Saturday, June 30, 2012

Video: America's Best Dance Crew Season 7 Favorite Performance Countdown : #9 RNG "Do It Well"

Over 800 people voted in our poll of the favorite performances for America's Best Dance Crew, and we're starting the countdown. People were encouraged to vote for up to 4 performances in the survey.

RNG's "Do It Well" during JLo Week came in 9th, with 25% of readers voting it as one of their favorites. Watch it again now:

Come back tomorrow for the #8 performance in our countdown!

Video: Ian Eastwood - "The Hall"

DS2dio has a new solo concept video by Ian Eastwood (Mos Wanted Crew) called "The Hall". The video's description invites dancers become a member of S2dio City by uploading a dance video in front of a unique location. If you send one in, let us know too and we'll try to post your work

Video: Locking Tutorial Part I

Here's a useful guide on the fundamentals of locking from StyleDanceIndustry1 Youtube to help you learn some dance or at least better appreciate what you watch.

Friday, June 29, 2012

America's Best Dance Crew Season 7 Favorite Performance Countdown (with videos) - #10 tie!

Over 800 people voted in our poll of the favorite performances for America's Best Dance Crew, and we're starting the countdown. People were encouraged to vote for up to 4 performances in the survey.

There was a tie for 10th place with each receiving vote from 22% of respondents:
- Fanny Pak's performance to "Make Me Proud" during Drake week

- Mos Wanted Crew's dance to "4 Minutes" during Madonna Week. You can watch it on MTV in the full episode, starting at

Come back tomorrow for the #9 performance in our countdown!

Inspirational video of the day: C-Bass - "Fix You"

This new video from C-Bass (who also is one of the people behind the outstanding dance website Step X Step) is a must-watch. Unlike most dance videos which scream "watch my technique", C-Bass quietly incorporates the dance with the music, visual background, and video effects. The result: a very touching piece about faith, hope, and the healing role of art. From Youtube.

KB (Jabbawockeez) dances on promo for DancePad - finger dancing vs. full-body dancing

Kevin 'KB' Brewer of Jabbawockeez worked with Moonshark on a promo for the new DancePad app available for iTunes. Nifty contrasting of KB's dance moves and how they translate into finger dancing

MercerMZ review (with lots of videos) - Top 20 Showcase Episode

So You Think You Can Dance has now officially moved into its ninth set of Live shows, where you, the viewers at home and the one reading this recap/review, are now able to vote for you want to win! After surviving a long, physically & mentally draining Vegas week, 35 dancers of all shapes, sizes, & stories flew back into Las Vegas last week to hear from the judges who would make it onto the show. Then, tonight, they took to the stage to perform for the first time and show us exactly what we can expect to see this season. Which dancers made the final cut, and will be performing on the Live shows for your votes? How did the Showcase performances go and which dancers were grouped together? I'll give you the rundown and a few of my thoughts for each performance.

Before we go any further, I think it's only appropriate to let everyone know which dancers made the cut. So here we are, the official Top 20 dancers for So You Think You Can Dance Season 9. Click on each name to see their segment on this show:
Girls: Alexa Anderson (Contemporary), Amber Jackson (Contemporary), Amelia Lowe (Contemporary), Audrey Case (Jazz), Eliana Giraud (Ballet/Contemporary), Janaya French (Contemporary), Janelle Issis (Belly Dancing), Lindsay Arnold (Latin Ballroom), Tiffany Maher (jazz), Witney Carson (Latin Ballroom)

Guys: Brandon Mitchell (Stepping), Chehon Wespi-Tschopp (Ballet), Cole Horibe (Martial Arts Fusion), Cyrus "Glitch" Spencer (Animated Popping), Daniel Baker (Ballet), Dareian Kujawa (Contemporary), George Lawrence II (Contemporary), Matthew Kazmierczak (Contemporary), Nick Bloxsom-Carter (Ballroom), Will Thomas (Contemporary)

I would also like to mention the names of the other 15 dancers who made it to the Green Mile:
Megan Branch, Colin Fuller, Abigail Ruz, Kaitlynn Edgar, Katie Muth, Rebecca Anne Hart, Joshua Alexander, Blake Zelesnikar, Jasmine Mason, Daniel Kermidas, Jill Johnson, Aaron Turner, Zack Everhart, Devon McCullough & Feliciano Turk

If anyone reading knows or is aware of a video of any of these fine dancers, then I urge you to please help us by sending an email to with the dancer's name and a working link to the video. Your help would greatly appreciated, and I hope these 15 individuals have much success in their careers.

Here's the first group performance with 19 of the 20 Top 20 (Janelle had to sit out the show this week due to a gash over her eye, but will perform next week. Click here to read the full review and watch the other group performances.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Video: 8 Flavahz Promo Video

Hot off their success as the runners-up on America's Best Dance Crew Season 7, 8 Flavahz has a new promotional video with footage from ABDC and a little new footage of each of the dancers. On 8Flavahz Youtube.

Video: Bionic, Dtrix, Frost & Friends get messy - "Help"

From the description on MovementLifestyle Youtube: While painting over at #11105, we thought "why not have a little bit of fun." It was fun getting people together to kick it and we didn't mind the mess or getting a little dirty.The dancers are: Jonathan 'Bionic' Bayani and Antonio 'Frost' Troupe (members of ABDC2's Supreme Soul), Dominic 'Dtrix' Sandoval (ABDC judge, member of ABDC3's Quest), Terence Dickson (seen in LXD, Step Up Movies), Johnny 'JBlaze' Erasme, and Amanda Grind.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Preview video for Step Up Revolution

DanceOn has a new preivew for Step Up Revolution, which is set to premiere on July 27, 2011. What do you think -- are you psyched for this movie?

Video: 787 Crew Makes it to America's Got Talent Top 48

Despite a screw-up on a flip during the Las Vegas Rounds at America's Got Talent, 787 Crew was put through to the Top 48. Next stop: New York! Watch the full episode here (787 Crew's dance and the judges' reaction starts at 27:57). This excerpt contains only the dance. Thanks for the tip, Wings!

Video: Emilio (IaMmE) in semifinal and final rounds of FunkySoul 4

Emilio (IaMmE) competed against Armani in the FunkySoul 4 popping competition in Los Angeles and won the round. He lost to D-Soul in the finals, though the contest was close enough to require extra rounds. On MrBoomDancer Youtube.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Video: Jabbawockeez tutorial from Rynan - Indian step

Jabbawockeez has a new dance tutorial. Rynan teaches some basic bboy steps -- top rock, Indian step, and knee drops.  On thewockeez Youtube.

Video: Pacman (IaMmE) vs. Poppin Reef at 2012 FunkySoul 4

Phillip 'Pacman' Chbeeb recently battled Poppin Reef in a popping battle at FunkySoul 4 in Los Angeles. Who do you think won?  -- the Youtube comments are fast and mean on the outcome From MrBoomDancer Youtube. Thanks for the tip,Matthew!

Video: Red Bull BC One Boston Cypher Recap

BboyNetwork posted a short recap of the battling at the Boston Round to determine the USA's entry for 2012 RedBull BC One, including interviews with Toyz, Baldi,  Bebo, crazy freddy, and Kid David.  Bebo (ABDC 6's Phunk Phenomenon) won the battles and will move on to the US Qualifier to be held in Boston.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Video: Mighty Mouse - "The Wind Walker"

It's too bad that Shafeek "Mighty Mouse" Westbrook didn't go further on this season's So You Think You Can Dance. It's clear from this video that he could have brought something fresh to the show. From YAKFilms. Thanks for the tip, Ian!

Video: Aye Hasegawa with Lydia Paek & Ellen Kim - "Are You that Somebody"

Aye Hasegawa, Lydia Paek and Ellen Kim team up on this new video to Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody" on AyeHasegawa Youtube. Thanks for the tip Greg!

Skool Rascals / Bandits | Spotlight, Riddles and Goose

Remember Skool Rascals from Hypersquad Studios? They auditioned for Season 7, and even if they didn't make it, they're still going strong. We've featured thee of their members previously, (SashaBell and Sienna) as well as their audition video. Check out two more members (who happen to be sisters!) below - Caitlin aka "Spotlight" (who's only 9 years old!) and 13 year old Ashley, aka "Riddles." Also, check out Static Noyze member Goose, who recently moved out to Hawaii to be a part of the Academy of Hype.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tired of missing street dance events? Check out! lists street dance events throughout the world. If you love dance, you have to use this site! This tip comes from Judy Link's Facebook - Thanks Judy!

DanceHeroJP | Season 3 Episode 2

One of my favorite dance shows of all time is DanceHeroJP. And why wouldn't I like it? Aside from the language barrier (but that's only to read the names of crews written in Japanese, dance is a universal language after all), there are really high caliber crews performing for a solid 2 minutes straight to music of their choice, which pretty much no limitations on genre, artist, and without any challenges they need to do. Just straight up dancing. Plus, crews aren't eliminated throughout the 3 episode season, so that's more dancing to watch!

The second episode of season 3 just went up on Youtube, and thing are looking great. I already covered episode 1 here. Onto episode 2!

All Genre Blenders may be a younger crew like RNG or 8Flavahz, but from the way they dance, you can't tell that. The hits and glides in their popping are some of the strongest I've seen, and the bboying in there is mind boggling.
Area Rock Styler also takes the stage with popping. What's scary is that a crew of their caliber and ability is only ranking 8th this season. Crazy!
Tokyo Beat Surf (embedded below) has one of my top 2 performances of the night. They do a Mario-themed routine. Even if for a majority of the routine there are only 2 members (a Mario and a Luigi), they really took the concepts form the game and used them, while killing hte beat and the sound effects. with grooving, locking and hits. So much Mario Swag. 
Twiggz Fam was my other favorite routine of the night. This Street Kingdom affiliated crew threw in some Strikers all Stars, with a stepping/krump hybrid routine. It's not all acapella though. Wait till the buck music starts, and you'll see why they are currently the top ranked crew in the competition. 
City Tokyo Lights dance to a Chris Brown x Dubstep track. It's pretty decent, though there could be some tightening up, like last time. 
Tokyo Footworkz - This housing crew comes with strong technique once again. The first half of their routine really showcases their athletecism, and then they just go off with the musicality in the second half.
Odorunosuki creates a fantastical world with their dance. The jazzy break is a bit unique, but they worked it well. 
Trick Star brings their signature popping, in what looks like a story of aliens riding the beat in their space ship? It's entertaining, though comparatively static in positioning compared to others. 
LnP continues their Broadway inspired dance with a slower, sexier tempo. Personally not my thing, though I'm sure it will be other's. 
Macho Pirates Opera Company (Nozomi's translation, not mine) brings yet again another... indescribable... routine. Seriously. I haven't been unable to describe a crew like this since probably Team Black Starz. What I can gather is that there's a story about... someone's dead... and their angel dancing... Look the link is embedded above in their name, watch it for yourselves.