Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ninjaboi's DGuetta Review - FINAL REVIEW OF ABDC7

Hey there BBDC faithful. For the five of you that read my reviews because I post them up so damn late, thanks so much for following along this season. It’s been… quite a ride. In any case, this will probably be the last Ninjaboi’s Analysis this season, for reasons that will be obvious at the end of this review. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, and just enjoy this final week.
Things you can look forward to in this review

-A breakdown of each David Guetta mastermix routine from the three crews, using my typical ranking
-A breakdown of the MWC/Elektrolytes battle, using the OUR system developed by Bboy Dyzee, used at R16.
-A listing of the top 10(ish) routines this season, based on my rankings
-A ranking of all 10 crews this season, based on what I predict would have happened had they stayed instead of being eliminated.
-A ranking of all the episodes this season in terms of quality

Shoutouts to Maxxann, Koopa, Freeze, NAO, Del, BJ, Molasses Gang, Nozomi, NancyT, and all the other reviewers, including Byenen, Dance, Wings, inSight, and Daily Princetonian. Also shoutouts to everyone at R16, especially Massive Monkees, Dennis, KoolRaul, Jaypee, Firelock, Monstapop, and All the Way Live. Also shoutouts to the Capitule family, aka Lil Bigz’s family. Took my first choreo class in the Bay with her on Sunday… and failed miserably. But you can watch her do her choreography loads better here (and spot me in thebackground near the start)