Friday, May 4, 2012

Drake recaps around the net

- Daily Princetonian explains why this week was a game changer and cites all kinds of sources, including tweets from Lando and Dtrix
- AV Club liked Elektrolytes the best and observed that "Lil Mama drops her pen with “unh” for emphasis after a particularly judging a good performance."
- All Voices summarizes the action with no commentary, but has a weird photo gallery of Lil Mamas including a squirrel.
- Ology is all about assigning grades, and there's no inflation -- Elektrolytes gets a B+ for the best of the night
- Screen Invasion thinks Stepboys was robbed if you base elimination decisions only on this night's performances
- We'll Fix it In is a week behind (in case you're nostalgic for Madonna Challenge Week, but always trenchant