Saturday, June 9, 2012

Read this: C-Bass (Step x Step Dance) on dancers and respect.

C-Bass of Step X Step Dance posted this on Facebook. I'm copying it in its entirety because I agree with it 100%:
*sigh* I need to get something off my chest! First of all dance whether its commercial or underground is a language, an art, expression, and a culture! We do not know what a dancer or group of dancers has been through in their life, we must never judge!

So when it comes to shows like ABDC, whether you are a fan of a crew in the finals, in the Top 10, or a crew that auditioned - respect for all d
ancers is important! If you don't agree with the outcome thats fine, but to be disrespectful and classless - there is NO ROOM FOR THAT! Respect all dancers for what they bring and share. It's ok to have an opinion about crews, dancers, shows, judges, etc...but when you step over the line of offensive and disrespectful talk it's time to look in the mirror and ask yourself some questions!

We are all here on this earth at the same time trying to find happiness and progress! We each are ordinary people who have individuals talents that if we combined our forces for good we could be EXTRAORDINARY! We try to share positive, uplifting videos, photos, interviews, events, and more that will help you grow your love of dance! Please share this and spread the knowledge of looking to a bright future!
We love you!