Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Exclusive interview with 8 Flavahz before ABDC Guetta taping: crazy happenings, judges' flavors, boyfriends, Halloween costumes

Moon (IaMmE), Bebo (Phunk Phenomenon and Chris Trondsen interviewed 8 Flavahz before the taping of America's Beet Dance Crew's David Guetta Challenge. They answer fan questions including: the craziest thing that's happened to them since ABDC 7 started,  what they'd do with the money if they'd win (no Barbies!), the flavors for the judges (guess which judge is a hot tamale, enchiladas, organic raisin bran/tofu, or a Gusher!), whether they've had boyfriends, which one is the best free-styler, and favorite Halloween costume they've ever had (guess which one was Snow Black, Sailor Moon, Destiny's Child, or Chucky!)