Monday, January 30, 2012

Videos: 9 Non-US crews who might make it to ABDC Season 7

America's Best Dance Crew might want to consider changing its name. Some of the top auditioners are not from the United States, and several are not from anywhere in the Americas. Puerto Ricans -- please note that I consider Puerto Rico as an unincorporated US territory, so don't protest this post!!  Here's our short list of foreign crews to look out for:
- Canada: Irratik, a sister crew of Blueprint that has won awards in Canada and at Hip Hop International 
- Canada: Rockwell Family, a crew that has won at World of Dance and also done well at HHI
- France: 9-1 Pact, which received raves at the LA auditions and has competed on a French dance show
- France: Metamorphoz, which won awards at several European street dance competitions in 2011
- Japan: Baby-Maation (aka Baby-mation), a kid crew which was one of the favorites at the Chicago ABDC auditions
- United Kingdom: Plague  won first place at Hip Hop International twice
UPDATE: Adding more non-US crews to the list, based on commenter suggestions:
- Canada: PraiseTeam, whose megateam came in third at 2011 Hip Hop International 
- Mexico: Funkdation
- Australia: Instant Bun, who won several international competitions and were semi-finalists for Australia's Got Talent

Click here to watch recent videos of all these crews. Which would you pick? And, do you think a non-US crew can overcome problems faced by ReQuest (ABDC6) in getting US votes?