Friday, May 4, 2012

Ninjaboi's Review of ABDC Drake Challenge

Ayo, it’s Ninjaboi’s Review (shoutout to District 78). I’m here right after my finals for the school year, and just before going to go watch the Avengers movie (ASSEMBLE!), and I’m really excited to do this review, in what was probably the best episode of the season, as well as the most emotional (what with Angel’s mother, CLZ’s car flashbacks, and Chris’s return). I’ve got my review right here, focusing on the technical aspects of the crews performances. None of the crews did badly this week at all, although some really work with Drake’s music better than others, in one way or another, be it story telling, raw musicality, or energy.  I will say this review was exceptionally easy to write, as if each critique almost wrote themselves. I guess that’s what you get when A) you don’t want to study for finals, and B) every crew gives such great routines to an actual danceable artist.

Just as a note, this is my own personal review that I am thankful to Nancy for letting me put and post on this site. These numbers are my way of trying to make dance more accessible to those who otherwise don’t dance, in a way that can be more easily and intuitively understood. That said, this is not an official review of any sort, just the musings of a college kid who loves street dance, and who’s analytical enough to pinpoint trends among successful ABDC crews in the past.

Click Here to read Ninjaboi’s review of the Drake episode, with a quantitative breakdown of different elements of each routine.