Saturday, October 27, 2012

This is the last week for Jabbawockeez MUS.I.C show in Las Vegas & here are some great deals for the last shows!

All good things must end -- Jabbawockeez' MUS.I.C show at the Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas has its last show on October 30. Don't panic -- they'll have a new show at the Luxor Hotel in Spring 2013. But, here are some last minute deals for MUS.I.C, and info on getting the last tickets:

1. Buy one ticket, get one free. Just go to or call 877-386-8224 and use the promo code JabbaBOGO
2. Win an original David Garibaldi performance painting. Just buy a ticket and you're entered in the drawings to be held nightly from now until the show's closing.

Friday, October 26, 2012

8 Flavahz in Ciara's new music video: "Got Me Good"

Check out 8 Flavahz backing up Ciara in this new music video "Got Me Good". Thanks for the link, Tafari and Courtez! And, remember to send us your questions for 8 Flavahz -- we will be interviewing KK and Cam at a workshop!

Video: Poppin' John & Lil' Baby Wockee - "Universal Language"

Check out Poppin' John (LXD) and the "Lil' Baby Wockee," Ariah, in this brilliant short film by Benjamin Mcpherson.  I love the message of this video.  From poppinjohnfof Youtube.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Congratulations to Pharside and Krystal Meraz!

It's been quite a year so far for that CJ "Pharside" Jennings - Academy of Villains have been taking the dance world by storm (from HHI to AGT), he's been dropping sick concept videos on his Youtube channel, and to top it all of, he is now officially engaged to AOV co-director, and equally talented dancer Krystal Meraz! From all of us here at the Blogging Best Dance Crew Community, congratulations to the both of you! We're looking forward to seeing even greater things from the pair of you!

To celebrate, here are just a few videos of these two dancing together

Must-watch of the morning Video: Poreotics - "Gangbang style"

Poreotics (winners of America's Best Dance Crew Season 5) have their own take on Gangnam style, of course. FromPoreoticsHD Youtube.

Video: Mike Song - "Mercy" | The Adventures of M.S. Doom

Back in the beginning of the year, Mike Song (Kaba Modern, KINJAZ) began a series entitled "The Adventures of M.S. Doom".  If you missed the first two chapters, here they are... PART 1 | PART 2.  Here's the third installment to Kanye West - "Mercy" (@RLGrime & Salva Remix). From mikeosong Youtube.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Send us your questions for 8Flavahz!

Later this week, I'll be dropping by KK and Cam's workshop on Long Island.  Afterwards, I'll be interviewing them and we want to hear from you!  Got a question for the girls?  Ask them anything... doesn't have to be about dance.  Need advice on fashion? travel? dining? relationships?  Then 8Flavahz got you covered! You can also tweet us your questions @BloggingABDC. #8Flavahz.

IaMmE soloist post of the day #2: Chachi workshop - "Like a Boy"

Just goes to show how popular Chachi Gonzales (IaMmE) is -- sat on this video of hers for 2 days and it's already up to 273,000 hits! Here's her workshop teaching steps to "Like a Boy"

Video: Jaja Vankova - Instruments

Here's a recent post from I.aM.mE's Jaja Vankova (ABDC 6).  It's a piece she recorded when we went back to visit her family in the Czech Republic.  Check out the dino-treat at the very end. From jajavankovatv.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Video: Jun Quemado (Mos Wanted Crew) choreography - "Scream"

Jun Quemado is one of many superb choreographer/dancers in Mos Wanted Crew (ABDC Season 7), but seems to get less press and attention than the others. Time to rectify that oversight -- watch this routine choreographed by Jun to Usher's "Scream". On MrJunQuemado Youtube.

New crew to watch for: Brat Pack (from 8 Count family)- "Switch Lanes"

8 Count Dance Company in Canada has produced several superb dance groups including Blueprint Cru (America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 runners-up) and Irratik (ABDC Season 7). Brat Pack is their group of teen boys, and I love this latest video from them -- "Switch Lanes". From ErAdila18 Youtube.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Video: Pharside (Headbangerz, Academy of Villains) - "Hammer"

An intense routine to start off your week: Chris 'Pharside' Jennings (founder of Academy of Villains, and member of Headbangerz, ABDC Season 2's Supreme Supreme Soul, MOPTOP, Machine Gone Funk, Renegade Rockers) takes it underground in this routine to "Hammer". From Pharside Youtube.

Monday Flavah

We got mad Flavah for you to start your week with the girls of 8Flavahz (ABDC 7).  

- First up, we have Cam Cam smashing the choreo from Rudi Smit to The Crookers - "Dushi".  

- Also, CLICK HERE to check out Cameron going hard to David Moore's routine to "Clique".

- Kaelynn "Kay Kay" Harris recently made local news after teaching at Edge Studio of Dance in Canton, MA.  Click here for the article [with videos].
Troupe from MTV show teaches dancers in Canton
 - And if you crave even more flavah, check out this video of both girls teaching at Elevate Dance Studios in California.  It gives you a good look into what it's like to take a class taught by them.

- If you're interested in taking an 8 Flavahz workshop, Kay Kay and Cam Cam will both be on the eastcoast this week teaching in New Jersey, Long Island, New York, and Atlanta.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

CraneTV video on Elektrolytes and their place in pop culture history

Crane TV -- a video magazine on contemporary culture -- shows America's Best Dance Crew Season 7 champions Elektrolytes while the narrator talks about the evolution of hip hop and its place in pop culture. A bit arch, but still fun to watch.

Video: Lando (Mos Wanted Crew), Funkdation - "We In da Club"

Lando Wilkins (America's Best Dance Crew Season 2 Boxcuttuhz, ABDC Season 7 Mos Wanted Crew, and other crews) choreographs and leads dancers, (featuring members of ABDC7's Funkdation) in this routine to "We in Da Club", as a promo for the upcoming Movement Lifestyle tours in Chicago and Los Angeles. More information on The Tour here. Thanks for the link Greg!