Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Results for USA Prelims at HHI Prelims - Congrats to top finishers Elektrolytes, Super Galactic Beat Manipulators

Hip Hop International held the preliminary rounds for the United States dance groups on July 25, 2011. Approximately half of the teams will move on to tonight's USA final round (6 Junior 12 Varsity 12 Adult 6 MegaCrews). Results so far:
  • Top adult groups (in order of placement at US preliminaries): Electrolytes, Mix'd Elements, Instant Noodles, Jungle Boogie, 5 Foot Thrillas. Funk Snap, Soul Fresh, CADC, Automatic Response, Surreal Crew, Enkore, Common Ground. Note:  Poreotics will be performing at the World Finals on July 31
  • Top mega crews (in order of placement at US preliminaries): Super Galactic Beat Manipulators,Breakthrough, IDK,Academy of Swag, Homegrown, LV,Full Force Dance Crew 
  • Top varsity crews: IDK, Funk Beyond Control,TM Juniors,FBC What, Phunk Allstars, Full Force Dance Crew, Tru-Definition, Another Phunk Creation, Goon Squad, Ratchet Team, Beat Killaz, Forever Being Creative, ICON Dollz
  • Top Junior crews: The Prodigy, Lilphunk, Miniotics, ICONic Boyz, Full Force Dance Crew, Primary Source 
Thanks to Yowsahful, thesoulgirl, Heko and others for HHI updates!