Saturday, December 13, 2008

Supreme Soul -- going mainstream and giving back

You know that hip hop is reaching a broader audience and gaining acceptability when an America's Best Dance Crew group appears in the same parade as Super Grover. Supreme Soul was one of the headliners in the San Jose Holiday Parade on December 7, along with Grand Marshall Princess Aurora, Raggs the dog, Santa, and other popular imaginary characters (and some real characters like Brianna James and Miss USA). I couldn't find a picture of Supreme Soul's appearance, so here's the next best thing.

On a more charitable note: here's Karen419's video of Supreme Soul's performance at San Diego State University on December 9. They headlined an event called "A Sammy Thing: Shirt the Kid's showcase," which raised awareness for Pnoy Apparel's mission to sell and donate shirts for needy children in the Philippines. To learn more about this charity and to buy some of the shirts,
click here.
Photo credit: Almaden Times

Fanny Pak's Matt and SYTYCD's Kourtni in performance

From EricaSobol: a video of Fanny Pak's Matt Cady and Kourtni Lind (from Season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance. Erica choreographed the dance, performed to Seek Up by Dave Matthews. The style is very SYTYCD and not very ABDC, but still beautiful to watch.

Friday, December 12, 2008

News: Season 3 Crews have now ALL been chosen and notified

On Thursday, December 11, the decisions for America's Best Dance Crew Season 3 were finalized and all the Season 3 crews were told that they will be on the show. According to an MTV spokesperson: "Casting has told me that all Season 3 crews were notified today, but that information is being kept confidential for the moment and we ask that they not announce their participation yet. We will let them know when they can.

Only crews who made it to being semi-finalists (received paperwork) will be notified personally by Casting to let them know they did not make it onto Season 3. Any other crews that auditioned will not be contacted directly and we thank them for their time and coming out to share their talent. As always, provided that we air another season, we hope they try out again."

Congratulations to the nine crews that made it to Season 3 -- we'll find out all about you soon. And, to the rest of the auditioning crews -- don't give up! It was a particularly tough group of competitors, and many worthy crews will have to wait until Season 4.

Mailbox: auction to attend ABDC + meet Shane Sparks, Enigma Dance Kru Performance

  • Bid on Ebay for two tickets to a Season 3 taping of America's Best Dance Crew, where you will meet Shane Sparks. Current top bid is $500, and the auction closes December 19. Click here for details and to bid on this item, which benefits the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles.
  • On December 13, Enigma Dance Kru will perform with some of Florida's top hiphop dancers and DJs at Crowbar in Ybor City, FL. Tickets are $5.00. Call (813) 241-8600 for more info

Thursday, December 11, 2008

What were the best ABDC performances in Seasons 1 and 2?

While we wait to hear about Season 3, let's talk about past seasons. What were the best America's Best Dance Crew performances in Seasons 1 and 2? Please use the Comments to nominate your favorite individual routines (e.g., Fanny Pak's Get Ur Freak On, Kaba Modern's Thriller). I'll try to find legal video of the favorites and post them in the last days of 2008.

Mailbox: SoReal Cru, St. Maarten Dance Crew, JabbaWockeeZ x Fingerbangerz

  • SoReal Cru performed at Jingle Jam in Houston, along with David Archuleta, Chris Brown, Colbie Caillat, Rihanna, and Gavin DeGraw. Here's the Houston Chronicle review.
  • News about St. Maarten's Top Dance Crew TV show: all-girl crew Top Secret was eliminated because they didn't show up for the taping. Their no-show may have been the result of negative judge's comments the week before, including "Too Much Whining" and "Not enough choreography." Their elimination saved the two groups who received even fewer viewer votes. I wish I could show video on this!. Read more here.
  • For your viewing pleasure: a video documenting the history of the JabbaWockeeZ and Fingerbangerz collaboration

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Message from MTV on ABDC Audition Decisions and Calls

For the crews who have not yet heard from MTV (and all the rest of you who are curious): I just received the following email from MTV:
"Nancy, can you tell them that crews have not been contacted either way, but they will be shortly. I'm following up with our casting directors to see when they're going to log calls to ALL crews, yeas and nays. I'll let you know when we hear back on that."

To me, this means that there are still decisions to be made and that the crews that have not yet been contacted still have a chance to make it to Season 3. So, good luck to all and hold on tight!

To all Season 3 auditioners that haven't heard back yet: Email me and we'll try to help!

There are still a few crews who auditioned for Season 3 but have not yet heard a response. My media contact at MTV emailed me to ask for your crew names. Once I send them to her, she will forward them to Casting and ask them to help get you information.

So, if you are still waiting for a response, please EMAIL your crew name and where you auditioned to me at:

Photo of the day: Fanny Pak in Guam

This was posted by Kabbawockeez. Feel free to leave in an appropriate caption in the comments.

Better late than never #2: Yuri & Taeko backstage at ABDC Live Tour

Yuri (from Kaba Modern) and Taeko (from Fysh N Chicks) released new videos this weekend. My favorite is their unique coverage of the America's Best Dance Crew Live Tour in Los Angeles. They have front-row dancing scenes and never-before-shown views of the backstage set-up and the crews running around pre-performance.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Are ABDC Voters Racist?

Thuy-Ann posted an academic analysis on her blog, examining whether there is a racist element to the voting in America's Best Dance Crew. Specifically, she looks at the performances of Xtreme Dance Force, and makes the case that they only lasted on ABDC as they did because white female voters favored their good looks over more talented minority groups. Read her post here.

What do you think? Do YOU vote right, basing your choice on the dance crew's performance? How much do you and your friends factor in racial/ethnic pride (or prejudice) in your voting decisions? Do you think that, in general, racism is a big issue in ABDC voting? Please comment!

Be honest and constructive. Warning: let's keep this respectful -- I will edit or delete comments that I consider rude.

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Better Late than Never #1:JabbaWockeeZ interview from ABDC Live Tour

Want to spend half an hour with JabbaWockeeZ and other crews? Here's the video from a live broadcast conducted during the America's Best Dance Crew Live tour. JabbaWockeeZ takes the lead, talking about how the crew formed, answering assorted viewer questions, singing (ouch), showing a nose freeze move, and interviewing Fanny Pak, ASIID. an Super Cr3w. By the end, the crews are interviewing each other on inter-crew crushes. So find 30 minutes and listen in.

Sign up now for American Street Dance Championship V

The American Street Dance Championship V is coming January 25, 2009 to The Los Angeles Convention Center. There will be $5000 in cash and prizes for competitors. Master street dance classes in locking, popping, b-boying and hip-hop will also be offered. All ages are welcome. Shane Sparks will be one of the special guests and judges. For registration and Info: For Tickets:

Competition categories include:
BBoy and BGirl (crews only)
Locking and Popping (solo, teams and crews)
Hip-Hop and Freestyle (solo, teams and crews)

Capoeira and Martial Arts (solo, teams and crews)
Junior Skills (Age (7 to 17) - Any Dance Style)

You MUST submit a performance video to be considered for the competition.
Upload your video to YouTube and email the link to: Or you can send a DVD, Mini-DV or VHS to: Wardance Entertainment, 369 S. Doheny Dr., #1135, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Interesting crew from Atlanta auditions: GOP

Over the last few weeks, we've showcased crews that auditioned for Season 3 of America's Best Dance Crew. In some cases, we've highlighted crews that we didn't personally watch at the auditions but have numerous and loyal fans clamoring for us to show their videos. If we love the videos, we'll post them to let our readers make their own decisions.

So, for your consideration: GOP, from Puerto Rico. They are members of a dance school and have worked together many years. The name GOP stands for Group of Peace, as they're working with kids to provide an alternative to 'street life.' Unfortunately, they did not get picked for Season 3, though they still hold out some hope that ABDC could change their decision.

I think GOP has some wicked moves, and I hope that they will eventually make it to ABDC. UPDATE: The older video was removed; here's another.