Sunday, July 24, 2011

Red Bull BC One 2011: USA Qualifier Results!

For the first year ever, Red Bull has decided to hold several qualifiers in various countries around the world, to help select the Top 16 bboys, who will compete in the International Finals: Red Bull BC One Russia 2011!

This video below, featuring Bboy Ronnie (Super Cr3w), explains some of the general details of the event, and what it means to a lot of bboys out there:

Yesterday, the USA qualifiers finally wrapped up in Chicago, and here are the bracket results:

First Round:
Keebz vs. Puzzles --- Keebz
Gravity vs. Vicious Victor --- Vicious
Morris vs. Kareem --- Kareem
MN Joe vs. Frankie --- MN Joe
ATN vs. Evol --- ATN
El Nino vs. Kid Glyde --- El Nino
Palmer vs. Toyz --- Toyz
Nasty Ray vs. Mijo --- Nasty Ray

Quarter Finals:
Keebz vs. Vicious Victor --- Vicious
Kareem vs. MN Joe --- Kareem
ATN vs. El Nino --- El Nino
Toyz vs. Nasty Ray --- Toyz

Vicious Victor vs. Kareem --- Vicious Victor
El Nino vs. Toyz --- El Nino

Vicious Victor vs. El Nino --- El Nino! (Boston)

Congrats, El Nino! Good luck in Russia, and rep hard for USA!! Full video post, coming soon.