Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Video: Steelo and the Groovaloos on Dancing With the Stars

As we reported a few days ago, Richard "Steelo" Vazquez, of the LXD, Groovaloos, and Killa4nia just performed with the Groovaloos on Dancing with the Stars. In one of the greatest comeback/recovery stories of this year, after spending 6 months in the hospital, and many more in physical therapy, he's dancing for the first time publicly. Even if it's a while to go before he returns to full form, it definitely is one of the greatest feel-good stories of the year. Best of luck to him and his family as he continues to recover.  

Click here, here, and here for past BBDC coverage of Steelo's recovery, and the remarkable response by the dance community to help him and his family. If you are interested in  in donating financially, please click here.   

Skip to 2:55 for the Groovaloos performance, and just try to stop yourself from either cheering/bursting into tears of joy when he gets on stage. I dare you. No shame if you do.