Monday, June 11, 2012

Wings reviews ABDC's Guetta week: challenges, camera angles, clothes, judge comments & super biased conclusions!

NOTE: This review is meant for entertainment purposes only. Please do not take this serious. Enjoy!

This week was strange. Apparently it made sense to rearrange the entire structure of the show a week before the final. Good job! I suppose then if the structure of ABDC is fresh this week, then I should do the same with this review. Therefore, this review will be strange. Very strange.

First I will be removing the “stunts” section because the voting stunt that was pulled was the only trick that should be recognized for this episode. The “stunt” section will be replaced with “clothes” because I have missed poking fun at the wardrobe this season. Following, I will be removing the “cuteness” section as well and replacing it with “super biased conclusions.” There you have it, two changes this week. Ohh, I’m sorry. Do you not like a ton of changes out of nowhere? (Hint- this is symbolic. Wink. Wink. Producers.) Needless to say, this week was filled with drama, surprises, and glowing gloves. Prepare yourself for some more incoherent sentences. Here goes nothing. Enjoy!

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