Friday, June 15, 2012

Recaps for ABDC Finale from all over the place

- Daily Princetonian posits that the stellar Iperformance from IaMmE exemplified everything that is needed from an ABDC champion and clarified what was lacking from Season 7. The money quote: "Honestly, if MTV producers are short on money, they should keep it and just recrown I.aM.mE."
- AV Club gets philosophical about the good and the bad of ABDC compared to other TV shows.
 - What's That Music Guy goes medieval on the episode, complaining it was an hour-long promo for Katy Perry with too few performances, no self-composed crew performances, no reunion of the other Season 7 crews, and no re-creation performances.
- J9's Music Life is incredibly upbeat about everything, calling it one of the best ABDC seasons ever
- Screen Invasion is happy that Elektrolytes won and that the "true underdog story has been completed"
- Big Tashia was enthusiastic about the episode, loving the intro, finding good aspects of all the performances (though she was sad that We are Heroes had to tone down their performance to work with 8 Flavahz), and thinks that ABDC should consider a junior season