Saturday, December 7, 2013

Video: Brian Puspos & Kenzo Alvares hall freestyle

Brian Puspos (ABDC's Mos Wanted Crew) and Kenzo Alvares posted a video of free style in a hotel hallway, using a distorted lens to play up the constriction. Annoying music, but worth the watch anyway. From World of Dance.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Video: Di "Moon" Zhang feat Lydia Paek - "Riot"

ABDC 6 Champ, Di "Moon" Zhang, is joined by Lydia Paek (Quest Crew, Boxcuttahz) in this piece to Tyga's - Riot (feat Honey Cocaine).  From the video description, this was shot while Moon is in Korea.  And warning - the lyrics in this video are explicit -- pretty much the whole video is G.  From Di Moon Zhang YouTube.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Video: Brian Puspos dances his thanks to his woman - "You Got It On"

Brian Puspos (ABDC's Mos Wanted Crew) posted a sweet love song video to his girlfriend Aja. Watch it -- it'll brighten anyone's day!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Watch mL: theSHOW 2013 in its entirety right now!

Head on over to MovementLifestyle right now and you can watch the entire production, theSHOW, from this year. "It was a great way to end our 3rd season of theTOUR."  Below was the final performance of the night by Quick Crew.  But if you want to watch the entire show in order, head to MovementLifestyle.
Movement Lifestyle Workstudies - Brandon Dumlao - Tamara Levinson-Campos - Hollywood - Erica Sobol - Isaac Tualaulelei - Amanda Grind - Frenemies

Team Japan - Brian & Scott Nicholson - Mykell Wilson - Jose "Boyboi" Tena - JekaJane - Kyle Hanagami

Miguel Zarate - Jillian Meyers & Megan Lawson - Andye J - Jan Funky - Baby Boogaloo - Koharu - Dana Foglia - Parris Goebel - Daniel "Cloud" Campos - Quick Crew

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Video: Dumbo (Poreotics) - LEN NOC NHA HAI VL

According to the video's description, this video was BANNED from Vietnamese TV.  Well... I don't know if it was actually 'banned', but nonetheless, Dumbo posted it on Youtube for the world to see.  From PoreoticsHD YouTube.

Video: Parris Goebel workshop from Urban Moves (Hip Hop International)

Check out this video produced by the Royal Family.  It's highlights from Parris Goebel's workshop this year at Hip-Hop International and Urban Moves.  I was there (along with HUNDREDS of dancers) and absolutely enjoyed seeing Parris do her thing.  And afterwards there was a Meet-n-Greet where many of her fans couldn't stop geeking out to this 'Living Legend'.  All hail the Queen! Crowns up! From Thepalacedancestudio YouTube.