Monday, June 11, 2012

R16 Results - Congrats Massive Monkees, Jimini, Breeze Lee, Sawl

This past weekend in San Fransisco, R16 held their finals for the R16 North America competition, to pick who would represent the North America Region in Korea next month at the world finals.  Ninjaboi was fortunate enough to attend in person, and to will have his field report out shortly (once he finishes his David Guetta review), but in the meanwhile, the winners.

8-man Bboy Crew: Massive Monkees (of ABDC4 fame)
Solo Bboy: Saewl (Squishy Docious)
Locking: Jimini (Sirens)
Popping: Breeze Lee (Versa Styles)

Congratulations! Check out the 8v8 Bboy finals below, of Massive Monkees (right side) versus Universal Alchemy out of New York City.