Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wings reviews ABDC LMFAO Challenge: tricks, cuteness, challenges, camera angles, judges & other reality show necessities!

NOTE: This review is meant for entertainment purposes only. Please do not take this serious. Enjoy!

Look at all those wonderful faces. Specifically, you really look wonderful today! Yes you! No need to thank me, I’m just a kind soul giving you a compliment and in no way trying to butter you up so you read this review. Psshhhh that would be sneaky and I’m above that. So why don’t you forget that last sentence and take those beautiful eyes of yours and go and gander at my lovely piece of writing. After all, an angel like yourself should spend your time wisely.

……That was creepy. Ya so if you aren’t turned away yet this week came out full blast. We saw some shuffling, some wiggling, some more wiggling, and some party rocking. As always then another review arose from the darkness and planted itself on this blog. This week I didn’t change any of the sections because I was absorbed by your gorgeous gaze. But seriously, sit back, grab yourself a pina-colada, and flip on your inner laughing switch because it my goal to make you lol, rofl, roflcopter, or LMFAO for this week. Annnnnd. Here. We. Go.

Shoutouts to the fellow reviewers, Ninjaboi, Byenyn, and iNSIGHT for balancing out my absurdity with some logic week to week.

Click here to read the whole review. We dare you.