Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hip Hop International - International preliminary results Varsity division: Congrats Freshest Nutz!

The first international event at Hip Hop International was the Varsity preliminaries. Here are the 25 crews that will advance to the Varsity semi-finals to be held on Friday:
1. Freshest Nutz, Singapore, 2. IDK, USA, 3. Disguise (DSKYZ), New Zealand, 4. Rough Diamond, UK, 5. Star Team, Japan, 6. Funk Beyond Control, USA, 7. The Pack Boys, Canada, 8. Legit Status, Philippines, 9. Sorority, NZ, 10. Emerge, NZ, 11. Typhoon, Japan, 12. Empire Kids, Guam, 13. Neutral Zone, Mexico, 14. Fresh, Canada, 15. Hataw, Philippines, 16. Fresh Impact, South Africa, 17. FBC What, USA, 18. Ghetto Fabulous, Ireland, 19. Time Out, Netherlands, 20. Fresh Flow, Philippines, 21. The Messengers, Germany, 22. Total Chaos, Netherlands, 23. Studio 7 Crew, France, 24. Potency, South Africa, 25. Spirit Dance, Mexico.
Here's a recent video of Freshest Nutz:

Today (Thursday July 28), HHI holds the preliminary rounds for the international megacrews, adults, and junior division. Thanks for the tips, Dizzy, Sassy and others!