Sunday, January 29, 2012

Field report from INSIDE the LA ABDC Audition Room - which crews stood out and why!

A trusted anonymous source sat in the audition room, with the judges, at the Los Angeles America's Best Dance Crew Season 7 tryouts on January 28, 2012. Here's the inside scoop:
--As expected, an awesome turn out of talented crews.
--Things started a little slow but the Elektrolytes woke up the room with their audition and got the room hyped.
--Most improved crew award goes to Street Kingdom 2.0. Tight Eyez and his new members have shown so much growth and they got a lot of compliments on how they "figured it out" and now have a version of Krump that is accessible and appealing to everyone. They blew the room away so much that even D-Trix and Riquel (HEROES) had to weigh in and they weren't even judging the competition.
--Surprising amount of kid crews showed up and we can have another Hype 5-0/Poreotix showdown with Josh's School of Rascals crew (the sweetest looking girls but they go hard) and Dumbo's Miniotics (perfect name. like the Poreotix were left in the dryer for too long and shrunk).
--Ridiculous crew from France, 9-1 Pact, insane audition!!
--Best sweat pants award goes to Flavahz Crew (click here to see their audition costumes)
--Knucklehead Zoo had a strong audition. Casting was really impressed with the level of growth and how they were still able to stay true to their b-boy roots.
--Funniest crew award goes to Step Boys, their energy and spirit had the room cracking up non stop.
--Instant Bun's audition turned into a Thunder in Down Under strip tease moment to "Its raining men."
--Lot of great crews coming back for callbacks. Will have to see which crews can make the adjustments to their audition routine as well as come up with a dope routine for the challenge music: "N*ggas in Paris" master mix by District 78
Thanks, Anonymous!!