Thursday, July 31, 2014

Video: SYTYCD Highlight #3: Emilio (IaMmE) and Bridget dance jazz

Emilio Dosal (member of ABDC's IaMmE) and Bridget Whitman danced a jazz routine choreographed by Ray Leeper. Emilio is certainly following the example of Phillip Chbeeb (fellow IaMmE member who made it to SYTYCD Top 10 several seasons ago) in picking up disparate dance styles and making them his own.

Video: SYTYCD Highlight #2 - Academy of Villains perform on Top 14 show

Academy of Villains was one of the 4 top vote getting crews during the So You Think You Can Dance auditions. They appeared on the August 30 show and easily matched the intensity and style of most of the top 14. It was choreographed by Chris Pharside Jennings and Krystal Meraz, who also did the choreography for a dance for Ricky Ubeda and Valerie Rockey

Video: SYTYCD Highlight #1 - Pharside & Krystal hiphop choreo for Valerie and Ricky

Chris Pharside Jennings (member of ABDC's Supreme Soul and founder of Academy of Villains) and fellow AOV founder Krystal Meraz choreographed an intense dance for Ricky Ubeda and Valerie Rockey. Hope the pair continue to choreograph for the show!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Video: Jeremy Lin Goes Hollywood

The city of Los Angeles is about to go Lin-SANE as NBA Superstar, Jeremy Lin gets traded to the L.A. Lakers.  Check out this brilliant production featuring Harry Shum Jr. (choreographer), AJ Rafael, Phil Wang, an entire cast of great dancers, and of course - Jeremy Lin.  Now THIS is how you make an entrance!  From jlin7 YouTube.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Video: Jabbawockeez - Simple Session

In honor of National Dance Day, The Wockeez gave us this "Simple Session" to the Bangerz track, "Beam" shot from their JBWKZ Headquarters.  From OFFICIAL JABBAWOCKEEZ YOUTUBE.