Friday, February 3, 2012

LA Times' coverage of ABDC7 auditions, with video interviews of D-trix and Rosario McCoy

LA Times visited the Los Angeles auditions for America's Best Dance Crew Season 7. The story includes interviews with audition judge Rosario McCoy who talks about judging almost all the auditions since the beginning and his favorite audition ever -- Quest Crew. They also talked to D-trix (ex-Quest Crew, now an ABDC judge) who talks about what it's like to move "across the table" after having danced on the show, and mentions that this season has the potential to "Not just America's Best Dance Crew" but the World's Best dance Crew, with people of all ages.

Favorite line from the article was a quote from Randy Jackson: "When asked if he could ever see the day when "ABDC" might somehow merge or cross paths with "American  Idol," he said "You never know, man. Stranger things have happened.""