Friday, February 3, 2012

NAOTV Episode 13: Competition Week

Ayo, it's NAOTV! And this week, we're (and by we, I mean I) bringing you the best from two major dance competitions from this past weekend. First up, we have Choreo Cookies' winning performance from Vibe XVII. Always facing increasingly stiffer competition every year, Choreo Cookies seem to be forever a cut above the rest as they won yet another incredible competition. Their incredible choreography mixed together with creative concepts and masterful staging result in showcases that never cease to amaze.

Next we head on over to the East Coast, where FUSiON hosted Elements XII. Here, we see another first place finish by UFP, who continue to establish themselves as a dominant force in the East Coast dance scene.

All in all, it was a great weekend for dance competitions. For other dope videos from this week, check out this playlist here or follow me after the break.

---Other Dope Videos from This Week---

Pat Lam "Beat It Up" - The Alpha Beta Ninjas recently filmed a video featuring Pat Lam's choreo to "Beat It Up" by J. Valentine. Their smooth rnb moves are followed up by some goofing around at the end. Check it.

Empire The Crew Audition Routine - Guam's Empire gave its second shot at the ABDC stage with another high intensity routine to "Why Stop Now" by Busta Rhymes featuring Chris Brown. In my opinion, this crew should be a heavy favorite for the upcoming season.

"We're All Biters" - This video by B-boy ManOfGod shows how breaking has been historically inspired by other dance styles. It is one of a few videos StrifeTV has uploaded recently on the subject of biting in the bboy world. It's interesting to see the roots of the original and purest form of hip hop dance.