Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hip Hop International 2012 results - US adult crews

The Crews who are going to the US Finals for the Adult Division Are:  
11th Place- The Waackers (6.81)
10th Place- Broken Toyz (6.90)
9th Place- D-Squad (6.94)
8th Place- Illmatik Phlow (7.00)
7th Place- Lipstick Crew (7.06)
6th Place- 5 Foota Thrillaz (7.21)
5th Place- Kaba Modern (7.21)
4th Place- Blank Canvas (7.27)
3rd Place- Mix'd Elements (7.61)
2nd Place- Academy Of Villains (7.98)
1st Place- Elektrolytes (7.98)

AOV and Elektrolytes got the same score, but being the Reigning Champs, Elektrolytes take 1st. 

Thanks for the info Sassy!

EDIT: Thanks to Pacific Rim for the scores!