Saturday, June 8, 2013

Video: Jaja Vankova (IaMmE) solos at Oklahoma workshop

Jaja Vankova (member of America's Best Dance Crew Season 6's IaMmE) continues to dazzle with this workshop performance to Skrillex's "Devil's Den" on BBoy Xynthos's Youtube. Thanks for the link Greg!

The ultimate dance movie mashup: Safety Dance

This is not really America's Best Dance Crew, though there's some hiphop inside. But if you like dance, you'll get this video that takes clips of 77 films using "The Safety Dance" as the unifying theme.

Friday, June 7, 2013

DancePlugNetwork Coverage of The Beat Freaks 10th Anniversary @ Carnival

The amazing Beat Freaks (ABDC 3 Finalists) were recently honored at this year's Carnival as the entire night was dedicated to them.  Performance videos still aren't posted, but DancePlugNetwork was there on the red carpet.  Check out interviews with Bradley Rapier (Groovaloos), Toni Basil, Quest Crew, Jossie Harris Thacker (In Living Color Flygirl), the Beat Freaks themselves and many others.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

VIdeo: IaMmE dances with Extra's Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos

We reported earlier about a dance challenge issued to Extra TV's Mario Lopez (ex-America's Best Dance Crew host) and Maria Menounes, taught by members of IaMmE (winners of ABDC Season 6). The Extra hosts gave it their all, but IaMmE is still the ultimate winner. Video from DanceOn.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More hiphop successes at America's Got Talent: Dragon House's Blueprint

Last year, Dragon House sent three hiphop dancers to the So You Think You Can Dance auditions. This year, the only dancer from the House that was shown was Dorian 'Blueprint' Hector. He moved on to Las Vegas. The show also featured Jasmine Harper, the ex-girlfriend of Cyrus (the Dragon House member who came in second last season). Her style was more contemporary, but very impressive -- she is also going to the Las Vegas round.

Video: Hype 5-0 members audition for America's Got Talent

Members of the Hype family (America's Best Dance Crew Season 6) successfully auditioned for America's Got Talent. Thanks for the tip, Ninjaboi!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Scenes from Jabbawockeez new show: PRiSM

Jabbawockeez recently released some excerpts from their new Las Vegas show PRiSM. The coding is weird on this, so be sure to go to the right of the image and fully expand it.  Click here for more information and to buy tickets.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Funny video of the day: Pharside (SS, AOV) + Lando Wilkins (Mos Wanted Crew) - Con Artist Films

The video is funny, but it would be awesome if the idea is serious -- Chris 'Pharside' Jennings (ABDC's Supreme Soul plus founder of Academy of Villains) and Lando Wilkins (ABDC's Boxcuttuhz and Mos Wanted Crew) have an ad for Con Artist Films. It's an ad for a video production house -- something that both of these artists have mad skills in. If I wanted to make a Con(cept) video, I'd hire these pros.

Video: Pharside (SS, AOV), Emilio (IaMmE), Jet Li (Poreotics), J Smooth (MGF) - "MARS"

Artistry in the camera effects and the dancing and choreography from Chris 'Pharside' Jennings (America's Best Dance Crew Season 2's Supreme Soul, founder of Academy of Villains), joined by Emilio 'Millie' Dosal (ABDC Season 6's IaMmE), Justin 'Jet Li' Valles (ABDC Season 5's Poreotics) and J Smooth Machine Gone Funk) make this today's must-watch. From pharside Youtube.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Video: Mike Song & Lyle Beniga - "KEEP CONTROL"

Check out this brand new production from Mike Song & Lyle Beniga to "Keep Control Plus" (Gregor Salto Edit) by Sono.  Then check out the behind the scenes video right below.  From mikeosong YouTube.