Friday, February 3, 2012

Guidelines for Commenting during Auditions

Hi guys,
School may have claimed me over the last semester, but I'm back, and I'm ready for ABDC 7. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Ninjaboi, and I'm supposedly one of the moderators of this site. I've been MIA with real life, but hopefully I'll be around more during the season!

Anyway, I'd just like to take some time to review site policy for commenters, especially as audition season ramps up for ABDC 7.
-Spamming. We know you guys are excited about the crews you love and that you want to hype up. At the same time, there are fans who take it to the extreme, and cause everyone else to hate their crew with their spamming of links and comments that don't add anything new to the conversation. There is a smart way and a bad way to market your crew to everyone else. Also, if no one's mentioning a particular topic and you randomly bring it up with no relationship at all (or even a stretched connection), you're not going to be well recevied and seen as annoying.
-Ad hominem attacks. We like to create an atmosphere here on BBDC where everyone is welcome to share their opinions. Discussion and debate are wonderful things we like to have going on. At the same time, if debate turns to mudslinging and insult trading, we'll promptly show you the door.
-Aliases. You're perfectly welcome to be anonymous. It is the internet after all. Just be aware that moderators can see your IP addresses, so you're not fooling anyone if you change your name to make spam look like many people supporting one idea when it's just you.
-Common courtesy. Be polite. Crews do read this site, and so while you may have something negative to say about them, keep it reasonable, the more encouraging them to get better and come back, the better. The less OMG YOU'RE SO WACK GO DIE IN A PIT, the better.
-Try to keep it readable. Your comment is more likely to be well received if it's well written, with good spelling, capitalization, punctuation, etc. Keeping it concise also helps.

That's it for now. Hopefully we don't have any problems with trolls or other issues this season!

If you want to read a more comprehensive list of rules from last season, click here.