Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wings reviews crews on ABDC Pitbull Challenge: stunts, cuteness, challenges, deja vu factor & camera angles

Hey all ye faithful! Another week has passed, which means another review has been summoned. This week’s review could possibly be composed of the most accurate ratings in the history of ABDC. I spent extra time this week rating the performances based off of a system that has no bias what-so-ever and is completely truthful. You don’t want to miss it.

Once again, I will be changing one of my topics because this week’s challenges required each crew to build their routines around a specific dance from numerous countries around the world. As a result, every crew danced in clothes according to that country. For the sake of being culturally sensitive I will be removing the clothes section this week and replacing it with…….camera angles. Get ready for another composition of endless creativity and spontaneous conversation with myself. Enjoy!

Click here to read the full review. Thanks Wings!