Wednesday, August 1, 2012

HHI US Finals -- Skool District sweeps all 4 divisions, Elektrolytes & Mix'd Elements qualify for internationals!

The finals were held for the United States teams at Hip Hop International on July 31, 2012. Teams from the Skool District bloc took first in all events, with Elektrolytes (ABDC7 winners) taking silver and Mix'd Elements (ABDC 7) winning bronze in the adult division. The top 3 teams in each division will compete against the other nations later this week to see who makes it to the finals this weekend. Congratulations to all! Thanks for the info, Sassy and ANino13.

Adult Division:
Gold - Academy of Villains Score: 8.16
Silver - Elektrolytes Score: 7.99
Bronze - Mix'd Elements Score: 7.82

 Gold: Academy of Swag (8.04)
 Silver: GRV (7.84)
 Bronze: Academy of Hype (7.78) 

Gold- Rascals
Silver- Prodigy
Bronze- Miniotics

Gold- Bandits
Silver- Underground
Bronze- IDK