Wednesday, August 1, 2012

US Finals Videos - Hip Hop International

From the [OfficialHHI] Channel, here are the videos for the top 3 routines in each category - Junior, Varsity, Adult and Megacrew. Click on each name for their video! The World Championships start tonight with Varsity Preliminaries, so we're looking forward to that!

3rd Place: Miniotics
2nd Place: The Prodigy
1st Place: Rascals

3rd Place: iDK
2nd Place: Underground
1st Place: Bandits

Megacrew (currently no links, will edit with links when available)
3rd Place: Academy of Hype
2nd Place: GRV
1st Place: Academy of Swag

3rd Place: Mixd Elements
2nd Place: Elektrolytes
1st Place: Academy of Villains (below)