Saturday, January 7, 2012

Video: Chris Martin & BreakEFX

In this first video, Chris Martin is joined by fellow BreakEFX members, Mikey Ruiz & Brandon Douglas, as they perform to "Lotus Flower Bomb":

This second video finds Chris Martin in Europe on the German Dance Workshop Tour, performing to "Ifuleave":

Video: Megan Lawson (Fanny Pak) - "Obsessed"

Matt Cady from ABDC2's Fanny Pak wrote a song for Megan Lawson. In return, she created this dance video. FromMeganguwre Youtube. I love Fanny Pak -- all together, solo, or in subgroups -- more please!

Video from The Takeover with Rhythm City

Rhythm City (ABDC Season 4) helped host The Takeover in December 2011. Here's a highlight video with performances from the crew, the Midas Touch, and DOMO. From HouseofCrews Youtube.

Help teens learn education and social skills through hip hop -- Rock the School Bells need you!

Rock The School Bells (RTSB) is a hip-hop educational youth conference based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It includes workshops and performances to help students  develop skills and understanding for critical thinking, creativity, communication, and social activism and to encourage them to go for higher education. 

They're trying to raise funds for the next conference. Their target of $15,000 sounds high but is very doable with a little bit of support and some networking. As Brian Crizaldo wrote on RTSB's Facebook page: "You can either spend at least $10 in a movie theater, or you can donate at least $10 to an event that can empower the youth and helps provide scholarships for students majoring in the arts! Please help spread the word!" So please click here and give -- I already did.

Friday, January 6, 2012

NAOTV Episode 9: "Hooligans in SF"

Happy 2012 BBDC! We're starting off the new year in San Francisco, where Ellen Kim filmed her first ever concept video. I like the different settings, including a section where she's vibing out in the subway (or whatever you guys call it in San Fran). Check it out yo'selves!

And since the rest of this week's vids are reposts, if you want to see them, check the playlist here.

**If you have any submissions for NAOTV, please send them to my account here.**

That's it for this week's episode of NAOTV! Thanks for reading and watching! -NAO

Video: Pacman & Millie (IaMmE) - "Exit Strategy"

The latest concept video from IaMmE's Phillip 'PacMan' Chbeeb and Emilio 'Millie' Dosal  is a winner. In "Exit Strategy", two friends have to figure out how to escape from a mysterious room.  From Pacman Youtube.

Video: Jason Croom (Swagger Crew) coaches hiphop on MTV MADE

Many of the teen subjects on MTV's MADE have learned to hiphop dance in order to improve their lives. On a recent episode, Jason Croom from Swagger Crew (ABDC Season 5) coaches Arjun, who yearns to be more than just a perfect student.

JC Chasez: saves a child's life on the beach!

People Magazine reports that America's Best Dance Crew judge JC Chasez "proved himself a hero on New Year's Day on a Miami beach when he saved the life of a 1-year-old girl after a helicopter flying too close to the ground sent an umbrella flying across the sand." The story also reports that JC was "sweet and humble" about his heroism. I've met JC, and  I can't imagine him being any other way. Way to go JC!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Which ABDC alum crews would you like to see return for Season 7?

According to a video from DanceOn Youtube, MTV is encouraging crews who have previously been on America's Best Dance Crew to audition again. This is not entirely new, since Team Millennia appeared in two seasons, and most of Status Quo (Season 1) reincarnated as Legendary Seven (Season 5), but it's a welcome development. Which crews would you like to see return for another shot?

Watch the full episode of MADE, with Beat Freak Bonita as dance coach

MTV's MADE recently aired an episode where Bonita (Beat Freaks) coached a girl in hip hop dance in order to win friends at her new school. The full episode is now available online:

Watch Ellen Kim's first concept video: "Hooligans in SF"

Choreographer/dancer Ellen Kim created her first concept video to display San Francisco and its style of dance, with Krystal Meraz (Academy of Villains), Cj 'Pharside' Jennings (ABDC's Supreme Soul, AOV), Pat Cruz  and Mike Fallorina ( both in The Company). I still wish Ellen Kim's earlier groups (Neverland, L0st Kids) had made it to ABDC! From ellenkimCHEEE Youtube.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

TiVO Alert: Nappytabs, ABDC alums on MOBBED tonight

The next episode of Mobbed appears on Fox tonight (January 4, 2012) at 9pm ET/PT. If you're interested, click here for tonight's plot. It clearly features Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo as the choreographers, members of Fanny Pak as featured dancers, and I thought I spotted other ABDC alums in the mix.

Video: Rhythm City members: "Slight Work"

Alonzo 'Zo' Williams, Dominique 'Domo' Rosario, and Cochise 'Phramez' Quinones Jr from ABDC4's Rhythm City show that they've lost none of their swagger with this dance to Wale's "Slight Work". From CallmeZo1 Youtube.

HD video of Quest with LMFAO on ABC-TV New Year's Show

A few days ago, we posted some very grainy videos of LMFAO's appearance on ABC's New Year's Eve special, with Quest Crew (ABDC3) dancing backup. Greg sent a high-quality version as update -- Thanks!

Video: members FootworKINGz, Lady Boogalooz, Stylz Play free-style

FreestyleCultureTV Youtube shows off some amazing footwork from King Charles & Prince Jron (FootworKINGz, ABDC Season 6), Yoda Jones from Lady Boogalooz,, and Comfort Fedoke. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reminder: Please let us know if you're auditioning for ABDC or have an upcoming dance event

In 2012, we hope to provide a good base of centralized information about America's Best Dance Crew and about upcoming dance events. So, please leave a message or email us at
- If you're planning to audition, let us know where your group is from, where you're auditioning, and give us links to Facebook, Youtube, twitter, and any videos you'd like to share
- For an event, give us a link with details on location, dates, and performers (if available) 

Videos: new season of Ireland's Got to Dance

Ireland's Got to Dance just started its new season, and videos are appearing online now. There are a number of hip hop groups in the mix so far, including Lil Hustlers, Erupt & Ffres, A Team, and Kazzum. But my favorite dance team so far is an edgy Riverdance group called Prodijig (ABDC audition judges -- don't get the wrong idea here! You can follow the show at Sky1.

Static Noyze concept videos for Cirque Dreams'

In 2012, members of Static Noyze (ABDC Season 5) will be performing in Cirque Dream's "Pop Goes the Rock". They created two concept videos for the show: an energetic but sweet dance rendition of Madonna's "Like a Prayer", and a sassy "Joe Tex". Schedule and tickets available here. Video from FlyingOrbProductions Youtube.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New contest: Name the Musical Superstars for America's Best Dance Crew Season 7

MTV announced that America's Best Dance Crew Season 7 will again be a "season of the superstar". Who are the musical superstars that will be featured this time? We don't know, but we want to know what you think.  So, here's a contest to let you forecast MTV's picks for the second "Season of the Superstars".  Prize: Tshirt (value up to $30) or $30 iTunes gift card/certificate.  RULES: 
  • Pick up to 8 'superstar' performers.  If you pick more, I will only count the first 8 listed
  • Two rounds in the contest: the first round of the Contest ends on January 12, 2012 before auditions begin, since MTV often uses the superstars for callbacks and that info will probably be publicized. The second round begins on February 1, 2012 and ends once MTV announces the Superstars (probably some time before  ABDC7 starts).  For the first round (before auditions): every correct pick is worth 2 points (for a possible total of 16 points). For the second round: every superstar used in auditions is worth 1 point, and all other picks are worth 2 points (for a possible total of 12 points).
  • List your answers in the comments, or send your answers to If you list in comments, please make sure you use a distinct name (not "guest" or just a first name).
  • Please do not enter more than once a week!
  • Please don't enter this if you work for MTV or Viacom
  • The winner is the person who accurately picked the most superstars featured on ABDC Season 7. If there is a tie, the prize will go to the entry with the earliest entry
  • The winner will be announced on this site after I am sure of the correct answer  
Good luck and start guessing!

Video: IammE in New York, with a preview of their next video "Exit Strategy"

Many readers have commented that IaMmE (the winner of last season's America's Best Dance Crew) don't work as a crew much, seeming to prefer working solo or in sub-groups with others. For those readers -- IaMmE released a New Year's greeting video, with some preview footage of their next video -- "Exit Strategy" -- to be released on January 6, 2012. From first appearances -- this one's going to go to the next level.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 BBDC Readers' Choice Awards: The Results Are IN!

All the polls are closed and the results are in! Here are the videos that you, the readers, picked as favorites from 2011:

Favorite Performance: StreetQuest-Collaboration 2011

Favorite Battle: Lil G vs. Roxrite-Red Bull BC One 2011

Favorite Video: ReQuest Dance Crew-ReLax

Thanks to everyone who voted! Happy New Year!

Video: Ian Eastwood, Kyle Hanagami, Chachi (IaMmE) - "Sexy and I know it"

Kyle Hanagami collaborated with Ian Eastwood choreographing "Sexy and I Know It" for a workshop at Debbie Reynolds Studios. Among those in attendance: Chachi (IaMmE) and Brandon Dumlao (So You Think You Can Dance). From KyleHanagami Youtube.

Videos: Quest Crew with LMFAO on ABDC's New Year's Eve show:

Quest Crew danced with LMFAO on ABC-TV's New Year's Eve show. There's no high-quality video available, but you can see them dancing with Party Rock Anthem, Sorry for Party Rocking, and Shots (below). Thanks for the links PerezOverride!

Yak Films: Countdown of top 5 Dance Videos of 2011

YakFilms has their own picks of the best dance videos for 2011, based on dance quality, video quality, and music choice. The first video links to the 5 choices as well as separate videos explaining the choices and introducing the artists:
5. Nonstop's "Dreamer/Dubstep"
4. Spike Jonze presents Lil Buck and YoYo Ma
3. Marvin Gofin's "Me, Myself, and I" from Woow Prod
2. "Be Individual" from Juba Films
1. Daniel Cloud Campos - "The Music Box"
Thanks for the tip, PerezOverride!