Thursday, August 2, 2012

HHI 2012 | World Varsity Preliminary Videos

While unfortunately we don't have videos for everyone who performed at HHI last night for the World Varsity Preliminaries, we do have videos for the top 3 performances. Check them out below! Stay tuned for news later today. Junior crews compete starting in 15 minutes, Megacrew at 1pm PST, and Adult later tonight at 6pm PST.

Sorority (NZ) - 7.77 
Apparently they began their performance this year the way they ended after their championship performance last year, sort of a "continuation". Check it out for yourself to see.
Zero (JP) - 7.83 
They're back with a vengance, hoping to win like they did in 2010.
Sol-T Shine - 7.91 
To be honest I've never heard of this crew before, but I'm glad to see that there's still more talent out there.