Friday, June 8, 2012

Recaps from anywhere I can find them - ABDC David Guetta Challenge

- Daily Princetonian is really, REALLY pissed about the show and uses a lot of language that I didn't know the Daily Princetonian would allow. And she has a nifty summary (by time) of the crews' moves.
- AV Club says that this was one of the three best America's Best Dance Crew episodes ever (the other two being Season 2's Missy Elliot Challenge and Season 3's Hip Hop Decathlon. They also like the change to having a battle of the bottom 2, rather than the last chance challenge with the 2 finalists
- Screen Invasion thinks that camera work (rather than dancing) diminished Mos Wanted's TV impact both for the David Guetta Challenge and the battle
- WhatsthatMusicGuy thought Elektrolytes won the battle, but would have preferred a Mos Wanted Crew/Elektrolytes finale
- BigTashia has a video recap and she's psyched for the finale!