Sunday, June 26, 2016

HHI Spotlight - Parris Goebel

Check out this interview from OfficialHHI's YouTube channel with the one and only queen, Parris Goebel.  In it, she talks about her inspirations growing up, her memories of her HHI legacy, the story behind Justin Bieber's "Sorry" video, and what's in the works for the future. Crowns up!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Jabbawockeez Perfrom at the NBA Finals

Considering that I don't watch sports, I nearly missed this video from a week ago.  It's the original champs, The Jabbawockeez, performing a fun set at Game 5 halftime of the NBA Finals.  And if you're in the Las Vegas area (like I was last week), be sure to check out the Jabbawockeez all new show - JREAMZ live at the MGM Grand.  It's voted the #1 Vegas show for all ages.  Go to for more info.  From JABBAWOCKEEZ OFFICIAL YouTube.

Monday, June 13, 2016

KINJAZ x Fresh Empire - "Fresh Moves"

The KINJAZ recently linked up with Fresh Empire in this online series encouraging fans to Keep It Fresh - live life tobacco free.  The past several weeks, viewers have been submitting and voting on videos for a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles and meet the KINJAZ themselves.  Be sure to check out FRESH MOVES to vote and to find out more.  Meantime, you can check out episodes 1-4 right now!  From TheKinjaz YouTube.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Video: Justin Bieber - "Sorry" | Parris Goebel & ReQuest

Superstar choreographer- Parris Goebel and her girls, ReQuest star in Justin Bieber's latest music video "Sorry" from his upcoming album, 'Purpose'.  I've watched this video at least 10 times already!  This video is so popular, Buzzfeed even did a little write up on it. Enjoy! #CrownsUp