Thursday, August 2, 2012

Greg's Urban Dance Showcase report: All-star show, IaMmE close encounters, & afterparty!

Greg S. just returned from Urban Dance Showcase 2012 in Germany, and files a great report about the performances and afterparty:

Hey, everyone. Sorry my Urban Dance Showcase report is a little late, but I have good reason that we'll get to later. That out of the way, let's jump straight into the amazing, unbelievably memorable night I had on Sunday.

Nonstop opened the show with a bang and the fun didn't end until the afterparty was forcibly broken up at around 5 am. The audience (which included Mr. Wiggles, Ashley & Perry from BGT winners Diversity, Ian Eastwood, Bam Martin and surely others I'm forgetting or didn't happen to see) was buzzing early and the show started late - not that anyone cared with hilarious host MC Trix pulling out all stops to amuse. Let's just go through each act one by one.  

And, as great as the entire show was, the afterparty was absolutely flippin' legendary. No lie, that was the greatest party I've ever had the privilege to attend, hands down. The dancers and the audience mingled while the DJ spun and the bartenders doled out cold drinks in a hot room filled with funk. What started quickly as one cypher turned into three simultaneous circles, which I were hopping around all night long.

Click here to read his full descriptions of the after-party  and performances from Nonstop; Hilty & Bosch; Choreo Cookies; Quick Crew; S**t Kingz; Lando Wilkins (Mos Wanted Crew) and Mike Song (Kinjaz); bboys Lil C, Neguin, and Junior; Poppin John; Jason Smith;  Chachi (from IaMmE), Pacman (from IaMmE); Poreotics and Les Twins.