Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sassy reports on the HHI Adult Crews competing in the International Preliminaries

Reader Sassy is in Las Vegas at Hip Hop International and posted her opinions on some of the crews competing in the International preliminary round:

 Wow what a night!!  Happy with the Results....  
--The Crew- Wow, if they wouldn't have stepped up this year than Philippines would not be represting in the Finals cause PAS took a STEP DOWN from Last Year, disappointing. these guys are such a breath of fresh air with their originality.
--Neutral Zone- Their Gimmick = Creative. I would've never thought to dress up as a old man and Go Hard. The reason i want these guys to win is because they are the only crew in the Finals whose Routine is telling a story rather than just Cool Tricks.
--AOV- hands down the Most Creative Crew of the bunch when it comes to moves. I think these guys might be the greatest USA Championship winner ever. Yes, even better than Poreotics.
--Elektrolytes- Just one of those cool and entertaining routines that make you smile. They definitely have Better Choreo in this than they did in every single ABDC Routine Combined
--Rockwell Family- YES! YES! YES! These guys finally made the World Finals!! WHOOOOO! My Favorite Canadian Crew EVER!! I love the Routine, very elegant style and such Great Choreo!!
--Brooklyn- Move Over Elektrolytes, these guys are a True Underdog Story. South Africa is probably going Crazy Right Now. I can't believe Africa is finally representing in the Finals. I'm so Happy!
-- So United Crew- These Guys, while they may not be Original, are entertaining. I think they might have The Best Stunt out of all the Crews where one guy does One Handed Handstand and then Just Drops On His Head. HIS HEAD.
--SNV Crew- One of the Better choreo crews here but they will probably end up getting 7th or 8th. I still love these guys and can't wait to see them again though.