. Brooklyn, South Africa, 26. D Maniac, Thailand, 27. Zetton, Japan, 28. Katoon Network, Malaysia, 29. 2 Mad, Belgium, 30. Abzats, Russia 
Note: Plague won HHI in 2005.  Here's a more recent performance from the crew:

Junior division - Star Team (Japan) automatically moves to the finals since they won last year. Twelve other crews move to the semifinals: 1. Bubble Gum, New Zealand, 2. Rosbacher, Japan, 3. Lil Phunk, USA, 4. Onizawa Ikka, Japan, 5. Freshh 2.0, Canada,  6. Lil Saintz, New Zealand, 7. The Prodigy, USA,  8. AYDC, New Zealand,  9. Miniotics, USA, 10. Cookies n Cream, Canada 11. Lil Hustlers, Ireland 12. The Franchise, Canada.

MegaCrew Division - 6 crews move to the finals: 1. Royal Family, New Zealand,  2. Praise T.E.A.M., Canada, 3. Super Galactic Beat Manipulators (SBGM), USA, 4. Academy of Swag, USA, 5. Groovement, Canada, 6. Breakthrough, USA.
Thanks to Mike and others for information!