Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DAMSF - All Ages Edition

This past Saturday I was able to attend an event called DAMSF. DAMSF Stands for "Dance, Arts, Music, Style, and Fashion", and is showcase of individuals and groups in the Bay Area to share their talent through live performances. This particular event was actually an all-ages edition, so that younger kids who wanted to perform could attend as well.

 Performers include Mix'd Ingrdnts, an all female dance collective, Daniel Gutierrez and Gerick Catimbang of First Class Arts along with their students, iBeast, Dopest Outsiders, Michelle Nakayoshi, Dominique Battiste, Tufin 24/7, and of special interest to BABDC fans of Urban Empire, Ysabelle Capitule, aka Lil Bigz. Check out her video tomorrow (with BABDC shoutout!), and make sure you also click on the names above to check more events from the event.

The next event (they said at this event) will be an 18+ event on July 19th. More details to follow as we get them